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*All About Stanley Uzochukwu And Ini Edo: Everything You Should Know
*Full Biography: Things You Didn't Know About Stanley Uzochukwu And His Wife, Irene Uzochukwu Tallen

Who is Stanley Uzochukwu?
Stanley Uzochukwu is a Nigerian born billionaire business magnet, investor, entrepreneur, philanthropist and chairman and CEO of Stanel Group.

Full Name: Stanley Uzochukwu

Home Town, State Of Origin, Village: Where is Stanley Uzochukwu from? Stanley Uzochukwu hails from Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Stanley Uzochukwu was born on 30 July 1982.

Age: How old is Stanley Uzochukwu? Stanley Uzochukwu is currently 36 years old as at 2020. Stanley Uzochukwu celebrated his 36th birthday in July 2020.

Family, Parents, Mother, Father: Stanley Uzochukwu was born into the family of Mr And Mrs Bartholomew Uzochukwu in Calabar, Cross River State. 

Meet Stanley Uzochukwu mother

Place Of Birth: Though Igbo by tribe, Stanley Uzochukwu was born in Calabar, Cross River State.

Marriage, Wife: Stanley Uzochukwu is married to Irene Tallen Uzochukwu who is daughter of Pauline Tallen, a politician, Minister of Women Affairs, and the former Deputy Governor of Plateau state. 
Stanley Uzochukwu wife name is Irene Uzochukwu nee Tallen. Tallen is her maiden name.
Picture of Stanley Uzochukwu and his wife, Irene Tallen Uzochukwu

Irene Tallen Uzochukwu Biography, Age, Mother, Net Worth, Children: Who Is Irene Uzochukwu?
Irene Uzochukwu is the wife of billionaire Stanley Uzochukwu and a mother of 4 children.

Photo of Stanley Uzochukwu wife, Irene Tallen Uzochukwu 

Mother: Irene Uzochukwu mother is Pauline Tallen, Plateau State politician and Buhari's minister of Women Affairs.
Parents, Father: Irene Uzochukwu father is John Tallen but he died in 2017, he was a politician - PDP member.
Siblings: Irene Tallen Uzochukwu has 4 siblings
State Of Origin: Where is Irene Tallen Uzochukwu from? Irene Uzochukwu is from Plateau state but married to Igbo billionaire.
Husband: Irene Tallen Uzochukwu husband is from Anambra State.
Children, Daughters, Son: Irene  Uzochukwu has 4 children.

Divorce Rumour: Stanley Uzochukwu and Irene Tallen Uzochukwu divorce rumour heightened in 2017 same period Stanley Uzochukwu was said to be dating Ini Edo as his girlfriend and that they were planning to get married. The rumoured marriage plan between Ini Edo and and Stanley Uzochukwu turned out to be a hoax.

Is Stanley Uzochukwu still married to Irene Tallen Uzochukwu? Yes, Stanley Uzochukwu and Irene Tallen Uzochukwu are still married.

Children, Triplets: Stanley Uzochukwu and his wife, Irene Uzochukwu have 4 children, the first 4 are triplets and another baby.
Photos of Stanley Uzochukwu and his children - daughters

Brother, Siblings: Stanley Uzochukwu brother, Barrister Henry Uzochukwu is a lawyer who was called to bar in July 2019.

Barrister Henry Uzochukwu is a Director at Stanel Group, his brother, Stanley Uzochukwu's company.

Educational Background: Stanley Uzochukwu studied Botany at the University of Jos (UNIJOS).
Stanley Uzochukwu had his early life and education in Jos Plateau State where he attended Calvary Science School, St. Murumba College and Emmanuel International College. He proceeded to the famous University of Jos where he obtained a Bachelor Degree in Botany.

Honorary Doctorate Degree: In March 2018,  London Graduate School and Commonwealth University honoured Stanley Uzochukwu, Stanel Group Chairman/CEO with a Doctorate Degree.

Girlfriend: Stanley Uzochukwu Girlfriend, Mistress

Stanley Uzochukwu And Ini Edo Dating And Engagement Rumours: In 2017, it was alleged that Stanley Uzochukwu was in a relationship with divorced Nollywood star actress, Ini Edo. It was even rumoured that Stanley Uzochukwu was getting married to Ini Edo, some of alleged that Ini Edo and Stanley Uzochukwu got married secretly. But no wedding between Stanley Uzochukwu and Ini Edo was recorded anywhere.  It was all rumours but whether Ini Edo dated Stanley Uzochukwu or not, no one can really say. 

However, in January 2020, it was rumoured again that "the 3-year relationship between actress, Ini Edo and the wealthy boss of Stanel Group, Stanley Ugochukwu had collapsed."

