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Who is Yvonne Rofem?
Yvonne Rofem is a Nigerian born model, aspiring Nollywood actress, Instagram influencer and slay queen who is famous for her height and who is known as "the tallest Nigerian girl."

Yvonne Rofem Hitarh who is also known as Fleek Von fleek_von is a self-acclaimed Tallest Girl in Nigeria. Yvonne Rofem is reportedly 6ft5 inches tall, wears Shoe size 46 and weighs 100kg because of her very Huge Bones.

Full Name: Yvonne Rofem Hitarh

Nickname: Fleek Von

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is Yvonne Rofem from? Yvonne Rofem is from Lagos State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Yvonne Rofem was born on 17 May.

Age: How old is Yvonne Rofem?

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Yvonne Rofem has a sister and often shows off her mother on her instagram page but has never talked about who her father is.

Thefamousnaija gathered that on father's day, Yvonne Rofem celebrated her mother instead of her father. She wrote:
"Happy Father’s Day to my mother,the strongest man I know you are celebrated heavens best."

It could be her father is late or she was raised by a single mom.

Mother: meet Yvonne Rofem mother, Hanse Rofem aka Alice Enyi @rofem_hanse.

Sister: meet Yvonne Rofem sister Who goes by the name and Instagram handle @the_kept_ones. Yvonne Rofem sister is also tall but not as tall as her.

Education: Yvonne Rofem studied at the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA)

Legs: Yvonne Rofem has long legs due to her height.

Weight: Yvonne Rofem weighs 100kg

Height: Yvonne Rofem is 6' 5 tall. (as reported by media, Thefamousnaija can't confirm that)

My Height Intimidates Others - Yvonne Rofem, Nigeria's Tallest Woman Says.

Speaking about her height, Yvonne Rofem wrote on her instagram page,

"i’ve been called intimidating all my life. my response was to lower my voice or let people teach me shit i already know or minimize my stature and so on and on. kinda over that, if anything bc i’m bored by it. it’s more fun to operate in full realized self in this ugly ass world. yo! even if parts of my full realized self are awkward or embarrassing, it’s nice to know that’s just me. that there’s a “me” that’s here and living and trying and failing and loving. anywayssssss all that to say, time to intimidate.

Grateful to have someone like fej around who really doesn’t care or feel intimidated because she is very confident and rest assured that she’s taller than me❤️❤️ @fejiroo_ @fleek_von #canshrink"

She went on,

"One time someone looked at me and said damn your intimidating and Mineh looked at them and said ‘is she intimidating or are u intimidated ‘and that’s when I new I had found a real one.ps the sun looks good on me."

In another post she said some people who have never met her don't really know that she is quite tall because she posts mostly portrait pictures, she wrote,

"I just thought that I flex on my height in its full glory enjoy it baby and I’m thinking of doing less portraits cause I’ve come to realize most people don’t know I’m tall cause I’ve been doing portraits."

Marriage, Wedding, Husband: Is Yvonne Rofem married? Yvonne Rofem is not yet married and doesn't flaunt her boyfriend, relationship or fiancรฉ on her instagram page or Facebook, Twitter or Tiktok.

Boyfriend Tattoo: Yvonne Rofem boyfriend tattooed her nickname "Fleek Von" on his hand.

Ex Boyfriend: Yvonne Rofem slammed her ex boyfriend on Instagram. She said, "MY EX WAS SO TRASH AT CHEATING I NEARLY WANTED TO TEACH THAT MF๐Ÿ˜‚"

Net Worth: Yvonne Rofem makes money from modelling and as instagram Influencer by promoting brand products on her Instagram and Facebook pages but Yvonne Rofem's net Worth is unavailable.

Instagram: Yvonne Rofem Instagram page account profile handle fleek_von 

#tallestgirlinnigeria #yvonnerofem

Twitter: Yvonne Rofem Twitter Page

Phone Number: Yvonne Rofem Phone Whasapp Number

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