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Who is Akinola Akano?
Akinola Akano popularly known as Segbowe is a Nigerian born Yoruba Nollywood Actor, Scriptwriter, Producer, MC and Brand Influencer who has featured in prominent television productionsz including Hotel Majestic and a brief stint in Tinsel.

In 2015, Akinola Akano wrote and produced ‘Issues’, his first film as a producer. He went ahead to produce 'The Witness', 'Omorisa' in 2018 and 2019 respectively, among others.

Full Name: Akinola Emmanuel Akano

Nickname: Segbowe And D’ Gifted

Real Name: Segbowe real name is Akinola Akano

Home Town, State Of Origin: Akinola Akano is from which State?

Date Of Birth, Birthday: Akinola Akano was born on 4 October 1987.

Segbowe Age: How old is Akinola Akano? Akinola Akano 'Segbowe' is 32 years old currently. Akinola Akano will celebrate his 33rd birthday on the 4th of October 2020.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Akinola Akano was born into a Yoruba, Nigerian family.

Father: Akinola Akano's father, Nathaniel O.  Akano is late. He died in 2010.

Mother: Meet Akinola Akano's mother. He celebrates his mum on his instagram page on her birthday and on women's day.

Sister: Meet Akinola Akano's younger sister Titilola, who is married with twins. Celebrating his kid sister on her birthday, Segbowe wrote,

"Titilola mi,
Every time I count my blessings, I always mention your name. I'm forever grateful to God for making you my younger sister and my Brown Skin Female Version. 😁

We had a tough childhood, life was our first teacher. Hawking about in the streets, I remember how we talked about growing up and making our mum proud. God's been faithful to us. You became my first responsibility as a father especially when I gave your hands out in marriage. You became even more blessing to the family when God gave us the first set of twins in the family through you. I'm so proud of the woman you have become and I am sure Dad is proud I carried out my duties over you. 💪😁 I celebrate here this day not just because it is your birthday. I celebrate you every day and I'm always proud of you, Mama Ibeji. 😁 May God bless you with many more beautiful years on earth.
Happy Birthday, Aburo mi.
Mo n'ife e. ❤💯"

Education, School: Akinola Akano is a graduate of English and Literature from the Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun, Ogun State.
NYSC: Akinola Akano did his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Benue State in 2013

Role Model: Akinola Akano 'Segbowe' role model is Tyler Perry.

Height: How tall is Akinola Akano?

Eyes: Akinola Akano has hazel eyes

Baby Face: Akinola Akano has baby face and ageless stature that makes him look younger than his age.

Gym, Workout, Fitness: Akinola Akano now works out at the gym to keep fit and build his muscles, abs.

Marriage, Wedding, Wife: Is Akinola Akano married? Akinola Akano Segbowe is not yet married and doesn't flaunt his relationship or fiancee on his instagram page.

Fiancee, Girlfriend: Akinola Akano Segbowe is in a relationship. Segbowe has a girlfriend he is dating but Akinola Akano doesn't like to show off his girlfriend on his instagram or Facebook pages.
"The truth is that I have a girlfriend. My woman is a very private person. She shies away from publicity.” Segbowe to Business Day

Net Worth: Segbowe Akano Akinola makes money as a Scriptwriter, Actor, Producer, MC, Brand Influencer but Akano Akinola net worth is unavailable.

Series, Movies: Akano Akinola has featured in the following Nollywood movies and TV series, Awon Alaadun De, Issues, Omo Baba Landlord, Iyaafin, The Witness, Omorisa, Tenitika, Ifa, Knockdown, Odidemode, Yawa, Onitemi, Lovish, among others. He produced some of them.

When And How Akinola Akano Started Acting Officially In Nollywood: Segbowe started acting in the year 2013 during his NYSC. He told News Wings,

"That was during my service year that a friend told me he would like me to be in his TV series, so I took a two weeks break from Benue and I traveled to Ijebu-Ode. That was when I officially launched out in the movie industry. Then we were using camcorder, because we had the hope that one day the series will be shown on Africa Magic and other channels, but unfortunately, the series didn’t see the light of the day and I didn’t even collect a dime for participating in it. This risky trip showed that Akinola really meant business of becoming renowned in the creative industry.

In the same year, I played a role in a movie called Hotel Majestic, then I was paid for the role. I also had a cameo in Tinsel before being a part of the “Awon Aladun De” in 2015. My first role in “Awon Aladun De” was not Segbowe, I started as a day actor too but along the line, the script of the movie was rewritten and there was a need for a character that will breeze  in and out of the house and they named that character called Segbowe and I played that role in 2016. So, that was how Segbowe came to be and I became a full-fledged actor."

His Role As ‘Segbowe’ in the series "Awon Alaadun De":
"I bagged the role of Segbowe in Awon Alaadun De through an audition."

"The role Segbowe is a next door neighbour who comes into the house once in a while. He’s the friend of Junior, the son, in an average family. I could relate well with that character. However, it doesn’t necessary mean that I’m Segbowe. But then, it’s make-believe. So I have to take on that character but that’s not me. It’s an everyday character. Maybe, unique in his own way but you can find people like Segbowe around you. He’s that next door neighbour who comes around to eat your food, scatter the whole house and bring in the street credibility so to say into the life of a ‘get-inside’ boy." Akinola Akano told Newtelegraphng.

