"Can't Hold On" By Duke Of P Street: A Song About Humanity And Injustice (Video)

"Can't Hold On": A Song About Humanity And Injustice By Duke Of P Street (Video)

"Can't Hold On" By Duke Of P Street Tackles Injustice, Loss Of Lives, Livelihood

"Can't Hold On" by Nigerian singer, Duke Of P Street, aims to address the seeming nonchalance to the injustice, loss of lives and livelihood being perpetrated around us. This may be attributed to the "privacy" and "mind your own business" mantra. While it's honorable to stay in one's lane, keeping quiet in the face of oppression may be termed as consent.

Moreover, an infection that afflicts one part of the body if left untreated, will surely spread to the whole body.

It's time to wake up from our slumber and work collectively towards a better life.

Life is for living. Can't Hold On. #letmelivemylife

The musical style of Can't Hold On is premised on recreating that old school vibe of laying tracks on the electric guitar and explosive drumming.

It is available to stream on all digital platforms.

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