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Instagram Pictures: Meet Ichechi Okonkwo aka CEOofLagos. Facts About Kennedy Okonkwo Wife, Bio, Wikipedia, Husband, Family, Net Worth, Children, Daughter, Sons, House, Cars, Parents, Height, Style

Meet Millionaire Wife Of Kennedy Okonkwo aka Ned Okonkwo: All You Should Know About CEOofLagos

Who is Ichechi Okonkwo?
Ichechi Okonkwo is Nigerian born millionaire entrepreneur, the CEO of Victoria Crest Homes, Laundryking, Sweet Dreams Essentials and Dream Estate Lekki Ltd. The Sales Director of the Nedcomoakes Group and the wife of Kennedy Ned Okonkwo.

Ichechi Okonkwo is the founder of many successful businesses in upscale Lekki/Chevron in Lagos. Ichechi Okonkwo has a successful husband and her parents are successful and their support is making her go higher and higher.

Full Name: Ichechi Chinarhu Okonkwo

Nickname: CEOofLagos - CEO of Lagos Aka Ichechiceo

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Ichechi Okonkwo from? Ichechi Okonkwo is from Anambra State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Ichechi Okonkwo was born on 3 February 1985.

Real Age: How old is Ichechi Okonkwo? Ichechi Okonkwo is currently 35 years old as at 2020. Ichechi Okonkwo celebrated her 35th birthday in February.

Marriage, Husband: Ichechi Okonkwo is married to Kennedy Okonkwo also known as Ned Okonkwo, a billionaire. Ichechi Okonkwo and her husband, Kennedy Okonkwo have been married for over a decade and have 3 Amazing Children. Her husband loves her so much.

Kennedy Okonkwo calls her The Chief Strategist and Brand Amazon of the Victoria Crest Brand. He usually describes her as "My wife, my friend, daughter of the Most High God, my only CEO and the Ugo Simba 1 of Ojoto kingdom, my side chic."

How Ichechi Okonkwo And Her Husband, Kennedy Okonkwo Met: Ichechi Okonkwo met her husband, Dr Kennedy Okonkwo during her NYSC service year in Lagos.

Throwback Photo Ichechi Okonkwo and her husband, Dr Ned Okonkwo 

Family, Siblings, Parents: Ichechi Okonkwo is the first in a family of six. Ichechi Okonkwo is from a comfortable rich family and had the best as the first child while growing up. Ichechi Okonkwo's parents are educated and gainfully employed.

Father: Ichechi Okonkwo's father was a lecturer and entrepreneur. He is a practicing surveyor.

Meet Ichechi Okonkwo 75-year-old father with her children - his grandchildren.

Mother: Meet Ichechi Okonkwo's mother, Barrister Mrs Amadi A.A.
Ichechi Okonkwo mother was also a teacher and a lawyer.

Children, Sons, Daughter: Ichechi Okonkwo and her husband, Kennedy Okonkwo have three Children - 1 daughter and 2 Sons named Nicole, Ryan and Ivan Okonkwo.

Daughter, Nicole Okonkwo: Ichechi Okonkwo daughter who is her first child celebrated her 10th birthday on April 13.

Educational Background: Ichechi Okonkwo is a graduate of Igbinedion University, Okada, where she got a BSc in Industrial Chemistry.

She attended diverse management courses in Entrepreneurship, including Metropolitan School of Business & Management in the U.K.

When Ichechi Okonkwo left secondary school, she wanted to study Medicine to help save lives. She actually got admission, but there was a problem with the course in that University she got admitted to. The medical school was not accredited as at that time so she changed to Industrial Chemistry.

Career: Ichechi Okonkwo was a staff at GTBank before she left and became an entrepreneur, went into Laundry business and then real estate.

She worked with GTBank for 6 years. She then moved into entrepreneurship in August 2011. Ichechi Okonkwo is also the DMD of her husband’s company called Nedcomoaks Ltd. She is an accomplished businesswoman who has attended diverse management courses in Entrepreneurship, including Metropolitan School of Business & Management in the U.K.

Net Worth: Ichechi Okonkwo is a millionaire and her net Worth runs into millions.

Ichechi Okonkwo, a former banker with GTBank is now into Real Estate. She is the CEO of Victoria Crest Homes. She is also the CEO of Laundry King, a leading laundry & dry cleaning company with headquarters in Lekki, Lagos.
Ichechi Okonkwo now has more than 40 staff who she is directly responsible for. Indirectly, she haa many dependants in other organsisations that she runs and sign their paycheck.

House, Cars: Ichechi Okonkwo has flashy cars and lives mansion with her family.

Height: How tall is Ichechi Okonkwo?

BBNaija: Ichechi Okonkwo and her husband supported BBNaija winner, Mercy Eke, with money.

Instagram: Ichechi Okonkwo Instagram Handle ceooflagos 

Ichechi Okonkwo Autobiography: All You Should Know About Ichechi Okonkwo, Kennedy Okonkwo Wife


My name is Ichechi Okonkwo 
I am the CEO of Victoria Crest Homes, Laundryking, Sweet Dreams Essentials and Dream Estate Lekki Ltd ,The Sales Director of the Nedcomoakes Group.

