Kidd Waya Tattoo Pictures: Is Kiddwaya Bisexual? 'Gay Look' At Eric Akhigbe, Praise Nelson, Homosexual? (Photos)
Tattooed Terseer Waya: Kidd Waya Tattoos: Is Kiddwaya Gay, Bisexual, Homo Or Straight? Eric Akhigbe & Kiddwaya "Gay Look", Praise Nelson Also Accused By Fans

2020 BBNaija contestant, Kiddwaya is a lover of tattoos and gym, fitness enthusiast.

Tattoo: Kidd Waya whose real name is Terseer Waya, popularly known as Kiddwaya of BBNaija likes tattoos. Kidd Waya has his body - ribs, hand, arm tattooed.

Kidd Waya And Eric Akhigbe And The Alleged Gay Look: Meanwhile, a Nigerian social media user, Kito Diaries captured this scene between Kiddwaya and Eric Akhigbe on BBNaija and started making baseless insinuations as captured on the screenshots below:

Gay: Is Kiddwaya Gay? Terseer Waya aka Kidd Waya is not gay as insinuated by Kito Diary above. Kidd Waya is straight and not gay or homosexual. Kidd Waya has girlfriends, has dated good-looking ladies, loves women. Kiddwaya's relationship with Erica in the BBNaija house even goes further to buttress the fact that he is not into men.

Let the rumours stop!!!

Kidd Waya And Praise Nelson Gay Accusations: Fans also accused BBNaija housemates, billionaire son, Kiddwaya and Praise Nelson of being gay, Bisexual, homosexual.

Read the accusations below

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