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Who is Amara, The Lesbian aka The Amarion? 

Amara, The Lesbian also known as The Amarion is a Nigerian born lesbian, LGBT activist and enterprenur.

Amarion aka Amara, The Lesbian is the owner of a poultry farm in Abuja with her girlfriend.

Kanara Farm: Yinka and Amara farm. Amara, The Lesbian and Olayinka co-own the Poultry Abuja farm.

Allow Us Kiss In Nigeria - Amarion Cries Out 
In an Instagram post, Amara, The Lesbian said:

"Decriminalize Homosexuality in Nigeria!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We should be able to kiss in public without fearing for our lives.

Criminalize Homophobia in its stead."

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Amara, The Lesbian hails from the South East part of Nigeria while her girlfriend, Olayinka is from South West.
Amarion is Igbo while Olayinka is Yoruba.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Amara, The Lesbian Amarion?

Family, Parents, Siblings, Father, Mother: Amara, The Lesbian is not in good terms with her family, especially her father because of her lesbian lifestyle. Amara, The Lesbian dad may have disowned her.

She recalls on her Instagram page:
the other day
expressed how disappointed she was 
at my family and friends
for a lot of things that shouldn’t 
probably be said.
while she spoke I felt bad. she was right.
she talked about how she had to step up and be there.
how she had to pick all of my pieces 
when they let 
me down. and how she still does.
I felt bad. it is true.
the downside about having a partner is you
share in their darkness too.
you hurt when they hurt. you bleed where they bleed.

I don’t think 
I was a conscious decision.
I just happened. 
my father hates me
and my mother most probably didn’t tell my father that
she visited me
for the first time this week.
my siblings
think if I can just change my ways
and repent
all will be well. we will be one happy family again.
I don’t know which language to use and tell them
that our father has always hated
me even before I knew 
I liked girls.
it’s not anything I’ve done. it’s not anything I’ll do.
it’s what I represent. a woman
who does
and will do anything she wants.

my father was a tailor when
he met
my mum a nurse. and ever since their

she became only his wife and 
the mother of his children. •
my father is not used 
to women
like me. although his sister Ifeoma
tried to show
him. the man demonized 
her and ran 
as far away as he could from her. 
for years he
sang of her. not a good tune.
only for me to grow and see that Ifeoma
is just a woman who did what she wanted in the land of men.
Ifeoma never 
married a man and he hates that. 
for years I thought I took
his hate for his sibling 
but now I realize
men like my father don’t know 

what to do with 
women like me. so they either run 
or send them out of their house.

this was supposed 
to be a short, fun, not so deep
and I’ve made a mess of everything 
cause even me
I’m in tears.

I’m happy I swear.
I eat well. I work out. 
I cry. I laugh. I forgive. and 
when the nightmares
my eyes stay closed. I watch like a movie and by morning 
when I’m hitting those blunts. I tell myself 
it’s the blood.
I’m still bleeding. and it’s okay.

Amara, The Lesbian's Fight With Her Father:
"On the 26th of August 2018,
I had my last fight with my dad.
at first I ran,
I left the house,
back to mine and cried.
I cried for a little while,
stood up,
went back to the house and started screaming.
I told him to tell me why,
why he was mean to me 
and said a lot of hurtful words to me 
and let’s not forget the battering.

And his response broke my heart.
his response made me weak
and speechless,
he said and I quote:
I looked at him with eyes filled with tears 
and I whispered 
yes you.

my dad had forgotten our details,
he remembers being an angry person 
and angry father but what he said or did with his anger 
he doesn’t recall.
The day I finished my first book and excitedly went to my dad
to tell him about it
he said “Dummies don’t write”
he has forgotten,
but I gave up on writing 
because I believed I was a dummy,

I threw away the books I wrote and grew up a sad artist,
but he has forgotten.
I built my life on his words,
believed I was a failure,
and he forgot,
he didn’t even mean it when he said it,
he was probably high or stressed or angry or frustrated with life that had nothing to do with me,
and when I came with my big head and little eyes,
he poured out his frustration on me,
and moved on 
and I built my life, self-esteem and worth
on those few minutes and lots of few minutes like that.

people who hurt us,
sometimes don’t even know
cause only our eyes saw and cried,

this doesn’t excuse the pain you feel
or felt,
it doesn’t.
It just says you’re capable 
of much more than pain,
you see enough to know it’s not 
just you,
nor your eyes.

with that being said,
things don’t stay the same form forever
I am positive I have let go of my past
I’m no longer angry at my father,

I see him too,
I see how broken he was,
how much help he needed,
it wasn’t about me, I did nothing
if they didn’t birth me, 
he would have found other means 
to exhaust his anger,
it wasn’t about me.
I know that now,
I’m tired of fighting or running,
I’m a lover,
all I want to do is love,
so it’s time.
I want to love my dad,
I want to have a relationship with him,
I want to know the human he is,
it’s time.
I’m ready.
I’m ready."

Wedding, Marriage, Husband, Boyfriend: Amara, The Lesbian aka The Amarion is not yet married....

Girlfriend: Amara, The Lesbian aka The Amarion And Olayinka Dating.
Amara, The Lesbian and Olayinka are Nigerian lesbian partners, couple. They may get married.

Arrest: Amara And Olayinka may soon be arrested as Lesbian act is Illegal In Nigeria. They may be arrested for openly showing off their gay act knowing fully well that it's illegal in the country.

Hairstyle, Bald Hair: Amara, The Lesbian likes to wear weird hairstyles.

Height: How tall is Amara, The Lesbian?

Instagram: Instagram Amarion aka Amara, The Lesbian Instagram Page Account Profile Handle the_amarion _

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