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Meet Terry Waya 'Mr Versace' Biography, Age, Wife, Girlfriends, Houses, Cars, Wikipedia, Daughter, Children, Son, Net Worth, how many children does terry waya have?

Who Is Terry Waya?
Terry Waya aka Mr Versace is a Nigerian born billionaire and socialite who is the father of BBNaija star, Terseer waya aka Kidd Waya. Terry Waya is known for flaunting his riches, wealth, cars, houses on his instagram, facebook and social media pages.

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is Terry Waya from? Terry Waya is from Benue state, a Tiv billionaire.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Terry Waya was born on 3 May. About a decade ago, Terry Waya 40th birthday party was held in the United Kingdom, which had over 10 Nigerian governors in attendance.

 How old is Terry Waya?

Children, Son: Terry Waya is the father of Terseer Waya Kiddwaya of BBNaija housemate 2020. He has other children and another from his baby Mama.

Terry Waya is a Nigerian billionaire popularly known as 'Mr Versace' due to his love for the designer, as his house is well decorated with the popular logo.

See More Photos Of Terry Waya Beautiful Houses And Wealthy Lifestyle HERE

He is known friends with sitting and past Governor's, Billionaires and popular senators

Terry Waya is always hosting many Governors & big boys at private parties in his Abuja home.

Terry Waya in 2016 report by tunezmedia was unmarried as at 2016 but has a baby with his ex-wife Eno Olafisoye.

Terry Waya's lavish lifestyle became a public knowledge after his lady friends started sharing photos of his luxurious Mansion with the Nigerian Alhaji's in the background.

EFCC once arrested socialite, Terry Waya.

Net Worth: Terry Waya net worth: runs into billions.

Wife: Is Terry Waya married? Who is Terry Waya wife? Terry Waya was married but now divorced.
Photo of Terry Waya Son, Kidd Waya and his mother

Photos of Terry Waya Mansion (House) In Abuja 

Meet Eno Olafisoye nee Udoh, Terry Waya Baby Mama

Eno Olafisoye nee Udoh Known as Eno Udoh before she acquired the Olafisoye moniker, is from South-South and a society lady. Eno Olafisoye was married to popular businessman Bisi Olafisoye, but their union eventually crashed over some irreconcilable differences. She then moved on with her life and was soon swept off her feet by popular big boy and ladies’ charmer, Terry Waya. Their dalliance has so far produced a boy. Eno Olafisoye was born on December 1965. She will turn 55 by December 2020.

Girlfriends: Terry Waya has dated or had many girlfriends. He is a lady's man who has been linked with different young ladies.

Antoinette: Terry Waya was once linked to Antoinette, who is rumored to have been born a male. She shared a photo from the house seating on one of the chairs in Terry Waya house.

Shameeka: who was once rumored to be pregnant for a governor of a South South state and used $2500 for abortion also shared a photo from the house and this time she mistakenly snaps a man rocking Agbada in the background.

Danielle Allen: Zimbabwean model named Danielle Allen who almost destroyed the marriage of a nollywood actress married to a billionaire when she claimed the man proposed to her, also shared a photo from 'Mr Versace' Abuja home.

Terry Waya struggles to regain groove By The Sun (October 2019)

When the real story about biggest boys around town in the last decade is to be written, the name of businessman Terry Waya will definitely feature prominently. Terry as a socialite lived life to the fullest with so much money to throw around and affluence to back it. Not a few will remember his arrival to the spotlight heralded with his mother-of-all bash in the United Kingdom to celebrate his 40th birthday with over 10 Nigerian governors in attendance. That birthday gig, for so long, remained a point of reference to other high octane parties held around town. However, his fortunes began to dwindle when some of his top politician friends ran into troubled waters. The once ever-bubbly Terry then opted for a low profile life, coupled with news of health challenges, he later went out of circulation.

Watch Terry Waya Videos And See More Photos Of His Mansions And Lavish Lifestyle HERE

However, in recent time, the Benue State-born dude has been attempting to return to the centre of the radar. As part of the effort was his new-found love for the social media especially the Instagram, which the dark socialite has been using to announce his presence and possibly regain his groove. Terry has been taunting his followers with series of posts flaunting his designer’s lifestyle. His recent video with clips showing him in various areas of a luxury hotel room in a European city has attracted criticism from people who accuse the socialite of seeking self-validation. To most of the critics, his recent acts reeked of a tang of needless showy nature with question as to who exactly he wants to impress.

Terry Waya Interview with Dele Momodu

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