Pat Attang Biography, Age, Husband, Instagram Pictures: 10 Facts About Movies, Net Worth, Mother, Family
Meet Ambassador Pat Attang Itoro, Bio, Instagram, Birthday, Tattoo, Movies, Married, Mother, Family, Parents, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Hairstyle, Arsenal Bruno Bio, Don Arsenal Bruno Instagram

Who Is Pat Attang?
Pat Attang is a curvy Nollywood Nigerian actress and movie producer, model and video vixen.

Full Name: Patience Attang Williams

Nickname: Ambassador Pat Attang

Hometown, State Of Origin: Where is Pat Attang from? Pat Attang is from Urue-Offong Oruko LGA Oron in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Family, Parents, Father: Pat Attang is the only child of her mother. Pat Attang celebrated her mum who turned 50 years in June 30th 2020 on her Instagram page.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Pat Attang was born on the 13 March. She grew up in Lagos.
How old is Pat Attang?
Pat Attang childhood Throwback photo

Marriage, Wedding, Husband: Is Pat Attang
married? Pat Attang is not yet married and doesn't flaunt her boyfriend or fiancee on her Instagram page.

Education: Pat Attang attended Air force primary School. She studied Modern Language And Translation Studies At the University of Calabar (UNICAL)

Movies: Pat Attang has acted in many Nollywood movies such as Chamelion, Ogadi, Estate Runs, Igene, How Was Your Night?, Doratti, Royal Love, About Now, Madam 10-10, Ibu And Akwa Ibom Girls, Bond With My Father, Itoro The House Girl, Misery, Little Lies, Ladies Secret, Game Of Python among others.

PAAB, Nollywood Producer: Pat Attang as a Nollywood movie producer has produced over 35 movies featuring herself and A-list actors and actresses. 23 were as an executive producer. She produces for other people as well.

Pat Attah co-owns PAAB, that is Pat Atang and Arsenal Bruno, a movie production company.
Pat Attang and her business partner Arsenal Bruno established PAAB World Entertainment and their first PAAB movie was ‘Itoro the Housegirl’.

Meet Don Arsenal Bruno:

Who Is Arsenal Bruno?
Arsenal Bruno aka Don Arsenal Bruno is a Nollywood movie producer and partner of Pat Attang. They both own PAAB World Entertainment. He is the CEO of Arsenal B Filmworks LMT. Don Arsenal Bruno was born on August 18.

Is Don Arsenal Bruno dating Pat Attang?
Don Arsenal Bruno and Pat Attang are not dating, they are business partners.

Tattoo: Pat Attang likes tattoos and has her arm, hand tattooed.

Pat Attang And Pat Attah: Are Pat Attah and Pat attang related, siblings?
Pat Attang and Pat Attah are not related. While Pat Attah is from Anambra State, Pat Attang is from Cross River State.

Net Worth: Pat Attang makes money from acting and as a movie producer. She is an entrepreneur but her net Worth is unavailable.

Why Pat Attang Won't Feature Two A-List Actors Again: Pat Attang revealed why in an interview with Vanguard.

"There are two actors in particular that we will never work with again, even if it is for free. These people frustrated me on the set of my movie regardless of the fact that I paid them for the job. So many things happen in Nollywood that people do not know about, some actors display some unacceptable behaviors on set; some will hurry you up saying that they have to be on another set, some will not stay till the end of the production which is unacceptable to me. This is peculiar to A-list actors and it is not nice, for example, they might be called to act for 10 days and they would want you to shoot their scenes in two days which is impossible, other people on set are as important as well, all these affect productions. Another thing I will like to address in the industry is the issue of actors finding it hard to promote movies that they are part of. Some of them give excuses like they don’t see the need to promote a movie because they are not on the movie poster."

How, When Pat Attang Joined Nollywood And Her First Movie: Pat Attang joined Nollywood in in February 2013 after she graduated from UNICAL and her first movie was  ‘Saint Mary’ by Zeb Ejiro.

Instagram: Pat Attang Instagram Page Account Profile Handle
Movie producer
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