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Who is Krissyjoh Chris? 
Christian John popularly known as Krissyjoh Chris is a Nigerian born Nollywood actor, movie producer and adult movie star actor.

Krissyjoh Chris is a Nollywood filmmaker and movie Producer who has produced the following Nollywood movies like Amaka Disappoint Me, Balanced Sin, The Arrogant Servant, One By One.

Christian John aka Krissyjoh Chris has been in Nollywood since 2010 but started soft adult movies in 2016 and fully ventured into the adult industry in 2018.

Full Name: Christian John
Stage Name, Nickname: Krissyjoh Chris
Real Name: Krissyjoh Chris real name is Christian John

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is Krissyjoh Chris from? Christian John Krissyjoh Chris hails from Abak Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Location: Krissyjoh Chris is based in Lagos, Nigeria, Africa.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Krissyjoh Chris was born on 7 September.

Age: How old is Christian John aka Krissyjoh Chris?

Family, Siblings, Parents, Mother, Father: Christian John 'Krissyjoh Chris' doesn't show off his family on his Instagram page.

Skills: Christian John who is also known as Krissyjoh Chris has the following skills -
Media Producer, Film director, Film Production, Film editor, acting.

Krissyjoh Production: Krissyjoh Chris is the CEO of Krissyjoh Production.
Krissyjoh Production Mission: "Our mission is to discover talents and make stars in Africa. By joining our Movie Production Company, we make you become the next Nollywood Actor. We also offer free training in Film Editing, Directing, Script-writing, Camera Basics, Acting, producing etc to those who join our production company."

Endorsements: Krissyjoh Chris bagged an endorsement deal with Next Level Energy Drink as Brand Ambassador.

His Love For 'Knacking' Roles: Krissyjoh Chris wrote,
"This uncle is always shy!
Anyways, Dear producers/filmmakers, this is the only role I can play in a movie without mistake. All talent na talent.
My fee is affordable! 
I charge 1 million naira only for a movie, no bargaining and I can only spend 1 week in your Location.
You can book me now @:
Email: info@krissyjohproduction. com
Phone: +2348167382181

Movies: Krissyjoh Chris Nollywood movies include, Balanced Sin, Disguise, Amaka Disappoint Me, The Next 7 Minutes, The Arrogant Servant, One By One, among others.

Music Studio: Krissyjoh Chris has a music studio. He celebrated his studio's 1st anniversary on June 24. He wrote,
"My Music Studio is 1 Year Old Today!

Net Worth: Krissyjoh Chris is rich, he is one of the highest earning adult movie starts in Nigeria. Krissyjoh Chris earns even higher because he is a producer and an actor. Krissyjoh Chris claims he charges One million naira (N1M) for knacking role per movie.

Beard Gang: Krissyjoh Chris is known for his signature beard.

Height: How tall is Krissyjoh Chris?
Joking about his height, Krissyjoh Chris shared this picture and wrote,

"Chai! Picture can deceive o. Person go see this photo think say I tall, dem no know say na small I tek get hope pass M.I and Ayade 😜🏃🏾‍♂️We be legend sha. The fact be say make our account balance continue to tall pass us becos na dat one sure pass... Lol 😂🤣 😂"

Marriage, Wedding, Wife: Is Krissyjoh Chris married? Krissyjoh Chris is not yet married and doesn't have any baby mama or child.

Girlfriend: Krissyjoh Chris has a girlfriend he is dating. Krissyjoh Chris likes to flaunt his girlfriend, Mareme Edet aka Uglygalz on his instagram page.

Krissyjoh Chris And Uglygalz: Krissyjoh Chris and Mareme Edet Uglygalz often act together in their adult movies. Though Krissyjoh and Uglygalz are friends in real life  and act movies together, but it is not clear if they are dating in real life.

Role Models: Afrocandy, Rico Strong and Mia Khalifa

An Excerpt Of Christian John aka Krissyjoh Chris Interview With KOKO Tv

How and why did you start being a an adult movie star? "I started in 2016 with soft adult videos but fully ventured into the adult movie industry with real knacking videos in 2018. I started acting adult movie because I realised I was good at it. Naturally, I love adult entertainment."

On What he loves/enjoys most about his job: Krissyjoh Chris told KOKO Tv

"There is nothing as interesting as catching fun at the same time making money out from it, so I enjoy monetising my fornication digitally instead of wasting it."

".....If I don’t get paid what’s the essence of acting it? I do it for money and fame not for fun. So I can’t act if I’m not paid."

On How profitable being adult movie star is 
"It’s lucrative, especially when you are an actor and a producer."

Instagram: Christian John Krissyjoh Chris Instagram Page Account Profile Handle krissyjohchris 
Christian John ( Krissyjoh )
CEO @krissyjoh_production * Award Winning Filmmaker * Actor *
Phone Number: Krissyjoh Chris Phone Number is +2348167382181

Krissyjoh Chris Cars: Photos of Christian John aka Krissyjoh Chris cars

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