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Who is Justin Jasper?
Justin Jasper is a handsome black American Athletic fitness model and actor, bodybuilder and Instagram influencer from New Jersey but living in  Miami, United States. 

Justin Jasper is a former Arizona State football player and fitness model who is also a brand promoter on Instagram.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Justin Jasper? Justin Jasper is currently 33 years old in 2020. Justin Jasper was 32 years old in 2019 when he was arrested, charged and imprisoned over manslaughter.

Nationality: Justin Jasper is an American, Originally from New Jersey, now living in Florida. USA. 

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Justin Jasper always celebrates his mother on his instagram page. Justin Jasper mum is his number one fan.Meet Justin Jasper mother

Gym, Fitness, Abs, 6 Pack, Muscle: Justin Jasper is a fitness model and as such a body builder who works out at the gym to keep fit.

Net Worth: Justin Jasper makes money from modelling, acting, brand promotion on instagram, onlyfan but Justin Jasper's net Worth is unavailable.

Only Fans: Justin Jasper charges $9.99 per month.

Height: How tall is Justin Jasper? Justin Jasper is 179cm / 5'10 tall

Hobbies: Justin Jasper loves sports, working out, and hanging at the beach.

Marriage, Wedding, Wife: Is Justin Jasper married? Justin Jasper is not yet married to any wife.

Girlfriend: Justin Jasper doesn't flaunt his girlfriend on his instagram page.

Justin Jasper INFORMATION And Profile Bio

AGE 33 (in 2020)
ETHNICITY: Black/African roots
HEIGHT: 179cm / 5´10”
EYES: Dark Brown
WAIST: 82cm / 32"
SHOES: 45 EU, 10 UK, 11 US

Justin Jasper Arrested And Charged For Manslaughter Over Death Of Dyante Neal (2019 Report)

In 2019, the then 32 year old fitness model, Justin Jasper, was accused of killing a 25-year-old Dyante Neal.

Tampa Police said they had arrested Justin Jasper, 32, for manslaughter in 2019.

Family members said Dyante Neal, 25, was enjoying a night out with friends in Ybor before things took a deadly turn.

Investigators said suddenly and apparently unprovoked, Jasper approached the victim

 Some reactions on Facebook below:

Police said on September 26 2019 around 2:30 a.m., he became involved in a verbal dispute in the 1700 block of 7th Avenue. Investigators said video shows a man try to engage the victim in an argument, with the victim appearing to avoid him.

"From all indications the victim tried to avoid that conflict, tried to walk away, tried to avoid the conflict repeatedly. It continued and at some point people started to gather. I don’t know if they all knew each other or not," Steve Hegarty, a public information officer with the Tampa Police Department said Friday.

An attorney for Jasper said he has no criminal history, played college football and, though he makes a living through fitness, has no MMA background or marshal arts training.

"He’s deeply saddened to hear of this young man’s passing. He came to the defense of a friend and hopefully both sides of the story will come out and we’ll be able to work through this case. But I think there is an important lesson here which is how serious these things can happen 
.....," Jasper's attorney, Jay Hebert, said.

Justin Jasper remained in jail on a $250,000 bond. 

But Justin Jasper is now a free man. 

Instagram: Justin Jasper Instagram Page Account Profile Handle justinjasper22 
Justin Jasper
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