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Meet Abubakar ABK Joseph Momodu (Joromi), Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Girlfriend, Married, State Of Origin, Wife, Marriage, Nollywood Actor, Model, Gay Movies, Net Worth, Parents, Family, Father, Mother, Gym, Throwback Photos, Instagram

Who is Joseph Momodu?
Joseph Momodu (Joromi) is a handsome, tall and muscular Nigerian born model, leading award-winning Nigerian actor and brand influencer who has acted in lots of Nollywood movies. ABK Joseph Momod is from Edo state. He speaks his native language (Agbede) Yoruba, English and pidgin fluently.

Tribe, Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Joseph Momodu from? Joseph Momodu hails from Etsako west in Edo State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Joseph Momodu? Joseph Momodu was born on 25 November 25....

Family, Parents, Siblings, Father, Mother: Joseph Momodu is from the prominent Oba Momodu II family of Etsako west in Edo state. ABK Joseph Momodu is the tallest and most humorous in his family.

Height: How tall is Joseph Momodu? Joseph Momodu is 6'3 (tall)

Education: ABK Joseph Momodu graduated from Delta state university Abraka with a second class upper degree in mass communication.

Wedding, Marriage, Wife: Is Joseph Momodu married? Joseph Momodu is not yet married but he is in a relationship.

Girlfriend, Fiancee: Joseph Momodu has a girlfriend but it's not clear if he wants to marry her. But he is currently dating a lady.

Throwback photo of ABK Joseph Momodu with his girlfriend at the university in 100 level DELSU

Nickname: Mr Joromi. Joseph Momodu is also known as Joromi after featuring in Simi's 'Joromi' video. That Jotomi video gave him fame and he became a star.

Net Worth: Joseph Momodu makes money from acting, modelling voice over and by promoting brands on his Instagram page. ABK Joseph Momodu's net Worth is unavailable.

Religion, Islam To Christianity Conversion: Abubakar ABK Joseph Momodu converted from Muslim/Islam to Christianity.

Filmography/Movies: ABK Joseph Momodu is an actor, known for Olokun, Bond and Inspector K (2017) . He has also featured in OASIS, LOVE AND A TRAGEDY, REVENGE, MBARIMBAYO, Executioner. Sweet Sour, THE WRONG TURN, LUST IN PLACE, ALTER DATE among others. Joseph has also featured on TINSEL, Workchop TV series, Soul Sisters TV series, Cracked in the wall TV series, Inspector K web series, The Johnsons and a host others. 

A Brief Summary Of Multi-talented and award-winning Nollywood actor and model @abkjosephmomodu AKA "Joromi" Profile

Full Name: Abubakar Joseph Momodu

Age/Birthday: Born November 25..

Height 6'3 (tall)

Occupation: Model, Actor, Presenter, brand Influencer

Joseph built his career in the entertainment industry as a model before transitioning into acting. He is popular for his role as the leading man in Simi's Joromi video.
Status: Single

State Of Origin, Descent: Nigerian (Edo State)

Personality: Funny, Easygoing, Self Confident and Jovial.

Years active: 2013 till present

Award (s): BON Awards, Revelation of the Year (2019)
MAYA Awards, Nollywood New Hunk (2019)
Kaduna International Film Festival, FAST RISING ACTOR (2019)

Joseph Momodu has a BSc in Mass Communication from Delta State University, Abraka (DELSU)

Philosophy for Success: Learn and Grow Everyday. Do you but do it excellently.

ABK Joseph Momodu Autobiography As Seen On His Instagram Page

"My name.... Joseph Momodu
An actor, model and brand influencer.
I speak my native language (Agbede) yoruba, English and pidgin fluently.
I find solace in front of the camera 🎥
I’m the tallest and most humorous in my family.
I graduated from Delta state university Abraka, where I obtained a second class upper degree in mass communication. I was very popular from my 100 level days till I graduated.
I’m from the prominent Oba Momodu II family of Etsako west in Edo state, so you aint wrong if you call me Prince Abubakar Sadiq Momodu, simply put, Joseph Momodu."

ABK Joseph Momodu as a cross dresser, dressed as a woman

I’ll Act In Gay Movie If...  – Joseph Momodu aka Joromi Tells The Punch Newspaper Interview

Fast-rising Nollywood actor, Joseph Momodu,  popularly called Joromi, tells Sunday Scoop about his journey to stardom and he has used what he has to get what he wants

Before acting, what were you doing?

I started my career in modelling. After school, I went into acting. I studied Mass Communication at Delta State University, Abraka.

Did you deliberately build your body for the movie industry?

