Aliyah Ninalowo 20 Hot Instagram Pictures: Facts About Boyfriend, Bio, Bolanle Ninalowo Daughter

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Teenandi Aliyah Ninalowo On Instagram: 15 Best Instagram Photos, Net Worth, Bio, + 10 Things You Didn't Know About Bolanle Ninalowo's Daughter, Aliyah Ninalowo + Bolanle Ninalowo Daughter's Instagram Page Handle, Bio, Profile And Pictures,  IG Images

Who is Aliyah Ninalowo?
Aliyah Ninalowo is a Nigerian born model, Instagram influencer who is the beautiful teen daughter of Nollywood star actor, Bolanle Ninalowo.

Nickname: Aliyah Ninalowo is also known as Teenandi aka Myteenandi

Date Of Birth, Birthday: Aliyah Ninalowo was born on March 7th 2006.
Childhood throwback photo of Aliyah Ninalowo

Age: How Old is Aliyah Ninalowo, Bolanle Ninalowo daughter? Aliyah Ninalowo is 14 years old in 2020. Aliyah Ninalowo celebrated her 14th birthday in March 2020.

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Aliyah Ninalowo from? Aliyah Ninalowo hails from Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Family, Aliyah Ninalowo Parents: 
Father: Aliyah Ninalowo's father is Bolanle Ninalowo aka Nino B who is an A-list muscular Nollywood actor.

Mother: Aliyah Ninalowo's mother is Bunmi Ninalowo and Queennino B

Sibling, Brother: Aliyah Ninalowo's younger brother is Morakinyo Ninalowo.
Aliyah Ninalowo is 2 years older than her brother, Morakinyo Ninalowo

Height: How tall is Aliyah Ninalowo?

Boyfriend: Aliyah Ninalowo doesn't have a boyfriend as she is just 14 years old. Her education is her priority for now.

Net Worth: Aliyah Ninalowo is already making money as a teenage model and brand influencer but Aliyah Ninalowo's net Worth has not been estimated.

Management: Aliyah Ninalowo is managed by Diesel360pr.

Tiktok, Instagram: Aliyah Ninalowo Instagram Page Account Profile Handle  @myteenandi 
Aliyah Ninalowo 🥰
•Hair Lover/Influencer✨
•Hair product Promotions
•Management~ Diesel360pr📍

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