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Who is Fabian Nwaora?
Chief (Dr.) Fabian Nwaora is a Nigerian born multi billionaire who is the owner of EFAB Properties Limited.
Fabian Nwaora is very rich and one of the wealthiest and richest men from Anambra Nigeria.

Full Name: Fabian Okechukwu Nwaora

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Fabian Nwaora from? Fabian Nwaora hails from Nnewi South LGA of Anambra State, Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Fabian Nwaora was born on in 1960.
Age: How old is Fabian Nwaora? Fabian Nwaora is 60 years old. Chief (Dr.) Fabian Nwaora celebrated his 60th birthday this year 2020.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Fabian Nwaora was born to the family of Late Chief Ejefobinyi and Madam Louisa Uzoejeaga Nwaora.

Marriage, Wife: Fabian Nwaora is married to Lolo Evelyn Nwaora.
How many children does Fabian Nwaora have?
Children, Son, Daughter: Fabian Nwaora and his wife, Evelyn Nwaora have 5 children. One of the sons of Fabian Nwaora is Augustine 'Austin' David Nwaora who is a social media celebrity.

Fabian Nwaora And Son, Austyn David Nwaora: Fabian Nwaora is the billionaire father of Austin David Nwaora who is an Instagram fine boy celebrity and who is also into real estate business in Abuja.

Educational Background: Fabian Nwaora attended St. Anthony Primary School, Oke-Afia Osumenyi and City Primary School, Fegge, Onitsha.

Net Worth: Fabian Nwaora - How much is Fabian Nwaora worth? How rich is Fabian Nwaora?
What is Austyn David Nwaora's father's net Worth?
Fabian Nwaora is rich, wealthy with multi-billion naira investments. Fabian Nwaora's net Worth runs into multi-billion Naira.

Fabian Nwaora: The property magnet By The Sun

Chief (Dr.) Fabian Nwaora, chairman, EFAB Properties Limited,  symbolises the Nigerian spirit of enterprise and hard work. At a tender age in life, he learnt from  his parents, the late Chief Ejefobinyi and Madam Louisa Uzoejeaga Nwaora, key elements, such as  hard work, honesty and fear of God. He knew that these were the building blocks to a successful living.

After his primary education at St. Anthony Primary School, Oke-Afia Osumenyi and City Primary School, Fegge, Onitsha, Nwaora, hit the ground running early in life. From that humble beginning in the 1980s, he, after two years of tutelage under his elder brother in Onitsha, plunged into the highly volatile and harsh business world. That was in Kano, Kano State. He embraced the challenge with equanimity. After a few successful years he spread his tentacles to other parts of the country.

A few years into his launch out, an inert desire to push and explore the various opportunities that came up in the formative years of his enterprise propelled him into diversifying his business into critical areas of need for a growing economy like Nigeria. Much of those initiatives paid off handsomely when he took a decision in 1992 to relocate his headquarters to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in Abuja.

In his over 40 years of investing in various parts of the country, this extraordinary entrepreneur has indeed touched lives by creating jobs  across various sectors of the economy and contributed significantly to the development of the Abuja masterplan through the construction of thousands of low and middle income housing estates at the Federal Capital Territory, in line with the Federal Government’s bid to reduce the nation’s estimated 17million housing deficit.

Among his fast rising conglomerate include Nwaora Group of Companies, Syndicate Construction and Commercial Co. Ltd., EFAB Properties Ltd, a company that single handedly built over 5,000 housing units under the mass housing project initiated by the government of Olusegun Obasanjo.

Others include EFAB Petroleum, Queen Construction and Commercial Co. Ltd, Fechton and Sons International Ltd., Top Rank Hotels Ltd, a 3-star hotel with branches in Abuja, Enugu and Onitsha, and First Generation Mortgage Bank, which secured National Housing Fund loans for over 2, 241.

In the real estate market, EFAB Properties remains a key player that has delivered thousands of houses using cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art building materials. The firm is involved in various sectors of the national economy as an entity with solid international affiliations and partnerships in critical areas as agriculture, banking, hospitality, manufacturing, importation, transportation and petroleum (oil & gas).

An accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist per excellence, who patterned his life in the way of most successful global business leaders, Nwaora has vowed to continue to invest in various sectors of the Nigerian economy until poverty is finally exterminated from the land.

