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Who is Jay Rammal?
Jay Rammal is a Nigerian Lebanese born model and Nollywood actor who is the brother of Sophie Rammal Alakija, Wizkid's ex girlfriend and Nollywood actress.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Jay Rammal was born on 25 April...
How old is Jay Rammal?

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Jay Rammal from? Jay Rammal is from Cross River State Nigeria.

Nationality, Half Caste: Jay Rammal is a half caste and has dual nationality - Nigerian and Lebanese (Nigeria - Lebanon)

Family, Parents, Mother: Jay Rammal is partly Lebanese and partly Nigerian who grew up in Surulere, Lagos. Jay Rammal was born into an Islamic, Muslim family.
Who is the mother of Jay Rammal?
Jay Rammal father is from Lebanon, a Lebanese.
Who is the father of Jay Rammal?
Jay Rammal mother is from Nigeria, Efik.

Meet Jay Rammal parents.

Sister Sophie Rammal Alakija: Jay Rammal has a sister, Sophie Alakija who is an actress and popular for dating Wizkid long time ago before getting married.

Hair: Jay Rammal has natural curly hair but he experiments with different hair styles.

Tattoo: Jay Rammal likes tattoos. He got his chest tattooed.

Complexion, Colour: Jay Rammal is naturally very fair and light-skinned as the half caste he is.

Height: Jay Rammal is not tall, he's just average

Gym, Work out, Fitness: Jay Rammal used to workout at the gym but stopped and recently resumed gyming after 3 years.

Movies: Jay Rammal has featured in a few Nollywood movies such as, Mr And Mrs Spencer, Inhibition, Sophia among others.

Net Worth: Jay Rammal net Worth is unavailable at the moment.

Big Broda Lagos: Jay Rammal was a contestant on the Big Broda Lagos reality show in 2018.

Marriage, Girlfriend, Wife: Is Jay Rammal married?
Jay Rammal is not yet married and doesn't flaunt his girlfriend or fiancee on his instagram page or Twitter Page.

Instagram: Jay Rammal Instagram Handle Account Profile jay_rammal 

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