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Meet Remilekun Faith Fatolu Aka Auntie Remi: What You Should Know

Who is Auntie Remi?
Auntie Remi whose real name is Oluwaremilekun Faith Fatolu is a Nigerian born beautician, Skit maker, content creator, plus-sized model, Comedienne, 'Nollywood actress' in the making and also an enterprenur.

Full Name: Oluwaremilekun Faith Fatolu.

Nickname: uniique_remy001, Auntie Remi

Real Name: Auntie Remi real name is Remilekun Faith Fatolu

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Auntie Remi was born on September 5.

Age: How old is Auntie Remi? Oluwaremilekun Faith Fatolu is how old?
Oluwaremilekun Faith Fatolu aka Auntie Remi has not revealed her real age.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Auntie Remi doesn't share photos of her family on social media.

Height, Weight: How tall is Auntie Remi?

Auntie Remi Net Worth: Oluwaremilekun Faith Fatolu makes money as an Instagram brand influencer, plus size model, acting, beautician and as an entrepreneur but Auntie Remi Net Worth is not available.

Marriage, Wedding, Husband: Is Auntie Remi married? Remilekun Faith Fatolu 'Auntie Remi' is not yet married and doesn't have any fiancΓ© now.

Boyfriend: Auntie Remi doesn't flaunt any boyfriend on her instagram page. She said she's single currently and not dating for now.

Auntie Remi: Oluwaremilekun Faith Fatolu Interview With Broadway TV,  Her First Ever Interview 

Thefamousnaija has provided a transcript of Auntie Remi's interview with Broadway TV.

How She Started Making Skits: Auntie Remi said during the COVID-19 lockdown she did a fun video and posted on her Whatsapp status, it went viral on social media - Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and Lawyer Kunle Cuteabiola picked her and she started during skits for him.

Her Most Memorable Moment: Her first time on an airplane, it's a day she will never forget because she was afraid and shaking, she's scared of height.

Dealing With Negative Comments: Growing up, Auntie Remi was bullied, she was an angry child but now she doesn't get bothered about negative comments anymore. 'If you call me orobo I will call you lekpa'. She told Broadway TV

"I Don't Use Public Transport Because Of My Size" Skitmaker Aunty Remy 

Nigerian skit maker, Remilekun Faith Fatolu popularly known as AuntyRemy speaks about the discrimination she faces as a plus-size lady.

Discrimination As A Plus-sized Woman: She said she gets discriminated against because she's a plus size. She says she doesn't use public transport. She uses cabs or her friends come pick her up. You hardly see her in a public bus to avoid issues. She said the discrimination she faces as a plus-sized lady is too much in Nigeria.
But when she travelled to Ghana, she was treated like a queen but in Nigeria what she faces is crazy.

Reactions To Discriminations: On how she reacts to discriminations as a plus sized, Auntie Remi said she used to get angry and that she stopped using bikes. "But nowadays, I don't care anymore because I can't change the way I look". She said

Gym: On going to gym, "I tried it before but the outcome wasn't good at all. I tried it before, I tried diet for where? Nothing worked at all."

Advice To Other Plus Sized Ladies: "They should smile more, they shouldn't wear angry look all the time because most plus sized ladies I have known and seen look angry, they don't smile. They should smile more. We are humans too. We are fine, we are pretty, we are unique, we are different, although we face lots of bullies, we are humans too, we didn't create ourselves. They should just feel free, laugh over some things."

Plights Of A Plus Sized Lady: "As a plus size woman, getting your clothe size is difficult. Men are afraid of approaching plus sized women. The discrimination we face out there from people are not good at all. Some men say plus sized ladies are not clean."

BBNaija Discriminates Against Plus Sized Ladies - Auntie Remi (Remilekun Faith Fatolu)

"....for Instance, have you ever seen a plus sized lady like me on Big Brother Naija (BBNaija)? Things like this get to us..."

Her Kind Of Man: She is not really to picky, she doesn't mind the man's height or size but she hates body odour. "My type of guy should be intelligent, focused and disciplined"

Romantic Relationship Status: Auntie Remi said for now she is single and on her own.

Some Of Remilekun Faith Fatolu Motivational Quotes

I Am A Strong Woman - Auntie Remi

"I am a strong woman. I don’t sit around feeling sorry for myself, nor let people mistreat me. I don’t respond to people who dictate to me or try to bring me down. If I fall I will rise up even stronger because I am survivor and not a victim. I am in control of my life and there is nothing I can’t achieve.  #plussizefashion #plussizeboutique #plussizemodel."

"Ekaro ologi kiyin oooo
It's amazing how we always want what we haven't got, isn't it? Girls with straight hair want a bit of a curl. Tall women want to be shorter sometimes. Let's not get started on our figures…
Truth is, we all have our beauties and we all have our imperfections. Embrace it all. These are the things that make us unique."

"I was really tired of words like plus size, round and large. I thought, Come on, we're fat. (na fat we fat we no kill person)"

Instagram: Auntie Remi Instagram Page Account Profile Handle uniique_remy001 

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