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Facts About Adejoro Joro Olumofin Bio, Wikipedia, Parents, Father, Girlfriend, Car, House, Joro Mofin dating, Love Doctor, Beard, Height, Brothers, Family, Adejoro Olumofin Biography, Instagram Images, Photos, Ig Pics, State Of Origin, Mother, Net Worth, Movies

Who is Joro Olumofin?
Joro Olumofin aka The Love Doctor is a Nigerian born relationship expert, blogger, Instagram influencer, enterprenur and Nollywood actor.

Claim To Fame: Joro Olumofin became popular for his interactive approach to controversial relationship topics on Instagram.

Joro reveals that he receives about 800 emails weekly, most of which start with “Hi Joro” followed by his readers asking for advice.

Joro Olumofin Blog: Joro is a Blogger who owns where he shares Joro Olumofin Blog stories.

Full Name: Adejoro Olumofin

Nickname: The Love Doctor

Home Town, State Of Origin: where is Joro Olumofin from? Joro Olumofin hails from Ondo State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday: Joro Olumofin was born on 22 August 1987.

Age: How old is Joro Olumofin? Joro Olumofin is currently  33 years old. Joro Olumofin celebrates his 33rd birthday on the 22nd of August 2020.
What is Joro Olumofin's real age?  Some doubt Joro Olumofin's age and year of birth. They think Joro Olumofin is way older than 33 years old.

Educational Background: Joro Olumofin obtained BSc and MSc in psychology from the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and is currently completing a Ph.D.

NYSC Mr Macho: Joro Olumofin did his NYSC in Lagos State. Joro participated in Mr Macho competition, representing Platoon 9 in Lagos Camp.
Throwback Photo of Joro as Mr Macho - NYSC contestant in Lagos.

Family, Siblings, Brothers, Parents, Father, Mother: Joro Olumofin is from a family of 4 children, all boys. Joro is last born of four sons and his parents have been married for 50 years now. Joro said Sometimes, his father gives them security details to accompany them out. Joro Olumofin is from rich family.

Joro Olumofin Brothers: Adejoro Olumofin has 3 brothers, they are 4 sons in the family but the ones in the limelight are Joro and Dokun Olumofin. Joro Olumofin and Dokun Olumofin once clashed with OAP, Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi. One of Joro Olumofin brothers is into oil and gas.

Beard, Joro And His Signature Beard: Joro Olumofin is known for his signature grown beard which he rocks in style. Joro launched a beard and hair care product.

Joro Joining Nollywood: Joro Olumofin has interest in being a Nollywood actor. Talking to The Punch, about his other interests, Joro Olumofin said, "I will also be acting. I have my eyes set on Nollywood."

Style, Fashion: Joro Olumofin told Punch, "My ideal outfit is suits and I am crazy about shoes."

Marriage, Wedding, Wife: Is Joro Olumofin married? Who is Joro Olumofin wife? Joro Olumofin is not yet married to any wife but has plans of settling down.

Joro Olumofin told PUNCH that he's under pressure from fans and other people to get married. Joro said:

"I’m under so much pressure to marry. People believe relationship experts find it hard to keep relationships, but I can’t afford to cheat on my wife because it will mean going contrary against what I preach."

Ideal Woman: On his kind of woman, Joro the Love Doctor said,

"I need someone who will be able to manage my lifestyle and the pressure that comes with getting married to me. I won’t want her to be in the limelight."

Fiancee, Girlfriend: Who is Joro Olumofin girlfriend, dating? Joro Olumofin has not revealed his girlfriend, fiancee or wife to be as he keeps his relationship away from his Instagram page.
Joro Olumofin and Juliet Ibrahim

Net Worth: Joro Olumofin makes money from Instagram advert as brand influencer who promotes brand products on his instagram, Joro Olumofin is into real estate, blogging, has 4 (unisex) products approved by NAFDAC, has factories/office and staff, has several registered businesses who have a good public and private sector track record and is launching another 3 products this year but Joro Olumofin's net Worth 2020, 2021 runs into millions.

Joro Mofin Dating: What You Should Know - Joro Olumofin has an online dating and hook up platform via Whatsapp where single people searching for love meet. He calls his dating platform 'Joromofin dating'.

Joro recently shared a dance video to celebrate his 3 joronation weddings this year 2020.

While celebrating his joromofin dating and achievements on 1st August, Joro wrote:

"Celebrate with me. 7th Proposal from Joro Mofin dating this year πŸ₯°πŸ˜«πŸ˜‚πŸ™πŸΎ πŸŽŠπŸΎπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ πŸ’ƒπŸΎGOD IS GREAT!"