Chief Nwaora, who holds the traditional titles of Chikeluba of Osumenyi and Aku Chinyere of Abagana, through the Chikeluba Education Scholarship Foundation sponsored thousands of indigent students from across the country to secondary and tertiary education. His achievement, particularly in the area of housing development, earned him a National honour of Member of the Order of the Niger (Mon) in 2008.

On his business philosophy, Nwaora said: “At EFAB, the customer is king and we listen to their complaints and ensure they go home smiling.”

Full Biography Of Fabian Nwaora: About First Generation Mortgage Bank Ltd (FGMB) Owner

Chief  Fabian Nwaora
Chief (Dr.) Fabian Nwaora

He was born in 1960 in Osumenyi, Nnewi South LGA of Anambra State of Nigeria to the family of Late Chief Ejefobinyi and Madam Louisa Uzoejeaga Nwaora.

The quest to diversify and expand his business empire, made him relocated his headquarters to FCT in 1992 and thereby became one of the few investors that believed early in the master plan of Abuja. Today he has successfully built a chain of companies with business interests which span across the economic spectrum of Nigeria.

Chief Nwaora is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of:

* Nwaora Group of Companies
* Syndicate Construction and Commercial Co. Ltd.
* EFAB Properties Ltd. (This company has built over 5,000 housing units under the mass housing project initiated by the government of Olusegun Obasanjo.)
* Queen Construction and Commercial Co. Ltd.
* Fechton and Sons International Ltd.
* Top Rank Hotels Ltd, a 3-star hotel with branches in Abuja, Enugu and Onitsha.
* First Generation Mortgage Bank (This mortgage institution has successfully secured National Housing Fund loans for over 2,241 Nigerians).

Because of his spirit of philanthropy, Chief Nwaora is wholly committed to the Chikeluba Educational Scholarship Foundation and many community development projects such as the provision of electricity, water and roads and have bagged several honours and awards from corporate, government and non-government organizations, traditional and educational institutions such as:

* Nigerian American Chamber of Commerce
* Police Community Relations, Abuja
* Ohaneze Students Association
* Igbo Community, FCT
* The Nothern Federation of Osumenyi Town Assembly
* Family care Association
* Image Community System/Nigeria Televisiob Authority
* Chieftaincy titles from over 10 traditional rulers.
* Pillar African Peace Foundation 2009

His achievements particularly in the area of housing development, earned him the National Honour of "Member of the Order of the Niger , MON" award in 2008 by late President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua. Chief Fabian Nwaora, the Chikeluba of Osumenyi and Aku Chinyere of Abagana is happily married to Lolo Evelyn Nwaora and they blessed with 5 children.

About EFAB Properties Ltd

EFAB PROPERTIES LIMITED is a foremost Estate Developer with its base in Abuja and have extended services to various states within the country, e.g Delta  State and Anambra State to mention a few. Our focus is promoting “A family, A roof” over the thirty six (36) states of the country. Paramount in our mind at Efab is an intense desire to reach out with the totality of our know-how in real estate and solve the housing needs of all classes of Nigerians in a responsible manner, befitting a responsible entity.

Efab Properties Limited combines valuable years of experience and a crop of highly qualified workforce to deliver finished houses that not only meet competitive standards but can compare with the best elsewhere in the world to the delight of our clients.

We address issues like right finance and where to source them, strategic locations for homes, ensure properties are built on lands free from legal tussles and generally speaking buildings that meet state of the art 21st century quality requirements in doing our business.

Right from when the first stone on any of our building foundation is laid, our construction team and thoroughly experienced supervisors monitor the quality of workmanship and materials to oversee construction of houses that are up to speed with quality and schedule for the peace of mind of our homeowners. This is capped with inspections at strategic stages of the work to ascertain and ensure full proof delivery of the finest products ever possible.

Our Mission and Goal
Our Corporate mission and goal in Construction and Estate Development is to enhance the credibility and integrity of our profession, either by way of providing services in the key of area of our expertise, in our own right, or by way of collaborating with other allied professionals for project identification development, design and evaluation.

I am more than ever committed to investing in our communities and the citizens. My motivation is to see to it that my sheer hard work provides affordable housing for all.

Chief Dr. Fabian Okechukwu Nwaora




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