Efa Iwara 20 Hot Instagram Pictures: 10 Facts About Girlfriend, Height, Rattlesnake Nollywood Actor Profile

Efa Iwara On Instagram: Photos, Pictures, Images, Ig Pics, Girlfriend, Height + 10 Things You Didn't Know About Efa Iwara, Bala Rattlesnake: Ahanna Story Nollywood Actor, Videos, Interview

Who is Efa Iwara?
Efa Iwara is a handsome Nigerian born Nollywood actor who is also a singer and rapper.

Date Of Birth, Birthday: Efa Iwara was born on 20 August in the 1980s.

Age: How old is Efa Iwara? Efa Iwara is in his 30s.

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is Efa Iwara from? Efa Iwara is from Ugep in Cross River State.

Place Of Birth: Efa Iwara was born and raised in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Efa Iwara's father is a retired professor of Linguistics and his mother is a librarian.
Sister's Death: Efa Iwara sister died in 2007.

Schools And Educational Background: Efa Iwara attended Staff School, Ibadan for his primary education, and the International School, Barth Road, Ibadan, for his secondary education. HR graduated from the University of Ibadan, where with a degree in Geography.

Music, Songs: Efa Iwara started as a singer - rapper and Hip-Hop enthusiast.
With a debut album in 2011, Efa released singles and remixes from the summer of 2010 to introduce himself to the Nigerian market. EFA has shown his softer side with his love-themed and inspired rap verses on his cover of Mo’Cheddah’s “If You Want Me“; DJ Klem’s “Try Again” as well as his recent track “One More Chance“; has taken a more hardcore turn in the road.

Movies: Efa Iwara has acted in the following Nollywood movies, Put a Ring on It, The Sessions,  Shuga, Men’s Club (a favourite of most women). Unbroken, Rumour Has It, Seven, Power of One, and his most recent being Rattle Snake remake.

Efa Iwara As BALA of Rattle Snake: The Ahanna Story 

Efa Iwara played the role of Bala in the remake of the 1990s blockbuster movie, Rattlesnake renamed 'Rattle Snake: The Ahanna Story' by Ramsey Nouah's Playnetwork studios.

Height: How tall is Efa Iwara?

Girlfriend: Efa Iwara is dating who? Who is Efa Iwara's girlfriend?
Efa Iwara is not married but he is dating a beautiful girl but it's not clear if Efa Iwara's current girlfriend is his fiancee. Efa Iwara doesn't like to show off his girlfriend on his instagram page. He keeps his relationship away from his Instagram page, Tiktok, Facebook and Twitter.

Beard: Efa Iwara and his signature beard

Instagram: Efa Iwara Instagram Page Account Profile Handle iamefaiwara 

More photos of Efa Iwara from his instagram page

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