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Who is Caesar Chukwuma?
Caesar Chukwuma is a Nigerian born American lawyer, Attorney, Entrepreneur and Instagram Social Media Influencer who is quite popular on Instagram.

Caesar Chukwuma is a state prosecutor in Florida’s 17th Judicial Circuit where he represents the State of Florida in felony criminal cases. 

Jeffrey 'Caesar' Chukwuma (iamcaez) is a Miami criminal lawyer, and an internet star with impeccable style. After joining the Florida bar in 2016, Caesar Chukwuma has now become one of the most famous attorneys on the Internet with close to 50k followers on Twitter, and about 260k followers on Instagram. His profiles include photos exhibiting Caesar Chukwuma's well-tailored suits, together with his “Law Talk” videos explaining the criminal justice system.  

Caesar Chukwuma received his BA from Florida Atlantic University in 2013 and his JD from Nova Southeastern University in 2016. 

In addition to his legal practice, Caesar has extensive social media presence and followers.

Caesar Chukwuma currently has over 260k followers on his instagram page and also has much followers on Twitter. Caesar Chukwuma hopes to use his social influence in combination with his legal skills to inspire those interested in law, especially minorities and members of marginalized groups that lack access to sufficient representation in professional careers. 

Tribe, Nationality, State Of Origin: Caesar Chukwuma is a Nigerian - American.
Where is Caesar Chukwuma from? Caesar Chukwuma was born and raised in South Florida by Nigerian parents.
Photos of Caesar Chukwuma wearing native Nigerian dress, outfit 

Real Name, Full Name: Jeffrey Chukwuma or Jeffrey Caesar Chukwuma.

Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday: Caesar Chukwuma was born on 16 September 1991 (in United States of America)

Age: How old is Caesar Chukwuma? Caesar Chukwuma is currently 28 years old. Jeffrey Caesar Chukwuma will celebrate his 29th birthday in September 2020.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Caesar Chukwuma's parents are Igbo tribe from Nigeria. Caesar Chukwuma is the first of three siblings.

"Being a child of immigrants and growing up in a Nigerian household, I’ve always seen education as my first priority. My father is a doctor, my mother is an attorney, and my siblings and I have each followed in one of those paths." Caesar Chukwuma wrote on his instagram page.

Father: Caesar Chukwuma's father is a medical doctor. Celebrating his dad on father's day, Caesar Chukwuma shared photo of his father, Dr. Chukwuma and wrote, "Happy Father's Day Dr Chukwuma."

Mother: Caesar Chukwuma's mother is a lawyer, an attorney.

Brother: Meet Caesar Chukwuma's younger brother, Jason Chukwuma. Jason Chukwuma aka Prince Chuk 03 is a Havard graduate.

Educational Background: Caesar Chukwuma is a 2013 Graduate of FAU 4 Years B.A. Criminal Justice.
2016 NSU Shepard Broad College of Law
2016 Juris Doctor degree.

Law School: Caesar Chukwuma graduated from Law School in 2016 in US at the age of 24. Sharing his photos after his graduation in 2016, Caesar Chukwuma wrote,
"At the age of 24, after 7 years post high school, I have finally graduated from law school and earned my Juris Doctor Degree. Work hard in silence, and let success be your noise. I'm thankful for all of the support from my family and friends throughout this journey, but this is just the beginning. #Lawyer #Attorney #JurisDoctor #Classof2016"

Height: How tall is Caesar Chukwuma? Caesar Chukwuma height is unavailable.

Net Worth: what is Caesar Chukwuma Salary, how much is Caesar Chukwuma net Worth? It's unavailable.

Marriage, Wedding, Wife: Is Caesar Chukwuma married? Caesar Chukwuma is not yet married to any wife.

Relationship Status: Jeffery Caesar Chukwuma is single.

Fiancee, Girlfriend: Who is Caesar Chukwuma dating, girlfriend, fianceé? Caesar Chukwuma doesn't show off his girlfriend or fiancee on his instagram page.

Workout, Gym, Fitness: Caesar Chukwuma likes to workout at the gym to maintain fit body.

Hobbies: Caesar Chukwuma enjoys working out, playing basketball, and traveling, in his free time.

Instagram: Caesar Chukwuma Instagram Page Account Profile Handle iamcaez 
Caesar Chukwuma, Esq.
Miami, FL

Caesar Chukwuma Nigerian Lawyer In USA Trended In 2017 As Ladies Admired Him

America based Nigerian lawyer, Caesar Chukwuma became the Internet's sweetheart due to much attention he received from ladies online in 2017 October. The then new attorney identified as Chukwuma Caesar who is based in Broward County in Florida was getting a lot of attention with the internet hashtag #LawyerBae

The young attorney trended on the internet with the hashtag: #LawyerBae with many women on the internet ready to have the handsome, well-groomed lawyer.

The ladies can't handle him being this fine and having lawyer credentials at the same time.

LawyerBae’s name is listed as Caesar Chukwuma on his social media pages, though his first name is actually Jeffrey.

Caesar Chukwuma was admitted into the Florida Bar in November 2016.

In 2017, Caesar Chukwuma had 113,000 followers on Instagram and 79,000 people retweeted his viral Twitter photo with the caption “Walking into the courtroom.”

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