Height: How Tall is Stanley Uzochukwu?

Net Worth: Stanley Uzochukwu has multiple sources of income and making millions, billions. Stanley Uzochukwu is rich, wealthy at his age. Stanley Uzochukwu. Stanley Uzochukwu's mega gas plant commissioned in July 2017 in Anambra state is worth N1.5 billion. 
How much is Stanley Uzochukwu's net Worth 2020, 2021, 2022? Stanley Uzochukwu's net Worth runs into billions of naira but Stanley Uzochukwu's exact net Worth is unavailable.

House, Cars: Dr Stanley Uzochukwu has lots of cars and beautiful houses, mansions but he doesn't like to flaunt his house, cars, mansions.

Private Jet: Stanley Uzochukwu Poses in a private jet (Photos) Does Dr Stanley Uzochukwu have a private jet?

About Stanel Group: 

Stanley Uzochukwu is the Chief Executive Officer of Stanel Group, which has interest in oil and gas, production and sales of automobile parts, lubricants, food among others. Stanley Uzochukwu's flagship company, Stanel Oil was registered in 2012, which was a formalization of the business of diesel and other petroleum products he started after his graduation from UNIJOS.

Stanley Uzochukwu’s Stanel Group which majors in oil is also engaged in the production and sales of automobile parts, vehicle consumables amongst others for domestic and industrial use.

Stanley Uzochukwu’s oil and gas business specializes in marketing of premium motor spirit, diesel and kerosene. Stanel produces customized products, which include Stanel tyres, Stanel engine oil, Stanel gas cylinders, etc.

The automobile arm of the group runs car maintenance centres fitted with cutting edge equipment, which include wheel balancing, rim straightening machine, break disk repair and calibration equipment. It also has in place express oil change and car servicing facilities, car wash services, computerized check engine service, tyre changing equipment, among others.

The automobile centres are designed to enthrone maintenance culture in that segment of the Nigerian market, which has positioned the company in a large growth area in the economy. The company said the objective primarily is to increase longevity of automotive and car parts susceptible to wear and tear.

Secret Of Stanley Uzochukwu's Success: Stanley Uzochukwu shared the secret of his success in 2017 in Ado Ekiti during his courtesy visit to Ekiti born successful educationist and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Prof. Afe Babalola alongside Dr. Cosmos Maduka, chairman/CEO, Coscharis Group.

Stanley Uzochukwu said: 
“Many are in doubt and confused about the height I am attaining in my business, but the truth is that, meeting with successful and heavy weights like both of you in the economy of Nigeria remains my source of wisdom and success stories.

“Each time I meet with leaders in my business, I always have one or two things to learn and take to my business and it never failed me."

“This is why they shouldn’t be tired of seeing me around. I am anxious and eager to be like them and like the father’s prayer to his children, I hope they will all be happy to see me making progress in the society as a son who adheres to their valuable advice and mentorship.”

Stanel World Commissioned In Awka, Anambra State: Stanley Uzochukwu Chairman/CEO of STANEL Group  on July 7,2017 commissioned Stanel Group ultra-modern Luxury mega center in Awka, Anambra State.

The Anambra State Governor, Willie Obiano commissioned Stanel Group ultra-modern luxury mega centre (Stanel World) in Awka, Anambra State. The facility boasts of an impressive farmers’ market with standby home delivery vehicles, French bakery, pharmacy store, automated car maintenance centre, car wash, 1000 sitting capacity chapel, warehouse, supermarket, staff quarters, laundry, spa and mega-event centre. This a replica of what he already has in Jos.

Stanley Uzochukwu's N1.5 billion capacity mega gas plant commissioned in July 2017, is strategically located between the state-owned university, Nnamdi Azikiwe University and Anambra State Women Development Centre along 9th Mile – Awka expressway. 

Stanley Uzochukwu, The Philanthropist: Stanley Uzochukwu is a well known philanthropist. While commissioning his mega gas station in Awka in 2017, Stanley Uzochukwu used the opportunity to touch the lives of over 1000 widows with cash and material gifts before the commissioning.

Stanley Uzochukwu and his wife, Irene Uzochukwu are well-known philanthropists in Anambra State. At the end of every year, Stanley Uzochukwu distributes cash and material gifts to widows, orphans and less privileged.

Awards And Recognitions:
Recognition By African Achievers Awards: In  September 2018, The African Achievers Awards Group recognized the incredible efforts that Dr. Stanley Uzochukwu has been putting to curb the issue of unemployment in Nigeria. 

Instagram: Stanley Uzochukwu Instagram Page Account Profile Handle mr.stanleyuzochukwu
Stanley Uzochukwu is not really active on his instagram page.

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