On Acting as Someone from Another Dialect In 'Awon Aladun De'

"I love challenges, so when I was told I would be acting as Segbowe, I checked through the script and I discovered the character, Segbowe is an Eegun boy who hailed from Badagry, he is the friend of Junior, the son of the Aduns. So I posted on Facebook to know who was a proper Eegun person and one of my juniors while I was in Tai Solarin University of Education signified that she is an Eegun, her name is Feranmi Padonu and I asked her to give me some of her dialect and she did that for me. So, I mixed the Eegun dialect and Yoruba that was how I was able to effectively play the role." Segbowe told News Wings.

On Being Known More as a TV actor Than in Home Videos or Cinema: Akinola Akano told Newtelegraphng,

"Well, I can’t say that I feel much of that but I have had people question me on why they don’t see me in home videos. But my answer to them is we all start out from somewhere. And I can say Awon Alaadun De which is a TV sitcom introduced me to the audience but it doesn’t necessarily mean that I am not going to do home video or cinema. As a matter of fact, I have gone on to produce movies and also feature in several movies that are going to become home videos very soon. It is only a matter of time. People have just appreciated what I’ve been able to do so far and hoping that they would see more of me on other platforms."

Homosexual, Gay: Akinola Akano Segbowe said he is not gay or bisexual as he reveals that homosexuals approach him for relationships because of his goodlooks.

Segbowe: Gay Men Toast Me Because Of My Looks – Akinola Akano tells Business Day

Nollywood Yoruba actor, Akinola Akano revealed that some men do make advances at him thinking he is a homo sexual. The actor who became popular with his role as Segbowe in the popular sit com, Awon Aladun De, said he has tried to ward off men who think he is gay.

“They come to me every time. So many men make advances at me. They feel I am into guys as such, they ask me out at every opportunity. But then, I can’t fail to tell them I am straight. I am not into guys. I am not bisexual either.”

Women Think I'm A Playboy Because I'm Handsome - Akinola Akano tells Business Day

Akinola Akano said even the women folk also think he is a player because of his good looks.

“Ladies always feel I am a player. They feel that I would have so many girlfriends and I don’t look like somebody who would stick to a particular girlfriend. But the truth is that I have a girlfriend. My woman is a very private person. She shies away from publicity.”

The actor stated that his looks have worked against him at some point though it later turned to his favour.

“There was a time I went for an audition. I was the last person to be auditioned that day. Just as I entered, the person auditioning us said I was walking as if I had got the role. He said I looked arrogant. I told him I wasn’t. And that was how the audition ended.”

Talking about how that episode turned to his favour, Segbowe said, “In the form we filled, I had written I was a script writer as well. So I was surprised when I got a call from that same audition and I was asked to write a script. That gave me the first major script that I wrote. So you see, it also worked in my favour at the end of the day.”

Though his role as a comic actor in the sit com brought him to the limelight, the actor insists that he is a versatile actor who can act any role.

“It is just that comedy comes natural to me. But that doesn’t take away the fact that I am ver- satile. I can act any role given to me. I have featured in some other productions where my role wasn’t comedy. At the moment, we are about to have a production titled ‘The Witness’ which was written and produced by me. It is a mixed language movie and it is not about comedy.”

Talking about how he got his role in Awon Aladun De, the actor said it was providence.

“Initially when the sitcom was shot, my role was just that of a passerby. It wasn’t an important scene. But later on, the producers decided to audition for another episode and I was auditioned. That was how I passed it and I got the role as Segbowe.”

But even as he is an actor, Akani who studied English and Literary Studies (Education) at the Tai Solarin University said he had wanted to be a model at some point.

“Probably because of the way I look a lot of people suggested to me that I would make a very good model, I had also wanted to be an actor. I had wanted to be so many things. But somehow, I ended up becoming an actor. Back then when I was in school, I could act very well. I was in drama groups and I played my roles well.”

“I was very good in the arts. My nick them when I was in the secondary school and even in the university was Wizkid. In fact, it wasn’t up until 2008 that I had to change my name from Wizkid to ‘D’ Gifted’ when the music artiste came on board. A friend of mine actually drew my attention to Wizkid’s ‘Holla at Your Boy’ song and he told me that someone else is answering my stage name. But my other friend consoled me that my own Wizkid is a writer and an actor so I shouldn’t worry. But I had to change the name eventually,” he said.

Talking about his future aspirations, Akani said, “I love American actor, Tyler Perry. My dream in life is to become a great actor and script writer like Tyler Perry who has become and international acclaimed success.”

Instagram: Segbowe Akinola Akano Instagram Page Account Profile Handle akinolaakano1 
Akinola Akano
Scriptwriter, Actor, Producer, MC, Brand Influencer
Management: 09027869493 (7AM to 7PM)

Phone Number: Akinola Akano Phone Number is 09027869493 (Management)

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