Bunmi Ninalowo Biography, Age: 12 Hot Instagram Photos, Net Worth, Children, Husband. Meet Bolanle Ninalowo's Wife

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Bunmi Ninalowo Instagram Photos, Pictures, Images: Bolanle Ninalowo Wife Bio, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Height, Birthday, Husband, Children, House, Cars, Profile, Surgery, Bleaching

Who is Bunmi Ninalowo?
Bunmi Ninalowo is a Nigerian born entrepreneur and wife of Bolanle Ninalowo, Nollywood handsome and muscular tattooed actor.

Bunmi Ninalowo is an enterprenur. She runs the Makanaki brand.

Home Town, State Of Origin Origin: Where is Bunmi Ninalowo from? Bunmi Ninalowo husband is from Lagos State.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Bunmi Ninalowo was born on 10 September.

Real Age: How old is Bolanle Ninalowo wife, Bunmi Ninalowo?
Bunmi Ninalowo is in her late 30s while her husband Bolanle Ninalowo is 40 years old.

2004 Throwback Photo of Bunmi Ninalowo

Family, Siblings, Parents, Mother, Father: Meet Bunmi Ninalowo's mother.

Marriage, Husband: Bunmi Ninalowo is married to Bolanle Ninalowo.
Bunmi Ninalowo and Bolanle Ninalowo have been together for over 17 years and they have two children together.

Bunmi Ninalowo's husband Nino B likes to flaunt her on his instagram page.

Children: Bunmi Ninalowo's children are namely:

DaughterAliyah Ninalowo
SonMorakinyo Ninalowo

Separation And Divorce: Bunmi Ninalowo and Bolanle Ninalowo, her husband, were once separated for some years. They were almost divorced but they later settled their differences are now back together, better and stronger.

Car, House: Bunmi Ninalowo got a house gift from her husband, Bolanle Ninalowo.

Net Worth: Bunmi Ninalowo makes money as an entrepreneur and brand ambassador, brand promotion on instagram but Bunmi Ninalowo net Worth is unavailable.

Endorsement Deal: Bunmi Ninalowo is a Brand Ambassador of @wholesalesnaija Wholesalesnaija Hair.

Height: How tall is Bunmi Ninalowo, Bolanle Ninalowo's wife?
Surgery: Did Bunmi Ninalowo, Bolanle Ninalowo's wife do surgery?

Skin Bleaching: Bunmi Ninalowo, Bolanle Ninalowo wife accused of bleaching her skin and engaging in surgery.
Bunmi Ninalowo, Bolanle Ninalowo 16 years Throwback photo 

Instagram: Bunmi Ninalowo Instagram Page Account Profile Handle queennino_b 


DNJ Properties Consultant

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