Where Is Susan Patrick? Biography, Age, Children, Husband: Dead Or Alive? Nigerian Actress Instagram
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Facts About Susan Patrick History: Things To Know About The Nigerian Actress:

Who Is Susan Patrick?
Susan Patrick is a Nigerian born gap-tooth Nollywood actress who became famous after featuring as the lead character in Zeb Ejiro's "Sakobi: The Snake Girl" with Saint Obi.

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is Susan Patrick from? Susan Patrick hails from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Susan Patrick? Susan Patrick's actual date of birth and age is unavailable, but considering her contemporaries in Nollywood as at the time she was active in the Industry, Susan Patrick should be in her late 40s.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Susan Patrick was born into an Akwa Ibom family. Nothing much is known about her family.

Education: Susan Patrick studied at Lagos State University (LASU)

Marriage, Husband: Is Susan Patrick married? Susan Patrick was married to a top police officer and her marriage was controversial as she got married to another woman's husband. The children of the police officer husband of Susan Patrick kicked against the marriage which generated lots of media buzz then but Susan Patrick still went ahead and got married to the police man. Susan Patrick's marriage affected her acting career.

Death Of Husband: Susan Patrick husband died in June 2006 and since then has not been active again In Nollywood.

Children, Daughter, Son: Susan Patrick's has two children, a daughter and a son from her marriage to her late police officer.

Meet Actress Susan Patrick children - daughter and son 

Movies: Susan Patrick movies include Sakobi The Snake Girl, Glamour Girls Part 2, Tears In Heaven, Women in Love, Christian Marriage, among others.

Susan Patrick acted in the 1994 blockbuster 'Glamour Girls'. She acted as a Polytechnic student who was almost used for money ritual by an Alhaji who gave her money, if not that her roommate cornered the Alhaji when he came looking for her in school and the roommate was killed by the Alhaji's snake that made love to her.

But the movie that brought Susan Patrick to the limelight was her role as the snake girl in 'Sakobi' a 1998 movie produced by Zeb Ejiro. Susan Patrick acted alongside Saint Obi in the movie.

In 'Tears In Heaven', a Zeb Ejiro movie, Susan Patrick acted alongside Edith Jane Azuh as sisters.

Net Worth: Susan Patrick made money in Nollywood then but stopped and went into business but the net worth of Susan Patrick, ex Nollywood actress is unavailable.

Where is Susan Patrick, Nigerian Actress? 

Is Susan Patrick Dead?
Susan Patrick is not dead, Nollywood actress, Susan Patrick is alive, not dead.

How Susan Patrick Disappeared From Nollywood, Social Media And Went Into Oblivion

Susan Patrick started reducing her appearances in Nollywood movies after her controversial marriage to a police officer. She took in after the marriage which produced two kids. Susan Patrick concentrated on her family, husband and children. With time, Susan wanted to return to Nollywood by doing a couple of films, but the death of her husband in 2006 put a stop to it as she couldn't bounce back to acting.

Susan Patrick chose to live a quiet life, devoid of media attention. She stopped acting. Susan Patrick has not acted in any Nigerian movie for over a decade now.

Where is Susan Patrick Now? Is the question on everybody's mouth. Susan Patrick doesn't attend celebrity social functions anymore. She just keeps to herself. She is totally away from social media.

Susan Patrick On Instagram: Susan Patrick actress is not on Instagram or Twitter.

Facebook: A look at Nigerian actress, Susan Patrick's Facebook page shows that her last post was in 2016!

Susan Patrick Recent Pictures: Nollywood actress, Susan Patrick's most recent picture was shared on Twitter by Starmagazine @Starmagazine8 on October 26, 2019. From Susan Patrick's new photo, she is still beautiful but has aged small.

Thefamousnaija hopes to see Susan Patrick bounce back to social life and acting, unless she has totally quit Nollywood and resolved to STOP acting entirely.

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