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Who is Kim Manana?
Kim Manana is a beautiful and busty plus-sized  South African model, Instagram celebrity and brand ambassador and influencer.

Kim Manana has close to 400k followers on her Instagram page.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Kim Manana?
Kim Manana has not revealed her age.

Nationality: Where is Kim Manana from, country?
Kim Manana is from South Africa.

Family, Parents, Siblings, Mother, Father: Kim Manana is the middle child of 3 from her parents.

Marriage, Wedding, Husband: Is Kim Manana married?
Kim Manana is not yet married and doesn't flaunt her relationship on social media. She said her stature makes it difficult for her to keep a relationship.

Boyfriend: Kim Manana doesn't flaunt her boyfriend on her Instagram page.

Net Worth: Kim Manana makes money from Instagram as a social media and brand influencer by promoting brands. She is also an enterprenur. Kim Manana is owner of Kinky Plus-Size Collection.
Products specifically designed for beautiful confident and self aware people.

Kim Manana Measurements, Body Size, Height: Kim Manana is big sized.

My Big Chest Comes With Stigma - Kim Manana

South African plus sized model and Instragram slay queen, Kim Manana, who became a brand influencer on account of her big chest has shared her experience on living with big chest. The beautiful woman via a video she shared on her Instagram page educates her followers on issues around having big chest.

“I really struggled because having big chest comes with stigma,” she said. “You are seen as thick, a knacking symbol, even promiscuous. A typical male couldn’t see me as a normal female with feelings but just a knacking object. It became really hard for me to have a serious relationship, it was always really about my looks. Relationships are something I found very difficult to keep because of my looks,” she added.

She also revealed that having big chest automatically makes you look obscene, adding that dresses that would have meant nothing to anyone on a slim girl becomes a bomb on her as many would see it as inappropriate.

“Anything I wear, no matter how it is, there seems to be a knacking stamp on it. If a skinny or normal slim girl wears what I wear they wouldn’t even be noticed but for me it’s a different story. A lot of people think of your looks, forgetting it is just basically genetic and has nothing to do with your person. Another thing about having big chest is sleeping positions. I always liked to sleep on my stomach but because of my big chest I have to stop and sleep on my back. It’s been a real struggle accepting myself.

What defines me is what I have inside not outside. My relations with people and not my looks is what defines me,” she said.

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