I am the first in a family of six. My dad didn’t have his kids on time. When I was born, it was like a rollercoaster for him. I got the best of almost everything he could afford at the time. I attended the best schools he could afford. Being the first, shouldered alot of responsibilities on me, excellence and setting good examples for my siblings and generally always bringing the family together. I took my education seriously and the morals I had learnt at home were my guide. Most of those things my parents hinged on whilst living with them became so real by the time i left home and helped shape the woman I am today.
I have a BSc in Industrial Chemistry and have attended various executive entrepreneurship programmes within and outside Nigeria. 

I am married, I met my husband Dr Kennedy Okonkwo during my service year here in Lagos, we have been married for over a decade and have 3 Amazing Children.

I shoulder a lot of responsibilities running The Laundry Outfit, LAUNDRYKING, A Bedroom Essentials outfit called SWEET DREAMS ESSENTIALS and a Real Estate Consulting, Sales and Marketing company, called DREAM ESTATE LEKKI LTD and as the CEO of Victoria Crest Homes a Real Estate marketing and sales company a division of The Nedcomoakes Group.

I started my career in the banking industry in 2005 here in Lagos. A few years down the line as a young wife, Mom juggling chores which included sorting and doing that chore everyone loved to hate, LAUNDRY. I was experiencing some high level stress at the time and I recognised it was a shared problem because Lagos is an upwardly mobile urban city lifestyle living and alot of us had busy days, packed schedules and also fully booked weekends with activities from weddings to different other kinds of parties, work trainings, further education, family etc and have little or no time for our chores or even ourselves. 

The coorperate outfits worn by these busy professionals like suits, jackets, shirts etc actually require expert cleaning that shouldn't be done at home and so that birth a strategic business Laundryking with the purpose of bringing convenience and lifestyle change for me and my fellow business professionals and help promote work life balance for us.
It wasn't and still isn't a walkover, had alot of challenges because it is not a field that has a lot of mentorship opportunities, skilled human capital, very capital intensive, required alot of time and focus amongst many more. Gradually over the years, keeping my focus, taking it one step at a time, one day at a time, we have grown from 1 staff in the boys quater of my house, washing bowl as our 1st washer, wooden table as our 1st finishing table and me as the pickup, delivery, customer service representative, marketer, business developer, accountant infact the utility staff, into a full team of over thirty staff, a fully equipped factory with modern equipment and various outlets in Lekki. 

I started Real Estate marketing and sales of our projects after I left my banking job in 2011.

Our Estates are strategically located in the heart of Lekki in safe, secure and serene environments as the safety and wellbeing of our subscribers is very paramount to us. They are uniquely finished with high quality materials and modern social amenities bringing our subscribing families convenient lifestyle living. 

We offer flexible payment options from 12monthd - 24monthd and Mortgage options for our subscribers to help ease the pressure and burdens of one-off payments that has denied alot of people the dream and freedom of owning their own homes or building their investments portfolios.

Our estates, like I mentioned earlier come with modern social amenities like swimming pools, gyms, kids play areas, football pitches etc, we also run fully serviced estates with round the clock power supply, pure drinkable water and also provide round the clock security. 
We offer after sales, post move-in services and facility Mgt for all our estates.

I love to read, write, travel to see new places.
I love being a Mum 😍

The Love is amazing , thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

Intentions are nothing, Impact is everything!
I am trying daily to live a live of impact .I have no regrets, I work on resolving the daily challenges as they come , as they are inevitable. 

Being able to help people change their lifestyles, helping them take care of their image, bringing their dream living to reality and seeing those smiles is fulfilling for me.
Leaving the paid employment for the open market as an entrepreneur was truly a turning point for me. When I look back, I feel proud that I took the decision to because I am directly responsible for people who I never thought I would be responsible for. My impact on their lives and families is fulfilling for me. 
Also Being able to defeat my fears by becoming the successful entrepreneur I am today gives me chills when I walk memory lane.

Structures and processes in my businesses has helped keep them all stay on track.

Everything about me works with structure including my family and so being a mother I try to balance my time for them and with them and my work. My kids are the most important aspect of my life, recognizing this is their molding and shaping stages in life I am present. 
My family has been very helpful. My husband has been very supportive in my journey . He supports me and has pushed me and keeps pushing me on being the beat best version of myself, especially doing business. 

Being able to support people gives me a fulfilling feeling as for me the true measure of success is in the lives I am able to impact. I try to support single mothers, by either supporting their business or giving, skill acquisition the much I can. A lot of girls get pregnant and they are abandoned by the person who got them pregnant and even their families. Unfortunately, they end up in slums and are abused severally. Our society is also hard on widows through the activities of relatives and culture. As for kids I sponsor their education personally and through NGOs because I believe education is the first step to covert eradication. 

The Last Bit😁😍

I want to be known as the child, the girl, the woman who found her passion and purpose and inspired the world with it.

The goal and focus is to continue to strive to make more millennials home owners, ease the stress of busy business people and professionals providing them convenient and professional services, build a chain of income streams and Make more Impact.

The End......
I love you all for loving me ❤️❤️❤️.

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