Peter Abang 'Peerou' Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Instagram, Parents, Family, Movies

Instagram Pictures: Meet ABANG PETER-SMITH OBI - 'Peerou', Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Parents, Age, Girlfriend, Father, Mother, Family, Movies, Peter Abang Nigerian Actor, Nollywood, Height, Net Worth

Who is Peter Abang?
Peter Abang aka Peerou is a young Nigerian born Nollywood actor, model and Instagram influencer.


Nickname: Peerou

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is Peter Abang from?

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Peter Abang was born on February 12...

Real Age: How old is Peter Abang aka Peerou?
Peter Abang throwback baby photo

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Peter Abang's father is a police officer. Peter Abang showed off his family on Instagram when he celebrated his parents' 25th wedding anniversary in April 2020.
Meet Peter Abang - Parents, father, mother and brother.

Celebrating his parents' 25th wedding anniversary, Peter Abang wrote:

peerou.x THE ABANGs;- Happy anniversary to my pillars,I appreciate the values and teachings you both have instilled in me.25years ago you were joined by the sacrament of Holy Matrimony.I celebrate you TODAY and forever...Hurray!🎉
PS:I spent hours searching for these pictures 'cus these two lovebirds rarely take pictures so please don't mind the quality😂

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Girlfriend: Who is Peter Abang 'Peerou' dating, girlfriend? Peter Abang likes to flaunt his girlfriend on his instagram page.

Net Worth: Peter Abang makes money as an actor, model and an an Instagram influencer but Peter Abang 'Peerou' net Worth is unavailable.

Height: How tall is Peter Abang 'Peerou'?

Movies: Peter Abang featured as Kelvin in "The Crib", Ezinna in "Malice", Blood Farm among others.

Instagram: Peter Abang 'Peerou' Instagram Page Account Profile Handle peerou.x

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Peter Ntabe-Abang
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