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Instagram Pictures: About Adama Indimi, Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Wedding, Marriage, Tribe, Husband Malik Ado Ibrahim, Mother Samira Sheriff, Father Mohammed  Indimi, House, Cars, Net Worth, Age, Sisters, Brother, Height, Images, Photos, Ig Pics, Ex Boyfriend Dbanj

Who Is Adama Indimi?
Adama Indimi is a beautiful Nigerian born model and the daughter of Billionaire Mohammed Indimi who is married to Prince Malik Ado Ibrahim.

Light skinned Adama Indimi is also an enterprenur, she has businesses of her own.

Kauna Solutions: Adama Indimi runs a travel agency, Kauna Solutions.
Amariam: Adama Indimi is the founder, Amariam.

Nationality, Home Town, State Of Origin: Adama Indimi hails from Maiduguri, Borno State. Adama Indimi is half Nigerian and half Swiss-Chadian.

Tribe: Adama Indimi Tribe is Fero Kanuriye. Adama Indimi just like her father, Mohammed  Indimi is Kanuri tribe from Maiduguri, Borno State.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Adama Indimi was born on 12 August 1988.

Age: How old is Adama Indimi? Adama Indimi is currently 32 years old as at 2020. Adama Indimi recently celebrated her 32nd birthday.

Educational Background: Adama Indimi studied at Lynn University Florida, USA.

Family, Parents, Mother, Father, Siblings: Adama Indimi was born into the family of Maiduguri billionaire, Mohammed Indimi. She has 2 sisters from her mother and many other half siblings - brothers and sisters.
Photo: Meet the Indimi family 

Father: Adama Indimi father is Mohammed Indimi, the founder, chairman of Oriental Energy. Adama Indimi's father is an oil magnate and chairman of Oriental Energy Resources.
Adama Indimi and billionaire father Mohammed Indimi (Throwback Photo and Recent picture)

Mother: Adama Indimi mother is Samira Sheriff Indimi, half Swiss and half Chadian.
Samira Sheriff is the former wife of the billionaire oil mogul, Mr Mohammed Indimi, and the mother of the popular indimi Sisters.
Adama Indimi And mother Samira Sheriff Indimi

Grandmother: Meet Adama Indimi grand mother, Roseline Barbezat.

Photo of Adama Indimi and her Mum and grand mother

Indimi Sisters: Adama Indimi and her sisters who are popularly known as Indimi Sisters.

Photo of the Indimi sisters and their mother

Throwback Picture of Adama indimi and her sisters with mum (Childhood photo)

Brother: Ahmed Indimi her elder brother is married to President Buhari's Daughter, Zahra Buhari Indimi.

Marriage, Wedding, Husband: Adama Indimi is married to Kogi Prince, Malik Ado Ibrahim, who is also a billionaire like her father. Adama Indimi's husband is the founder of Bioernergy.

Read All About Adama Indimi Husband, Malik Ado HERE

"Alhamdulillah, I married my best friend, you were absolutely worth the wait my love, my King ❤️ @realmalikado" Adama Indimi gushed over her billionaire husband, Malik Ado Ibrahim on Instagram.

Net Worth: Adama Indimi father, Mohammed Indimi net Worth is US$500 million. Adama Indimi on her own is very comfortable, with a billionaire father and a billionaire husband, Adama Indimi net Worth runs into millions of Naira. Adama Indimi runs her own personal businesses that give her Millions of naira.

Boyfriend: Adama Indimi And Dbanj - Adama Indimi became popular when she was dating Dbanj, the music star some years back. Adama Indimi was proud to be Dbanj girlfriend then as she flaunted the relationship.
Photos of Adama Indimi and Dbanj (her ex boyfriend)

Height: How tall is Adama Indimi?

Competition, Skin Colour, Hair: Adama Indimi is naturally fair skinned.

Instagram: Adama Indimi Instagram Page Account Profile Handle presido 

House, Cars: Adama Indimi has flashy car,  lives in a mansion.

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