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Instagram Pictures: Meet Justin Benedict Ubong-Abasi, Bio, Birthday, Age, Family, Net Worth, Wife, Movies, Wikipedia, Parents, Mother, Father, Height, State Of Origin, Nollywood Nigerian Actor.

Facts About Justin Benedict
Who is Justin Ben?
Justin Ben is a Nigerian born young Nollywood Actor, Dαncer, Choreographer, Compere, Model, Singer and Entertainer.

Justin Benedict simply known as Justin Ben is popular for his role as Henry in 'My Siblings And I' and Mike in 'Full House'.

Full Name: Justin Ubong-Abasi Benedict
Justin Ben real, full name is Justin (Ubong-Abasi) Benedict.

Date Of Birth, Birthday: Justin Ben was born on 8 July 1997. Justin Benedict celebrated his 23rd birthday yesterday, 8 of July 2020.

Real Age: How old is Justin Ben? Justin Ben Nollywood actor is 23 years old as at 2020.

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Justin Ben from? Justin Ben hails from Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Justin Ben often flaunts his mother and father on his Instagram page. Justin Benedict celebrated his parents 23rd wedding anniversary in December 2016.

Siblings: Justin Ben shared throwback and photos of him with his elder brother and his younger sister.

Net Worth: Justin Ben is an upcoming Nollywood actor. His net worth is unavailable.

Girlfriend, Wife: Is Justin Ben married? 
Justin Ben is not yet married and doesn't flaunt his girlfriend on his instagram page.

Series, Movies: Justin Ben has featured in the following Nollywood movies and TV series, Blood of Enogie, Memory Lane, Badt Guys, Full House, Unbroken, Amajoche, Singing Sin, The Village, House Of Contention among others.
He also featured in the Stage Play 'Emotan'.

Angel Onyi Unigwe And Justin Ben: Justin Benedict featured alongside actress Angel Onyi Unigwe and Esther Uzodinma in My Siblings And I.

Workout, 6 Pack Abs, Muscles, Gym Body: Justin Ben Benedict likes to workout at the gym.

Instagram: Justin Ben Instagram Page Account Profile Handle: justinben_pgm
Justin (Ubong-Abasi) Benedict
Actor🎬|Believer✝️|Dαncer/Choreographer🕺|Compere🎙|Model™|Singer🎤|V.O.A🗣|Entertainer 💯
Henry in @ammysiblingsandi
Mike in @tetmosol_ng #FullHouse

Height: How tall is Justin Ben, Nollywood Actor?

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Justin Ben said…
OMG! I'm just seeing. I'm really amazed. Anyway, all details are correct about me except my age. I turned 23 this year not 24.

Thanks all the same 😊
GeniusGist TV said…
My Best Teenage Actor...
Unknown said…
This is really nice..greater heights to you Justin Ben...
TheFamous Naija said…
@JustinBen, thanks for your reaction. I will make the correction.
Justin Ben said…
@TheFamousNaija , Justin Ben was born July 8, 1997. Celebrated his 23rd birthday July 8 2020.
For correction.
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