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Pictures: About Zay aka Zaylover, LockHeart PopcornOnline Owner, Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Children, House, Cars, Family, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Baby Mama, Twitter, Tiktok

Who is Zaylover?
Zaylover is an Instagram fitness model, Singer, Business owner, real estate investor and the Owner of LocKHeart Popcorn online.

Zaylover is an instagram celebrity with many followers on his Instagram page and an entrepreneur.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Zaylover was born on May 19.
How old is Zaylover?

Real Name: Zaylover is Zay but he has not revealed his full name.

Family, Parents, Sisters, Mother: Meet Zaylover and his family, his mother and his sister whom he likes to flaunt on Instagram.

Mother and son 

Girlfriend, Baby Mama, Wife: Zaylover doesn't flaunt his wife on his Instagram page the way he flaunts his sister. But he shared a picture on Instagram and titled it:

'A whole husband' meaning that Zaylover is married.

Sons, Children: Zaylover has two sons.

Music: Zaylover is also a singer and just released his new single 'Done Deal'.

Tattoo: Zaylover is a lover of tattoos. He has his  chest, arm and other body parts tattooed.

Net Worth: Zaylover makes money as an Instagram influencer, singer, entrepreneur, business owner. His LockHeart PopcornOnline business is booming but Zaylover net worth has not been estimated.

Height: How tall is Zaylover? Zaylover is average.

Cars: Zaylover is a lover of cars.

House: Zaylover shows off his beautiful house on his instagram page.

Muscle, Gym, Fitness, 6 Pack Abs: Zaylover likes to workout at God gym to build his muscle.

Instagram: Zaylover Instagram Page Account Profile Handle zaylover 

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