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Who is Chris Major, the model?
Chris Major is a model, an Instagram, social media star, who is a fitness model and coach, an actor, fashion model and an entrepreneur from Costa Rica.

Chris Major is one of the top models and Instagram Influencers from Costa Rica.

Chris Major is a fitness personal trainer and a ripped bodybuilder.

Ethnicity, Nationality: Chris Major is from Costa Rica.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Chris Major was born on 16 April.

How old is Chris Major, the model? Chris Major claimed he was celebrating his 48th birthday in April 2020. Of course no one believed him. Obviously a joke.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Chris Major is from a. Family of 2 boys. He has a brother.

Photo of Chris Major with his mum and brother.

In one of his Instagram videos, Chris Major was seen cooking for his mother.

Wedding, Marriage, Wife: Is Chris Major married? Chris Major, the model is not yet married to any wife.

Fiancee, Girlfriend: Chris Major doesn't flaunt his girlfriend or fiancee on his instagram page, Tiktok or Twitter accounts.
In an instagram post on July 23, 2020, Chris Major described the kind of girl he wants as girlfriend:
"I want a pretty girl, n a honest one πŸ˜‰"

6 Packs Abs, Ripped Fitness, Gym: Chris Major keeps fit by working out at the gym to maintain his fit body.

Chris Major flaunts his gym body on his Instagram page as his fan base continues to escalate.

Tattoo: Chris Major is a lover of tattoos. Chris Major got his body, chest and other parts tattooed.

Height: Chris Major Height, How tall is Chris Major, the model. He is yet to reveal his height.

Pink Lips: Chris Major the model flaunts pink lips on Instagram.

Net Worth: Chris Major makes money from modelling, Fitness training, acting, business and as an Instagram influencer.

Movies: Chris Major featured in a Short Film "Ghostly Whisper" written by him.

Instagram: Chris Major has close to 100k followers on his instagram page Account profile handle chrismajor_themodel

Chris Major
πŸ“ Bahamas (Sept 4-9) πŸ‡§πŸ‡Έ
Hi, just here to spread love & positivity. God bless πŸ™πŸΎ (Only Account)

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