I had a good body structure from day one because I’ve always played basketball but I had to improve it by exercising in the gym. I was just lanky and straight; there was no muscle and flesh. So while I was doing all that to have more strength for basketball, I didn’t know it would eventually help for acting and modelling.

How does your woman cope with advances from your female fans?

She has still not coped until now. Today she may tell you she understands, but she still fights me over it. But on my part, I try to remember who I am and that I have a partner. So I try to achieve a balance between my relationship and my acting career. I’m a faithful man.

Have you ever played any gay role in a movie?

I have never acted in a gay film but if the money is special, I’ll do it. If the money is worth it, why not?

How does your mum react to what you do?

My mum has always been my backbone and staunch supporter but for the first time in my career, she cautioned me about a photo shoot in which I carried a woman with very big buttocks. She said, “How could you carry a woman like that? How much did they pay you? Please, reject such jobs; I don’t want it for your brand. Delete all those photos on the Internet.” For the very first time, she criticised me point-black. She had always loved all my jobs but for that particular photo shoot, she scolded me.

I’m lucky my mum doesn’t go on Instagram so she doesn’t see some of my works on the photo-sharing platform. However, the lady was wearing a G-string and bra but people didn’t see them because of the angle of the shot.

consider Do you consider yourself as one of the sexiest men in Nigeria?

I don’t like to sound cocky but I am one man that has good looks and presence. Even before I became known in the movie industry, I had always received compliments for my looks and physique.

The compliment was normal for me even before the fame came. But last year, I was invited by a magazine. I didn’t know they were profiling the sexiest men alive.

I, Iyanya, and a model called Fine did a photo shoot. People voted on Instagram and I won. I can boldly say that I’ll make it to top ten in Lagos. I know I’m good-looking and sexy.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

After I featured in Simi’s Joromi music video, the fame came but the money was not coming. I didn’t have a car so I had to take Uber, Taxi or BRT, but people still recognised me. One day I took a tricycle and a female fan recognised me. She wanted to take photos and video. Honestly, I only had N500 on me but I had to pay for everyone’s fare, leaving me with just N100. She asked me why I was taking a tricycle since I was popular. After that month, I had to get myself a car and thankfully those days are long gone.

Do you get sexual advances from men?

These things come with the entertainment industry. There are people with different sexual orientations that rule the industry. The bigger you become, the more you come in contact with them but it’s a choice to say either yes or no. I get advances from them every day just like I get from women.

How do you like your woman?

I like my woman to be slim, curvy and light-skinned. I also love a good-looking woman; even at night when she wants to sleep, she should look good or attractive for me.

Are you planning to marry soon?

There are certain things you must consider before setting down. I’ll rather stay single if I’m not capable of adding another person and her family to mine. I have to be financially, emotional and mentally ready. If you’re not ready to accommodate your woman’s family, you are planning to ridicule yourself. There is pressure on me to get married.

Abubakar ABK Jeseph Momodu Talks About Gay Models In National Daily Newspaper 2017 Interview 

Of a royal family linage, Oba Momodu 2nd of Agbede kingdom, his name is Abubakar Joseph Momodu. Old friends call him ABK. And new friends, Joseph.
Since featuring in Simi’s Joromi music video, many now call him Joromi. Joseph came from a Muslim background. But now a Christian, born and bred in Lagos.
An alumni of Delta State University, an actor, model and a presenter with a body of work that includes:

Ballerz and Ice Cold Water music videos by Wande Coal and Ebisan; Culprit, Surprise Wedding, and many other movies.

Being a seed from a Royal Muslim family. Is it a kind of creative rebellion that has seen you delve into Entertainment and Christianity? And what are your parent’s thoughts about these critical diversion?

Becoming a Christian was instigated by my dad.  He was first to convert, following his prophetical meeting with the Holy Spirit. This saw him renamed and christened Late Evangelist M . A Momodu.

The option to convert with him or remain Muslim was thrown open to all of his children, while my mom chose to remain Muslim till date, I decided to follow on the same route with my dad. My mom has a uniform believe on both religion anyways,  she sees both religion as regulated by one God, so it’s rather easier for me. She prays for me in Islamic terms and I say both Amin and Amen (laughs).

Your line of field is often under attack by the rumours that it’s highly dominated by gays. Why is it so?

To an extent,  I will say yes. the modeling industry is particularly dominated by gay guys, clients, designers and coordinators.
And their targets are the cute guys, but it’s not a do or die affair to give into their demands. It all lies on the single decision of the model in question.

Fitness, Gym, Workout" ABK Joseph Momodu started going to gym in 2005 to workout.

ABK Joseph Momodu throwback photos with Mr Ibu John Okafor, Tony Umez, Saka,  Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha, Bishop Imeh, Eneneli Enebuwa

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