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Facts About Amanda Onwumere Mandy Mhee, Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Parents, Husband, Movies, How Old Is Mandy Mhee? Siblings, Net Worth, Sister, Brother, Mother, Father, Real Age, Onwumere Amanda Bio Wiki, Tiktok

Who is Amanda Onwumere?
Who Is Mandy Mhee?
Mandy Mhee whose real name is Amanda Onwumere is a Nigerian born Nollywood actress, model and Instagram influencer.

Mandy Mhee, who is one of the hottest young ladies on Instagram, is known for posting beautiful photos and videos of hers on Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter. Mandy Mhee has over 50k Instagram followers and still counting.

Mandy Mhee Real Name: Amanda Onwumere

Nickname: Amanda Onwumere is also known as Mandy Mhee aka FANTA

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Mandy Mhee Amanda Onwumere was born on 13 May 1998.

Real Age: How old is Mandy Mhee 'Amanda Onwumere'? Mandy Mhee is 22 years old as at May 2020. 
Amanda Onwumere 'Mandy Mhee' celebrated her 22nd birthday on her instagram page in May 2020 with hot 22nd birthday pictures.

Family, Parents, Mother, Father: Amanda Onwumere 'Mandy Mhee' doesn't show her parents on her Instagram page but only shows her siblings.

Siblings, Brother, Sister: Meet Mandy Mhee's younger brother, Sanchoo 6'3 tall brother, and Brownest Doll, her younger sister.

Height: Mandy Mhee is 5ft11 Tall.

Net Worth: Amanda Onwumere 'Mandy Mhee' makes money as an actress, instagram brand influencer and promoter, model, video vixen but Amanda Onwumere 'Mandy Mhee' net Worth is unavailable.

Wedding, Marriage, Husband: Is Amanda Onwumere 'Mandy Mhee' married?
Amanda Onwumere 'Mandy Mhee' is not yet married and doesn't flaunt any husband or fiance.

Boyfriend: Who is Amanda Onwumere 'Mandy Mhee' dating, boyfriend? Amanda Onwumere 'Mandy Mhee' shares photos of cute guys on her instagram page but it's not clear if she is dating any of them. Amanda Onwumere 'Mandy Mhee' is a close associate with Peter Abang and Kamtony.

Movies: Amanda Onwumere 'Mandy Mhee' has not been seen in any Nollywood movies but her Instagram bio says she's an 'actress'.

Instagram: Amanda Onwumere Mandy Mhee Instagram Account Handle, Bio mandy_mhee 
Actor •Model•📨 |Twitter: Mandy_fanta•Snapchat: mandy_mandi
I’m 5ft11 Tall

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