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What You Didn't Know About Ramsey Nouah's Ex Girlfriend And Baby Mama

Who is Ameze Imarhiagbe?
Ameze Imarhiagbe is a Nigerian born veteran Nollywood actress, producer and scriptwriter who is famous for her role in 'Flesh And Blood' which she produced and played the lead role as Twins.

Real Name: Ameze Imarhiagbe

Nickname: Amazing Ameze

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where I'd Ameze Imarhiagbe from? Ameze Imarhiagbe hails from Delta State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Ameze Imarhiagbe was born when?

Age: How old is Ameze Imarhiagbe?
Ameze Imarhiagbe is in her mid 40s.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Ameze Imarhiagbe keeps her family very private.

Boyfriend, Ex Boyfriend: Ameze Imarhiagbe was dating Ramsey Nouah, her colleague. Ameze Imarhiagbe was Ramsey Nouah's girlfriend. The two dated and even had a baby but their relationship didn't work out and couldn't lead to marriage but they remain friends.

Marriage, Husband: Is Ameze Imarhiagbe married? Ameze Imarhiagbe is not yet married and doesn't flaunt her boyfriend, fiancé or relationship on social media.

Child, Daughter: Ameze Imarhiagbe has a beautiful daughter for Ramsey Nouah.

Single Mother, Baby Mama: Ameze Imarhiagbe is a single mum and Baby mama of handsome Nollywood star actor, Ramsey Noah.

Baby Daddy: Ameze Imarhiagbe's baby daddy is Ramsey Nouah.

Ramsey Nouah And Ameze Imarhiagbe: Who is Ramsey Nouah's Baby Mama? Ameze Imarhiagbe is Ramsey Nouah's baby mama who had a girl child - daughter for him.
Photo of Ramsey Nouah and Ameze Imarhiagbe in Flesh And Blood (Throwback Picture from a Scene)

Ameze Imarhiagbe and Ramsey Nouah daughter: lives in the United States and she is all grown.

How old is Ramsey Nouah and Ameze Imarhiagbe's daughter. Ameze Imarhiagbe and Ramsey Nouah's daughter should be in her early 20s by now.
What is the name of Ramsey Nouah and Ameze Imarhiagbe's daughter? Not available.

Movies: "Flesh And Blood' which she produced in 1995 and directed by Chico Ejiro, other movies she starred in were, Narrow Escape, Suicide Mission, Dead End, I’ve Got Your Back, among others.

Ameze Imarhiagbe As Twin In Flesh And Blood: Is Ameze Imarhiagbe a twin? Ameze Imarhiagbe is not a twin, she doesn't have a twin sister. Ameze Imarhiagbe only played the role of identical twins in her 1995 movie 'Flesh And Blood'. After the movie, many thought Ameze Imarhiagbe was actually a twin but she is not.

Relocation Abroad - USA & Disappearance From Nollywood Movie Scenes.

Ameze Imarhiagbe was popular then in Nollywood in the 1990s but she suddenly travelled abroad and disappeared into thin air. She has been away for 20 years.

Where Is Ameze Imarhiagbe Now? Ameze Imarhiagbe still lives in the USA. On 3 occasions, Ameze Imarhiagbe has tried to relaunch herself back to Nollywood but it's not really happening.  Ameze Imarhiagbe said she was back in 2010, then again in 2014, Ameze tried to stage a comeback with a new movie titled ‘I’ve Got Your Back’ which she premiered in America, and featuring Ramsey Nouah among other actors, yet she didn't really 'blow'.

Now, in 2020, Ameze Imarhiagbe is back with "Chat With Ameze" where she interviews Nigerian celebrities.

The Chat With Ameze: Ameze Imahiagbe is relaunching herself into the Nigerian entertainment with 'The Chat With Ameze' after about 2 decades of being absent.
She interviews veteran celebrities and has interviewed veterans such as: Dolly Unachukwu, Zik Zulu Okafor, Keppy Ekpenyong Bassey, Regina Askia, Francis Duru, Kadaria Ahmed, Stella Damasus, Zeb Ejiro, RMD, among others.

Sharing her new found passion on her instagram page, Ameze Imarhiagbe wrote:

"Hello, beautiful people. I am so delighted to be fully back to the entertainment space after a long walk with family, work and personal quests.

Rather than tell you how I have been, I have chosen to listen to colleagues and dear friends in the entertainment industry, and share their stories with you. 🤷🤩🤩

I have chosen to tell you HOW THEY HAVE BEEN through a series of insightful interviews.

My people, I present to you 'The Chat With Ameze' - a series of discussions with your favourite Nollywood/entertainment figures about life, the journey so far, and tasks ahead.

Don't forget to click the YouTube link in bio and stay with me right here on Instagram. I love you all."

AMZ TV YouTube: Ameze Imarhiagbe YouTube Channel 

Net Worth: Ameze Imarhiagbe made money as an actress cum producer and as an entrepreneur. Ameze Imarhiagbe works in the medical field in USA and ears well but her net Worth is unavailable.

Gay, Lesbians - Ameze Imarhiagbe Speaks On LGBTQ Rights

''It baffles me to see some people condemn the LGBTQ community and accord them total hatred.

Are you God? You think most of them wanted their lives that way? The sooner you start to realize that biological factors and not CHOICE drive homosexuality, the better for your mental health. Go meet God and ask why they are what they are, and tell me if you ever got an answer.

Gay people are not your problem. There are a whole lot of problems in the world that need more attention. Stop the hatred towards the LGBTQ community and face your own problems.

As long as they are not forcing their beliefs on me or imposing anything on me, it’s not my problem or concern. To each, his own! Live & let's live.''

Instagram: Ameze Imarhiagbe Instagram Page Account Profile Handle amezesuperstar

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