Moses LDN 15 Shirtless Instagram Gym Pictures: 10 Facts About Moses.Ldn Profile (Photos)
Photos Of Moses.LDN On Instagram, YouTube: 10 Facts About Moses LDN Profile You Probably Didn't Know

Moses LDN MosesLdn is a Nigerian born British model, fitness trainer, gym enthusiast, Instagram brand Influencer, YouTuber, Vlogger who is popular on Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter for flaunting his physique, muscles, bicep and 6 pack.

Real Age: How old is moses ldn? Moses LDN (MosesLdn) is currently 20 years old.

Moses.LDN is a Nigerian from Yoruba tribe but lives in London, England. Moses.LDN parents are Nigerians.

Moses.LDN Real Name: What is Moses LDN real name? Moses.LDN has not revealed his full, real name yet.

Moses ldn youtube channel: has over 75k YouTube subscribers

Net Worth: Moses ldn net worth is big as he started making money from his teenage days. Moses.LDN makes money from modelling, fitness training, brand promotion and from YouTube. He has over 75k subscribers on YouTube. Moses LDN net Worth has not been estimated.

MosesLDN charges £19.99 per 6 pack extreme training.

Girlfriend: Moses LDN went out on a date with his girlfriend in May 2020. Sharing the info on his instagram page, MosesLDN wrote:

"Finally decided to take a girl out🙄
Link on my bio for my latest YouTube vid!"

Who is Moses LDN girlfriend?
Moses.ldn girlfriend is Eustinaax. He introduced his girlfriend on his YouTube channel post.

Education, Moses ldn University, School: Moses LDN is schooling in the UK but hasn't revealed the name of his school.

Instagram: Moses LDN instagram Page Account Profile Handle moses.ldn 
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