Akeem Adeyemi Actor Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Instagram Photos, Parents, Family, Nollywood
Instagram Pictures: Meet Akeem Adeyemi, Nollywood Actor Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Girlfriend, Married, Wife, Age, Family, Parents, Net Worth, Movies, Height, Photos, Images, Ig Pics, House, Cars, State Of Origin, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Child, Mother, Father

Everything To Know About Nigerian Yoruba Actor Akeem Adeyemi aka Sugar Boy, House, Cars, Hairstyle, Sisters, Mother

Who is Akeem Adeyemi?
Akeem Adeyemi aka Sugar Boy is a Nigerian born Nollywood Yoruba actor and movie producer who has acted in many Nollywood movies and produced some.

Akeem Adeyemi is the CEO of Powerscene Concept & Keemsfoodandco.

Nickname: Akeem Adeyemi is also known by his nickname SUGAR BOY

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Akeem Adeyemi from, state of origin? Akeem Adeyemi is from ljebu in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Akeem Adeyemi was born on 12 April.

Real Age: How old is Akeem Adeyemi aka Sugar Boy?

Family, Siblings, Parents, Mother, Father: Akeem Adeyemi has 3 sisters. He celebrated his mother's 68th birthday in February 2020.

Meet Akeem Adeyemi parents
Pictures of Akeem Adeyemi parents - father and mother

Family Photo of Akeem Adeyemi with his mother and sisters.

Photo of Akeem Adeyemi and his mother 

Pictures from Akeem Adeyemi mum's 68th birthday in February 2020. 

Educational Background: Akeem Adeyemi attended Remo Secondary School, Sagamu, Ogun State. He studied English at the University llorin and holds a certification from Chartered lnstitute of Personnel Management. National Open University of Nigeria - Masters in Business Administration.

Akeem Adeyemi photos

Movies: Akeem Adeyemi has acted and also produced many Nollywood and Yoruba movies such as, Neglect, FunFun, Atunda Olu, Crack, Resentment, Clog, Adebimpe Omo Oba, Damaged, Rugudu, Ogorun Maili,  Ojo Ife Bere, Gym House, among others.

Net Worth: Akeem Adeyemi makes money as a actor, Nollywood producer and enterprenur but actor Akeem Adeyemi's net Worth is unavailable.

Wife: Is actor Akeem Adeyemi married? Akeem Adeyemi is not yet married and doesn't have a wife yet?

Girlfriend, Fiancee: Who is actor Akeem Adeyemi dating, girlfriend? Akeem Adeyemi doesn't show off his girlfriend on his instagram or facebook page. Nollywood actor, Akeem Adeyemi's Facebook profile says he is still single.

Hairstyle: Akeem Adeyemi likes to experiment with different fun, blond hair styles.

Height: How tall is Akeem Adeyemi?

House, Cars: Akeem Adeyemi has cars .....

Photos of Akeem Adeyemi cars

Pictures of Akeem Adeyemi posing in his house

Akeem Adeyemi photos, images, Ig Pics

Instagram: Akeem Adeyemi Instagram page account profile handle iamakeemadeyemi

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