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Instagram Pictures: Meet Moussa Sandiana Kaba aka Grand P, Bio, Wikipedia, Progeria, Real Age, Height, Wedding, Marriage, Fiancee, Girlfriend, Wife Eudoxie Yao, Guinea Election, Net Worth, Real Name, Parents, Family, Father, Mother, Grand P Officiel Biography, Marriage, Engaged, Fiancee, Images, Photos, Ig Pics, Facebook Photos, Cars, House, Profile, how old is moussa sandiana kaba?
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All About Grand P And His Wife, Eudoxie Yao

About Moussa Sandiana Kaba Wikipedia Profile History
Who is Grand P?
Grand P whose real name is Moussa Sandiana Kaba is a Guinean singer, actor and politician from Guinea whose marriage proposal to his fiancee and wife to be, Eudoxie Yao brought him more fame and made him more popular.

Grand P signed a contract with a major American production for two films in 2020.

Stage Name, Nickname: Grand P

Full Name, Real Name: Moussa Sandiana Kaba.
What Is Grand P real name? Grand P real name is Moussa Sandiana Kaba

Country, Nationality: Where is Grand P from, which country? Grand P is from Guinea. Grand P aka Moussa Sandiana Kaba is a Guinean citizen.

Grand P Moussa Sandiana Kaba was born in Sanguiana in Nabaya in Guinea.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Grand P Moussa Sandiana Kaba was born in 1990.

Real Age: How old is Grand P? What is Moussa Sandiana Kaba real age? Grand P is 30 years old as at 2020.
Moussa Sandiana Kaba aka Grand P age was revealed by his manager in the Peopl’Emik program on the Ivorian television channel La 3.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Grand P doesn't show off his family.

Progeria Health Issue: Grand P is suffering from progeria which gave him a different physique. People laughed at and marginalized Moussa Sandiana Kaba because of his appearance caused by Progeria.

Progeria is an extremely rare genetic disease characterized by premature aging that begins at birth. It limits the size of the patient to 1 meter 10 at most, as well as his weight to 25 kilos.

Size, Weight, Height: How tall or short is Grand P?

Marriage: Is Grand P married? Grand P Officiel is not yet married but he is engaged to be married to Eudoxie Yao.

Engagement And Marriage Proposal: Grand P has proposed to marry Eudoxie Yao, a popular curvy Ivory Coast singer, model and actress and she accepted to marry him.

Wife: Grand P wife to be is Eudoxie Yao from Côte d'Ivoire.
Girlfriend, Fiancee: Eudoxie Yao has been flaunting her husband to be, Moussa Sandiana Kaba on her instagram page.

"Thank you, everyone, for your support.
"The physical does not count in a relationship.” she wrote on her instagram page.

Wedding: Grand P and Eudoxie Yao are planning a big society wedding ceremony. For sure, Grand P and Eudoxie Yao wedding pictures would go viral.

Net Worth: Grand P Net Worth is estimated at $10 million US Dollars in 2020. Grand P makes money, income from music, endorsements, Businesses and other sources. Moussa Sandiana Kaba aka Grand P net Worth in 2021 is expected to even rise higher to about $12 Million US Dollars.

Politics: Grand P has joined politics and is set to contest for Guinea President under the party, ACU.

Moussa Sandiana Kaba aka Grand P For Guinea President In October 2020 Election

Artist of Guinean nationality, Moussa Sandiana Kaba, better known under the name of Grand P, officially announces his candidacy for the presidential election which will take place in Guinea on October 18.

“I am running for the 2020 Presidential. Listen to me! I will come in force. Listen to Grand P! You all have to support me ”. These are some excerpts from the famous video by Guinean artist Moussa Sandiana Kaba, better known under the name of Grand P, which has put the Web in turmoil since its publication on his Facebook page.

If his candidacy proves to be official, it will pose some difficulties for the Head of State, outgoing Alpha Condé, who hopes to run for a third term, at the age of 82.

In recent years, Grand P has gained tremendous popularity, not only beyond the borders of Guinea, but nationally as well. There is no doubt that her romantic intrigue with Ivorian go Bobaraba, Eudoxie Yao, brought a lot to the rise of her fame. But will this be enough to worry outgoing President Alpha Condé?

Is Grand P, a strong candidate against outgoing President Alpha Conde?

Supporting her fiancé on his political career, Eudoxie Yao wrote:

"My husband grand P the future president of the Republic of Guinea 0 l I total support Me my candidacy for the presidential election of Ivory Coast I I has been refused but I don't despair date in 2025 for my application I IJ. Even if I'm not president of Ivory Coast I I I can be Guinea's first lady I I I believe in it."

