Elizabeth Ajibola: Maami Igbagbo Biography, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family, Parents, Instagram Photos, Videos
Instagram Pictures: Ajibola Elizabeth Omotayo aka Maami Igbagbo Bio, Wikipedia, Profile, History, Story, Parents, Husband, Birthday, Boyfriend, State Of Origin, Net Worth, Height. Ajibola elizabeth omotayo instagram, Photos, Images, Ig Pics, Real Name. Who Is Ajibola Elizabeth Omotayo? Movies, Videos, Cars, House, Theft Allegation By Kingtblakhoc, Intetvi

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Everything To Know About Maami Igbagbo (Ajibola Elizabeth Omotayo Full Biography)

Who is Maami Igbagbo?
Maami Igbagbo whose real name is Elizabeth Ajibola is a Nigerian born Nollywood, adult movie star actress and and adult movie producer.

Full Name: Ajibola Elizabeth Omotayo

Nickname: Maami Igbagbo

Maami Igbagbo Elizabeth Ajibola Story And How She Joined The Nigeran Adult Movie Industry: Ajibola Elizabeth popularly called Maami Igbagbo was an auxiliary nurse before she abandoned it and started acting adult films. Maami Igbagbo Elizabeth Ajibola quit nursing because she couldn't meet the financial obligations expected of her as a nursing student.

Though Elizabeth Ajibola was born with a silver spoon, things became so difficult for her after her mother's death.

Maami Igbagbo later joined Kingtblak who taught her everything about the adult film making business.

Maami Igbagbo has now grown to producing her own adult film videos and sell at premium prices.

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is Maami Igbagbo from? Ajibola Elizabeth Maami Igbagbo hails from Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Maami Igbagbo was born on 9 April 1995.

Age: How old is Ajibola Elizabeth Maami Igbagbo? Maami Igbagbo is 25 years old as at 2020.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Maami Igbagbo Ajibola Elizabeth is the first of five children. Her mother died in 2016 but her father is still alive. Maami Igbagbo is currently the bread winner of her family. Elizabeth Ajibola said she was born with a silver spoon but lost it when her mum died.

Mother: Maami Igbagbo Elizabeth Ajibola mother was rich. She was the bread winner of their family. When she died in 2016, things became difficult for them.

Educational Background: Maami Igbagbo Elizabeth Ajibola had her primary and secondary school education in Ikorodu, Lagos. She attended private primary and secondary schools. Maami Igbagbo got admission in higher institution but couldn't continue due lack of finance and she dropped out.

Marriage, Wedding,Husband: Is Maami Igbagbo aka Elizabeth Ajibola married? Maami Igbagbo is not yet married but has plans of getting married and settling down someday.

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 Photos of Maami Igbagbo Elizabeth Ajibola

Boyfriend: Maami Igbagbo had a boyfriend who was helping her in 2016. She did her first 'knacking' with his boyfriend in 2016.

Ex-Boyfriend: Maami Igbagbo And Kingtblakhoc were dating. Kingtblakhoc was Elizabeth Ajibola boyfriend. Kingtblakhoc introduced Maami Igbagbo into the adult movie industry before they fell apart.

Net Worth: Maami Igbagbo Elizabeth Ajibola is one of the highest paid adult Movie actresses and producers in Nigeria. Maami Igbagbo produces her own movie and earns better salary from acting and producing.
Maami Igbagbo pays female actresses who acts with face masks N120,000. While she pays female actresses who act without mask N250,000.

Maami Igbagbo makes money from premium subscription. Maami Igbagbo Elizabeth Ajibola fans pay as much as 1000 Dollars to watch her videos, especially foreigners.

Maami Igbagbo Elizabeth Ajibola is the bread winner of her family, takes care of her family, siblings and grandma.

Interview: Maami Igbagbo Elizabeth Ajibola interview video where she told her story and why she joined the adult movie industry.

Cars, House: Maami Igbagbo Elizabeth Ajibola car....

Height: How tall is Maami Igbagbo Elizabeth Ajibola?..

Thief, Theft Allegation By Kingtblakhoc: Maami Igbagbo Elizabeth Ajibola was accused of stealing$ 16,000 (7.5 millon naira) by Kingtblakhoc whose real babe is Tobiloba Isaac Jolaoso, her ex boyfriend.

Photo of Maami Igbagbo And Kingtblakhoc aka Tobiloba Isaac Jolaoso

Maami Igbagbo Elizabeth Ajibola Dumps Kingtblakhoc

Kingtblakhoc was bringing in girls that were giving us infection - Ex-girlfriend, Maami Igbagbo opens up on why she left him

Maami Igbagbo, the ex-girlfriend of Kingtblakhoc has opened up on why she dumped the popular Nigerian star to set-up her own adult Movie company.

Recounting how she met her ex-boyfriend, Maami Igbagbo said she met him shortly after her mother died in 2016. According to her, Kingtblakhoc is a good person and not who everyone think he is.

She further disclosed that their issue began after she started getting offers that ran into millions from different people after she began featuring in his adult movies. Maami Igbagbo said her ex-boyfriend got quite emotional and skeptical about her sticking with him as most girls that featured in his movies in the past left after same offers started rolling in.

Maami Igbagbo disclosed that Kingtblakhoc lost focus after that and began inviting girls who stay at guest houses to their rented apartment. She further revealed that he refused heeding to her warning in spite of getting infections from the girls he invited in and subsequently infecting her.

Dating Maami Igbagbo Destroyed My Life And Career - KINGTBLAKHOC

Embattled Nigerian adult movie star, Kingtblakhoc, has blamed a fellow colleague Elizabeth Ajibola also known as maami igbagbo and some cult boys for his ordeal.

Speaking with a lawyer friend in Osogbo on Friday evening ahead of his appearance in court on Monday 28th September, 2020

Kingtblakhoc said his problem started after Maami Igbagbo connived with some cult boys which she was hanging around with in her Ikorodu residence in Lagos and made away with his $16,000 (7.5millon naira) and all efforts made by him to recover the money failed he started receiving death threats from cult boys

"I became depressed and felt betrayed by the woman I loved, I took to alcohol and marijuana to fight the stress and depression and decided to move on with my life."

Kingtblak Said The money which were proceeds of contents were supposed to be used for setting up a production Studio and also to start building a house for himself.

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