Mercy Kenneth Instagram Pictures: Boyfriend, History, 20 Facts About Net Worth, Profile Nollywood Actress

Photos On Instagram: Mercy Kenneth Life History, Profile, Net Worth, Height, School: 20 Real Facts About Mercy Kenneth a.k.a. Ada Eze: Things You Didn't Know About Mercy Kenneth Real Family, Biological Parents, Mum, Dad.
Actress Mercy Kenneth Full Bio

Mercy Kenneth Life History: Who Is Mercy Kenneth?
Mercy Kenneth is a Nigerian born comedian, Nollywood actress, model and musician/singer

Instagram Influencer: Mercy Kenneth is also an Instagram influencer who promotes brands via her Instagram page by advertising brand products.

Child Actor / Teenage Ambassador: Mercy started off as a child, kid actress, comedienne and model but she is now a teen actress in Nollywood. Mercy Kenneth is now a Teenage actress, comedian and teen ambassador 

Date Of Birth, Birthday: Mercy Kenneth was born on 8th of April..... 

Real Age: How old is Mercy Kenneth? Mercy Kenneth has not really revealed her real year of birth or age but she is now s teenager as she refers to herself as Teen actress and Teen ambassador.

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Mercy Kenneth from? Mercy kenneth is from which state?

Nickname: Ada Eze Mercy Kenneth is also known as 'Adaeze'

Height: How Tall is Mercy Kenneth?

Awards: Mercy Kenneth was so elated to win Esteemed Nigerian Youths Award, (ENYA) 'Talented Kid Of The Year' Awards in 2019.

Movies: Mercy Kenneth has featured in the following Nollywood movies, Zonghoto Kingdom, Peace Maker, Battle Cry, Daddy's Daughter, Princess Is Mine, Along Came Love, God Answers Prayers, The Hidden among others.

Mercy Kenneth has acted alongside many A-list Nollywood actors and actresses. 

Net Worth: Mercy Kenneth makes money as a comedian, actress, model and through brand influencing by advertising products on her instagram page. Mercy Kenneth's exact net Worth is unavailable.

Mercy Kenneth And Kenneth Okonkwo: Some think Mercy Kenneth is Kenneth Okonkwo's daughter but it's false.

Family, Siblings, Brother, Biological Parents: Meet the biological and real parents of Mercy Kenneth - Photos

Mother: Meet Mercy Kenneth's Real Mom. 
Photos of Mercy Kenneth's biological mother.

Celebrating her mum on Mother's Day, actress Mercy Kenneth wrote:

"Happy mother's day to my one and  only sweet mum. AFO muru mercy. NNE obodo oyibom. Beauty without make up. Don't worry mum when I grow I will use gold to make  cloth for u. 
Happy mother's day to my lovely mother's all over d world , my prayers to u all is that u will live to eat d fruit of ur labour. Sicknesses and premature death is not ur portion in Jesus name Amen. #smartgirl love u and see u all on top."

Father: Who is Mercy Kenneth Real Father?
Mercy Kenneth's biological father's name is Kenneth Okonkwo of Global Update Movies not Kenneth Okonkwo, the start actor.

Photos of Mercy Kenneth and her real father

Global Update television is online streaming of live Nollywood films in the internet. Owned by Mr. Kenneth Okwnkwo (Pastor) who is  the CEO of   Global Update Movies Limited. For the past 12 years, Global Update Movies has been in productions and marketing of home movies Nationwide.

Celebrating her biological, real dad on Father's Day on June 21. Mercy Kenneth wrote:

"Happy fathers day to my one and only dad  and to all d fathers all over the world.Today, As Nobody can stop the sun from shining and Nobody can stop the moon from coming out in the night. Nobody born of a woman shall be able to stop the grace of God from flowing into your life. You will live long and not die untimely. You will remain a cheerful giver and never a shameless beggar. All that you have laboured for will not disappear before your eyes. Long may you reign Henceforth, You will become a special project in the hands of God in Jesus Mighty name. Have a glorious family."

Education, School: Which school does Mercy Kenneth attend? Mercy Kenneth attends Henna Teck International College, a Private school in Lagos.

Boyfriend: Who is Mercy Kenneth boyfriend. Nollywood teen actress, Mercy Kenneth does not have a boyfriend yet. She is still focused on her education and career.

But jokingly, Mercy Kenneth referred to her father as her 'boyfriend' in an Instagram Post. Sharing pictures with her biological father, Mercy Kenneth wrote:

"HAPPY Sunday my beloved people of God , chilling with my personal person, onye nkem, my boy friend, my one and only @global_update_movies .#smartgirl love you and see you all on the".

Instagram: Mercy Kenneth Instagram Page Account Profile Handle mercykenneth_ 

Mercy Kenneth Contact, Phone number 
0806 601 3794

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