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Who is Agu Ukaogo?
Agu Ukaogo Aka King Agu is a Nigerian born American model and actor in the United States of America.

Agu Ukaogo is a model, actor, on air personality, and a host. He is known for the hit Bravo reality series "Invite Only Cabo". He is also a fitness trainer and a track star.

Agu Ukaogo also known as King Agu is one if the hottest Instagram fitness influencers.

After schooling at Nebraska Omaha, Agu Ukaogo signed with an agent, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams in modeling and acting. Agu Ukaogo starred in national modeling campaigns for Kroger and Hyundai and also made a guest appearance on BET’s hit comedy-drama series, “The Game.”

Agu Ukaogo featured in Bravo’s reality docuseries “Invite Only Cabo".

AGU Fitness: Agu Ukaogo has passions for health and nutrition, gym and fitness which made him launch his AGU Fitness, an all-encompassing empowerment and lifestyle program, offering fitness tips, personal training sessions, and healthy recipes to help people reach their fitness goals.

Gym, Fitness, 6 Pack Abs: Agu Ukaogo has a physique women love and men appreciate. King Agu mixes up his workouts and trains 4-5 days a week to keep his body in top shape focusing on running, circuit training and weight lifting.

2009 vs 2019 10-Year-Challenge throwback photos of King Agu Ukaogo

How and when King Agu started fitness and modeling: 

Agu Ukaogo said he was 20 years old when he started modeling by entering a couples contest with his ex-girlfriend and they won. From there the agency signed him and shortly after he started taking training serious because he was tall and skinny.

Place Of Birth: King Agu Ukaogo was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, US.

Date Of Birth, Birthday: Agu Ukaogo was born on 22 August 1979.

Age: How old is King Agu Ukaogo?
Agu Ukaogo is 41 years old as at August 2020.

Nationality, Tribe, Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Agu Ukaogo 'King Agu' from?
Agu Ukaogo is from Nigeria but, Igbo tribe but raised in Omaha, USA.
Agu Ukaogo wears Nigerian native Igbo Dress 

Family, Parents, Mother, Father: King Agu Ukaogo parents are from Nigeria. Agu Ukaogo was raised by a single mother. Agu Ukaogo's mum is late.  King revealed that his mother was his biggest supporter and had the biggest influence on his life.
In April 24 2020 he celebrated his mother's posthumous 64th birthday.

Death Of Mother: Cancer killed King Agu Ukaogo mother.

Education: Agu Ukaogo is a graduate of Fitness and Nutrition, and Business Management from the University of Nebraska Omaha in USA.
 Agu Ukaogo and his dogs

Movies: Agu Ukaogo movies, TV series include,  The Game, Invite Only Cabo among others.

Tattoo: Agu Ukaogo likes tattoos and has his body tattooed.

3 Things King Agu Ukaogo can’t leave home without: Cell phone, chapstick and water.

Height: Agu Ukaogo Height 188cm/6'2"
Waist 79cm/31" Inseam 86cm/34" Collar 42cm/16.5"
Sleeve 89cm/35" Suit 107cm/42"/52 Suit Length R Shoe 45.5 EU/11 US/10.5

Net Worth: King Agu Ukaogo net Worth has been estimated at $100,000 – $1M.

Marriage, Wedding, Wife: Is Agu Ukaogo "King Agu" married? Agu Ukaogo is not yet married and doesn't have any wife or child, children or any baby yet.

Relationship Status: King Agu Ukaogo is single and not married.

Ex-Girlfriend, Fiancee, Girlfriend: Who is Agu Ukaogo girlfriend? Agu Ukaogo revealed in he had a girlfriend when he was at the age of 20. King Agu Ukaogo and his girlfriend then (now Agu Ukaogo's ex girlfriend) contested in a couples pageant and they won.

Instagram: King Agu Ukaogo instagram page account profile handle king_agu

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