 Joro Olumofin at the wedding of couple who met through his joromofin dating platform

Joro Mofin Dating Disclaimer By Joro Olumofin:

"Disclaimer: ‼️PLEASE READ‼️
Bae Search / Hookup has commenced for those who are looking for new friends, lovers and partners. People have found their soulmates through this platform which is a beautiful thing but Please be advised with tremendous caution that all of sorts of men and women hide behind social media to get easy target to exploit. Please make sure you do your due diligence
1️⃣STD test
2️⃣Background checks ( Google) 3️⃣Facetime, Skype,
4️⃣Google search
5️⃣University alumni search
6️⃣Mutual friends research
7️⃣phone number Matches
8️⃣Police search if necessary
9️⃣Dont send anyone money
Please do any or all of these before you get comfortable with people on my page. I love all your comments and supports but be wise. #Joromofin page or blog will not be liable for any damage to your heart or person. Thank you
You guys are AWESOME ❤️"

What is A Love Doctor All About? Describing what being a love doctor is all about in An Interview with Guardian, Joro said,
"Being the love doctor for me is about bringing people together, sharing real life experiences and proffering possible solutions to daily issues, building relationships, creating an atmosphere for people to meet both friends and possible love interests."

Starting Love Doctor Platform: On How he started his identity in the industry, Joro said:

"I started by writing articles and talking about issues that nobody wanted to talk about. Controversial topics. I was criticised a lot for most of the things I wrote. For example, women keeping fit and reducing their pot bellies so they can find suitors, men giving their wives their ATM cards, side-chicks taking over marriages. People were furious but later came to a consensus regarding these tough topics and this led to people sending emails to share their experiences. The brand became very interactive."

The most interesting or most unforgettable story Joro heard and shared so far:

"The most interesting story I have read on my platform is about a lady who didn’t have a boyfriend but spent over N500,000 on wedding plans and made family and friends fly into the country for a wedding with an imaginary groom. She basically planned her wedding without having a boyfriend."

Interesting fact about Joro concerning his work:
The Love doctor helps people find love every day but is still looking for love. The irony of life!

Joro Olumofin and Tunde Ednut Beef: Tunde Ednut in 2019 accused Joro Olumofin of sharing fake stories on his blog and on his Instagram page. Tunde Ednut said he is certain that the relationship blogger sends ‘fake stories’ to himself all in the name of clout, shared a 'proof' that the Love doctor once paid him to post a story.

Fake Stories: Joro Addressed Tunde Ednut Accusations Of Posting Fake Stories:

Dear Tunde,
First of all. Check your DM. I sent you some things that will Humble you and reset your brain, it’s between us as MEN. Because of my good heart I won’t proceed on this campaign to make your life miserable. Just be informed that I can but I won’t. I can dedicate the next 6 months to do this but I won’t. Because I’m not Like you who derives pleasure in putting people down.
You came after my name and the credibility of my brand that’s why I’m responding to you.

I must assert that we are not of the same ilk. YOU ARE NOT ON MY LEVEL. Let me say it again. YOU ARE NOT ON MY LEVEL in any way possible. I can Trace my Pedigree 5 generations back. I’m from an Aristocratic, Dignified family.
Can I ask you a question? :
Without Instagram, Yahoo Boys and Some celebrities funding you.
Dear Tunde, How will you eat?
Never for one day think we’re the same or you’re on my playing field.
Without Instagram i flourish on a daily basis. I enjoy what I do.  Instagram is banter. No one supports anyone here. You can’t invest on IG.
Without Instagram you are Nothing, You are a jest, a quip , a jive.
Some differences in the both of us Tunde:
1️⃣ I have 4 ( Unisex) products approved by Nafdac
2️⃣ I have factories / office and staff.
3️⃣ launching another 3 products next year God willing.
4️⃣I have several registered businesses who have a good public and private sector track record.
5️⃣Currently pursuing my PhD
1️⃣I have Male & Female celebrities gist and nudes, Pastors, Politicians, bankers. I have never posted or exposed anyone and I never will. Etc: Dear Joro. I’m pregnant for this celebrity what do I do?
2️⃣THIS QUESTION IS FOR EVERYONE: is it possible that I fake 80 mails in day? Ask yourself. Is it possible? Is it possible that I’ve been faking stories for the past 4 years ? Every single day. If you think it’s possible I can’t convince you otherwise.
Back to you Tunde, I know you’re not literate enough to read this so please beg someone in Atlanta to read to you.

Height: How tall is Joro Olumofin?

Fitness, Gym, Workout, Muscle: Joro Olumofin likes to workout at the gym to build his muscles, abs and keep fit.

Instagram: Joro Olumofin Instagram Page Account Profile Handle @joroolumofin

Phone Number: Joro Olumofin  Phone Number is 08033570521

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