Music, Album: khadi nan na
Grand P Barana
Sidiki Diabaté with Grand P

Moussa Sandiana Kaba Instagram: Grand P intagram Page Account Profile Handle grand_p_ambassadeur

Facebook Grand P Facebook Account Profile

House, Cars: Grand P lives in a mansion and has different cars in his garage.

grand p officiel biography
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He has become a confirmed continental star. The phenomenal Moussa Sandiana Kaba, better known under the name of Grand P, wants to be called now Ambassador Grand P. Yes, he is the icon of people of small stature! He amassed millions of banknotes through concerts and meetings with patrons, but luckily, he keeps his head between his shoulders.

The singer with the small stature and barely audible voice does not forget where he is from. As he says himself: “I know that before, and until now, while walking in the streets of Conakry, people laugh at me, at my condition, at my height, at my way of speaking, but I am also a creature of God ”. Grand P therefore takes every opportunity to give thanks to God who alone knows how he got him out of this indigent and low state to place him at the top of an undisputed celebrity which makes many fans across Africa. and the world, especially in circles of short people.

Good conduct Success does not make him lose his mind. Its new social dimension too. Nothing, nothing, for the moment, negatively influences the actions of this modest and suitable man who went unnoticed until the day a lady questioned him about what a person of his size was doing in the streets of Conakry instead of taking his place on the school benches. We know what follows: “Ikha dii nan'na? “Am I your son?” He reacted aloud in the Sousou language, as if to complain that the poor girl should not allow herself to ask him such a question. The video of this chicane opened the doors of the recording studio to Grand P.

The Grand P style His musical career, launched from the video clip dedicated to the National Eleven of Guinea, has become an African reality since his historic participation in the 2019 African Cup of Nations in Egypt. Instead of mimicking others, Grand P promotes his own style: that of posing in public with folded hands in recognition of the divine leniency towards him. In other words posture of prayer of the heart filled with faith in God the eternal benefactor.

He explains it in these terms: “If I am like that, it is God who willed it so. If I am like that, it is because of a disease, of a deformation of my DNA (the genetic character which predisposes all being to a large or small size). I know there are people who love me the way I am and others who don't care, but that's how life is: you can't please everyone ”. Blessed, Grand P! The artist-singer with a unique look also stays upright in his boots. If he remembers having known difficult times, during which he "never dreamed of traveling in a plane, today it is done". And he does not forget his supporters who helped bring him out of anonymity, just like the stars of politics and music that he always dreamed of meeting one day.

“I met Mr. Baidy Aribot (politician and current vice-governor of the Central Bank of Guinea who allowed Grand P to board a plane for the first time to support the Guinean National Eleven in Egypt) ". After Cairo, he stayed in Mali. Grand P receives members of an association of people of small size. On the spot, the new media found in him the new ambassador of the good cause dedicated to anyone like him.

Then, he sings with the virtuosos of the Malian song Oumou Sangaré, Sidiki Diabaté. He has even been approached, pampered by personalities, including Saidou Keita, son of the incumbent President IBK. Beautiful moments immortalized by his manager on the star's official page. In Ivory Coast, he is in the spotlight with Dj Arafat (peace to his soul), El Poueblo Bravador, and so many other notoriety of urban and traditional Mandingo music in the capital of this neighboring country which is home to a strong Guinean community. All of these tours are part of the sub-regional support drive to raise the popularity rating of the phenomenal ambassador for short people. Because Grand P is currently preparing in Conakry the dedication concert of his very first album compiled from futrings on October 4 at the People's Palace. An event to experience.


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Grand p ,I love u
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Pls reply me via email, [email protected],I love u grand p from Nigeria...allow me come visit you
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Grand P you're a blessing from above,l appreciate your courageous spirit. You such an inspiration to those that do not believe in themselves!! :-)
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Granp P. Your physique is truly a blessing in disguise.
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I have been following Grand P and his adorable wife to be Eudoxie for my entire life and I appreciate them a lot, how I wish one day I will meet the most interesting couple ever, I love you Grand p
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Write off no one every human being are useful.
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That girl is just using Grand P to shine....Lol
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THANKS SO MUCH THE POPTASTIC MUSIC am so much proud of you.
May Almighty God grant you abundantly ��
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You are an inspiration to many. But l think you should focus on business and music, not politics.
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Eudoxie is in a mission of using Grand P to get to where she aims...I don't think if she's interested in loving and marrying the lad
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Salute to Grand P. I am from Ethiopia. Let us keep in touch through the following address.
[email protected]
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