FBI Indicts Sammy Lee Nnamdi As Yahoo Boy: Nollywood Actor In Scam, Fraud Mess In US

Is Nollywood Actor, Sammy Lee Nnamdi A Scammer, Fraudster?

Popular Nigerian born Nollywood actor, Onwuasoanya Samuel Nnamdi, “Sammy Lee Nnamdi,” aka “Enugu Ogo”. (“ ONWUASOANYA”) was listed among the 80 Nigerians involved in credit card scam by US FBI who revealed a full list of names of 80 Nigerians charged by FBI for massive fraud in America.

In an article titled "Los Angeles Court charged 80 Nigerians with BEC and Romance Scam Crimes" Security Boulevardwrote on Sammylee Nnamdi's part:

23. SAMUEL NNAMDI ONWUASOANYA, aka “Sammy Lee Nnamdi,” aka “Onwuasoanya Samuel Nnamdi.”  Sammy was in IRO’s phone as “Enugu Ogo” with the number +234.816.505.6552.  Sammy’s website was discovered which listed his birthdate and email “samuelnnamdi@rocketmail.com.”  Yahoo (who owns RocketMail) lists Mr. Samuel Nnamdi as that account holder.  IRO’s enterprisesiro@gmail.com corresponded with Nnamdi at that address, including wire transfer information and proofs of payment.  “Sammy Lee Nnamdi” was also listed in IRO’s and EROHA’s phones with the same number.

It is not clear whether the Nollywood actor is still wanted in USA or if he has cleared his name as he is still acting and producing movies.

Sammy Lee Nnamdi is a top Nollywood movie producer and actor who is currently making waves in the Nigerian movie industry.

Is Sammy Lee Nnamdi actually a yahoo yahoo boy?
Sammy Lee Nnamdi hasn't confirmed if he is a yahoo boy or not as he is still free.

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