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Who is Dr. Ikenna Ihim?
Dr. Ikenna Ihim is a Nigeria born American medical doctor, enterprenur and Philanthropist who is based in the United States of America.

Dr. Ikenna Ihim, MD is a board certified internist in Brooklyn, New York. Doctor Ikenna Ihim is licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina.

Doctor Ikenna Ihim is popular for his work on Nasogastric intubation.

Since 2020, the Nigerian- American Dr. Ikenna Ihim has been working on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Home Town, Ethnicity, State Of Origin: Where is Dr. Ikenna Ihim from? Dr. Ikenna Ihim hails from Amorji-Ugwu, Nkwerre, Imo State. Dr. Ikenna Ihim is of Igbo Tribe.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Dr. Ikenna Ihim was born on 27 October 1984.
Real Age: How old is Dr. Ikenna Ihim? Dr. Ikenna Ihim is currently 25 years old as of 2020. Dr. Ikenna Ihim will celebrate his 36th birthday in October 2020.

Ikenna Ihim baby Childhood throwback photo

Family, Siblings, Parents, Mother, Father: Ikenna Ihim is the 2nd born in a family of 4 children. He has an elder brother and two younger ones - a brother and an only sister.

Dr. Ikenna Ihim is from a highly read family, starting from his parents down to the children. They have 3 medical doctors and 1 engineer.
Dr Ikenna ihim father was a governorship aspirant in IMO 
Dr Ikenna Ihim mother was a lawyer 

Dr. Ikenna Ihim was born in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria into the family of O.F.N and Daisy Ihim. Dr. Ikenna Ihim father is Nze O.F.N. Ihim, a business tycoon and a former governorship candidate in Imo State. Dr. Ikenna Ihim mother is Barrister Daisy Ihim. Dr. Ikenna Ihim father and mother are both late. Dr. Ikenna Ihim is from a royal family.

Dr Ikenna Ihim's Mother Barrister Daisy Ihim, Is Late: She died in May 2019. Remembering his late mum, Dr Ihim wrote on 3rd May 2020,

"Rest in heaven mum. 
This day is the 1 year anniversary of your entrance into Heaven.
We love u and miss u deeply.
Continue to watch over us and we will see again.
Chief, Barrister, Daisy Ihim.
Osukwu Duruebube of Nkwerre"

The Ihim Siblings at the burial of their mother in 2019

Dr Ikenna Ihim and his brothers and sister 

Meet The Ihim Siblings: 3 Brothers And 1 - Only sister. 3 medical Doctors and 1 Engineer

Ihim Brothers: The Ihim brothers are 3. 2 Medical Doctors and a CyberSecurity Engineer. The Ihim siblings all live abroad - USA.
His younger brother, Obi Ihim graduated from Medical School in 2019.

Sharing picture of his sibling brothers, Dr Ikenna Ihim wrote:

'I'm proud of my brothers.

I present 
Cyber/clouds security engineer Ama ihim @destined2succeedd known in imostate as Nze Duruebube 1 of Nkwerre. C.E.O of Tekland

Interventional radiologist Obi ihim known in imo state as Nze Emetumba 1 of Nkwerre'

Ihim Sister: Uru Ihim is also a medical doctor. She is the youngest of the Ihim siblings.

Educational Background: Dr. Ikenna Ihim  studied Biology at the University of Maryland, College Park. After bagging a degree in Biology, Dr. Ikenna Ihim proceeded to St. Matthew's University where he studied medicine and graduated in 2014. From 2015 to 2018, Dr. Ikenna Ihim went to Coney Island Hospital for his residency in internal medicine. He later got his medical license in North Carolina and became a board certified internist and started practicing in Fayetteville, North Carolina. During his time in the medical school, Ikenna Ihim furthered to Davenport University where he got an MBA in healthcare management, graduating in 2017.

Chieftaincy Title: Dr. Ikenna Ihim received a chieftaincy title as Nze Ikeoha 1 of Nkwerre.

Marriage, Wife: Is Dr. Ikenna Ihim married? Dr. Ikenna Ihim is not yet married but is currently engaged and set to Wed an Igbo lady.
Where is Dr. Ikenna Ihim wife from? Dr. Ikenna Ihim wife to be, Nneka is from Anambra, Nigeria but lives in USA, she is the CEO of Hello Africa, a dating App.

Girlfriend, Fiancee: Who is Dr. Ikenna Ihim dating, girlfriend, fiancee? Is Dr. Ikenna Ihim engaged?
Dr. Ikenna Ihim is in a relationship and engage to a Lawyer Nneka from Anambra state.

Dr. Ikenna Ihim And Nneka Engaged, Engagement Pictures: Who is Ikenna Ihim wife to be, Nneka? Ikenna Ihim proposed to his fiancee and wife to be, Nneka on may 17 2020. Ikenna Ihim And Nneka shared their engagement and proposal photos and video on their instagram pages.

Wedding: Dr. Ikenna Ihim And Nneka Set To Wed (Traditional And White Wedding)
Ikenna Ihim And Nneka are set to Wed as they are already planning their wedding after their engagement in May 2020.

Net Worth: Dr. Ikenna Ihim earns much salary as a medical practitioner in US, he also makes money as an entrepreneur but Ikenna Ihim net Worth is unavailable.

Height: How tall is Dr. Ikenna Ihim?

Gym, Fitness, Workout, Muscle: Dr. Ikenna Ihim likes to workout at the gym to keep fit.

"A Breath of Fresh Air”: Dr. Ikenna Ihim's Work Published By Bio Medical Central

Nigerian American Dr. Ikenna Ihim has made an impact with the publication of his work titled "A Breath of Fresh Air” which was published by Bio Medical Central.

Dr. Ikenna Ihim's invivo experiments of the research was conducted at the John Hopkins Minimally Invasive Surgical Training and Innovation Center. Johns Hopkins is ranked by many reputable systems as one of the best medical programs in the world.

The study by Dr. Ikenna Ihim is a quality improvement study comparing an air-circulating technique versus the conventional technique to prevent nasogastric tube dysfunction. Nasogastric tubes are required to provide nutrients in comatose patients who are otherwise unable to feed, So it is important to maintain patency.

Instagram: Dr. Ikenna Ihim Instagram page account profile handle dr_ikenna 
Ikenna Ihim
M.D. | M.B.A. | Philanthropist | Entrepreneur | Brand Ambassador | Published Author | Nze Ikeoha1 of Nkwerre

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