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Who is Shantel Chanel?
Shantel Chanel is an Instagram model, American actress and Instagram celebrity who became famous by posting her curvy pictures and videos on her Instagram page.

Shantel Chanel is based in Los Angeles and one of the black American instagram influencers.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old Shantel Chanel? Shantel Chanel, the model has not revealed her age.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Shantel Chanel doesn't show off her family and siblings on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Marriage, Husband: Shantel Chanel is not yet married and doesn't have a husband.

Boyfriend: Shantel Chanel has a boyfriend but doesn't show him off on her Instagram page.

Net Worth: Shantel Chanel makes dollars from modelling and acting but Shantel Chanel net Worth is unavailable.

Tattoo: Shantel Chanel is tattooed on her hand and also rocks back tattooes.

Measurements, Height: Shantel Chanel stats are not available.

Instagram: Shantel Chanel Instagram Page Account Profile handle shantelchanel 

Twitter: Shantel Chanel Twitter Page Account

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