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Who Is Nichole Banna?
Nichole Banna is a Nollywood actress and a Nigerian movie producer who produced Icheku Oku, an award-winning Igbo movie.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Nichole Banna was born on February 16.
How old is Nichole Banna?

Full Name: Nicholle Banna Ozioma

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Nichole Banna from?
Nichole Banna is from Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Nichole Banna is an orphan, her parents are dead and her uncle took care of her and her sister.

Sister: Nichole Banna's sister is called Joan Banna. Who is Joan Banna? Joan Banna is the CEO and owner of Jojostouch Worldwide, Nigerian wedding prof Mua (make up artist) and she is sister to Nollywood actress, Nichole Banna.

 Meet Joan Banner, Nichole Banna's sister

Education: Nichole Banna attended Oliver Heights International School and Emmy Norberton International School for her primary and secondary education respectively. Both schools are in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Nichole Banna studied Computer Science at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology.

Boyfriend, Marriage, Wedding, Husband: Is Nichole Banna married? No, Nichole Banna is not yet married and doesn't flaunt her boyfriend or fiance, relationship on her instagram page.

Nollywood Journey, Walter Anga & How Nichole Banna Started Acting: "Fate played a big role in where I have found myself today. I recall that I had visited a Nollywood actor, Walter Anga, who happened to be on set at the time. I was with his cousin, Benice, and fortunately, they needed someone to play a cameo role in a particular scene. I figured that it would be fun doing what I love and making some extra money off it. I volunteered for that role and since then, I have never looked back." The Nollywood actress told Punch

Sex-For-Role - Nichole Banna The Virgin Mary: Nichole Banna revealed to The Sun why they call her 'Virgin Mary' while reacting to sex-for-role in Nollywood.

"No, they call me Virgin Mary. When they see me, they can’t even bring such to my table. Like I say, the Holy Spirit guides me. When you look at me, you will just know that I am a Chineke pikin."

Movies: Nichole Banna has acted in the following Nollywood movies, Icheku Oku which she produced, Officer Incharge, Roasted Alive, Caro The Shoemaker, My Calabar Love and The Banker, Pains of Poverty, Golden Gift.

Nichole Banna The Nollywood Movie Producer: The Imo State born actress, Nichole Banna is a also a Nollywood movie producer. 'Ichekwu Oku' is the very first movie Nichole Banna produced and was the executive producer also. Ichekwu Oku is an indigenous Igbo language movie.

Breakthrough: Nichole Banna had her breakthrough in the movie industry after her debut as a producer with the movie, Icheke Oku.

Awards: Nichole Banna won the award for Best Supporting Actress at the City People awards. Her movie, Icheke Oku, also won the award for Best Make-up at the 2018 Academy Movie Awards Africa, and six other nominations. At the Best of Nollywood awards, Icheke Oku, won three awards, and had 11 other nominations.

Nichole Banna was nominated for the Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards, California, United States.

Net Worth: Nichole Banna makes money as an actress, writer and producer but her net Worth is unavailable.

Instagram: Nichole Banna instagram Page account Profile Handle nicholebanna

Height: Nichole Banna is tall

David Ibiyeomie & Nichole Banna The Born Again Christian: Nichole Banna revealed she turned born again in 2017 and confessed her sins.
Nichole Banna attends David Ibiyeomie's church.

“But as God may have it I became born again. Attended WOLBI (WORD OF LIFE BIBLE SCHOOL) in Salvation Ministries." she recalled.

How I Used To Smoke, Date Married Men – Actress Nichole Banna Reveals

In 2017, Owerri-born actress, Nichole Banna,  had recounted how she got delivered from smoking and dating other people’s husband.

She made the revelation on her Instagram page on a Sunday.

She wrote: “Am sharing this testimony because I want to honour the one behind the transformation in my life. I have always been a God fearing girl, my relationship with the Holy Spirit is one that gets stronger by the day.

“Am grateful for being connected to a great man of God David Ibiyeomie whom through his teachings and books have brought me closer to God. There’s a difference between having a relationship with the Holy Spirit and being religious.

“Am glad I can boldly say I belong to Jesus Christ because I really fear and try my best to obey all I see in His word with the Help of my Sweet Holy Spirit. Before now I was just that young girl that wanted everything some girls thought are the priorities in life.

“So back then I dated married men whom will end up loving me so much and doing all I asked,thereby spending less time with their wives. Back then it felt good to be loved and taken care by someone’s husband and it seemed normal.

“But as God may have it I became born again. Attended WOLBI (WORD OF LIFE BIBLE SCHOOL) in Salvation Ministries.

“I encountered light and stopped everything that has to do with married men and all they had to offer despite the pressure. I became content with what I have and trust me God didn’t lie when He said that He will provide everything I needed if I seek Him first.

“Letting go of that completely doesn’t make me a perfect girl because no one is perfect but it felt good to go into a covenant with God,and watch Him fulfil His own part.

“The transformation didn’t end there cause I still had other things I was doing that doesn’t glorify God.I use to smoke and masturbate a lot and that made me have less friends and because I didn’t want the dirty habits known publicly.

“Though After WOLBI I stopped smoking and  ..... for a while, after some time, I backslided and became worst with the habits. I smoke all the time coupled with the challenges i was going through then.

“In the midst of this I still loved God, kept praying and asking for mercy especially after each action. Am grateful to God because I know He has healed me completely and this is the proof that am free from that demonic influence because it was a big battle for me to testify openly.”

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