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Who Is Chiege Alisigwe?
Chiege Alisigwe is a tall beautiful Nigerian born Nollywood actress, producer and philanthropist who became famous after featuring in 'My Love' with Ramsey Nouah.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Chiege Alisigwe was born on 21 November.
How old is Chiege Alisigwe?
Chiege Alisigwe is in her early 40s.

Home Town, State Of Origin: where is Chiege Alisigwe from? Chiege Alisigwe hails from Umueshigwe, Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria but but grew up in Enugu where she schooled.

Background Family, Father, Parents, Siblings, Sisters: Chiege Alisigwe is the last born in the family of 11. Her parents were strict. She wasn't pampered as the last born.

Mother: Chiege Alisigwe's mum, Juliana Olejeme Alisigwe died on April 28, 2019 and was buried same year.

Obituary of Chiege Alisigwe late mother

Chiege Alisigwe and her sisters at their mother's burial in 2019.

Ekenechukwu Ezeh, Chiege Alisigwe Niece: Nollywood actress and barber, Ekenechukwu 'Ekene' Eze is related to Chiege Alisigwe. Chiege is Ekenechukwu Eze's aunt. Ekenechukwu Ezeh's mother is Chiege Alisigwe's elder sister.

Education: Chiege Alisigwe did her primary and secondary school in Enugu. She attended Queens School Enugu. She finished her secondary school in 1996. Chiege Alisigwe studied Fine and Applied Arts. She did OND at the Federal Polytechnic, Oko, before proceeding to IMT Enugu for Higher National Diploma. She completed her NYSC youth service in 2006.

Kelvin Ugwu & Chiege Alisigwe - When & How She Joined Nollywood:  Chiege Alisigwe was introduced into Nollywood by a family friend named Kelvin Ugwu, a broadcaster and actor. She was part of her Secondary school Dramatic Society. After she left secondary school in 1996 waiting for her JAMB results, in 1998, she went into the movie industry. Kelvin had said to her “Now that you are waiting for JAMB, why not come to try your luck?”. Chiege did and the rest is history.

First Movie Role: Chiege Alisigwe started acting in Nollywood movies in 1998 when she got her first acting role in Igodo. Chiege Alisigwe did her first audition in the movie 'Igodo' where she got the role of Agu’s wife. After, she did Oganigwe, then 'My love' that instantly shot her into the limelight.

Break From Acting: Chiege Alisigwe later took a long break from acting. She travelled abroad for business, which made her to be shuttling between Nigeria and London. She later came back to the industry with a bang.

Movies: Chiege Alisigwe has featured in many Nollywood movies such as Igodo, Oganigwe, My Love, Occultic Kingdom, Not Your Wealth and Explosion: Now or Never, Sacred Tradition, Under Fire, GSM Wahala among others.

 Chiege Alisigwe with Chidi Ihezie Okafor
 Chiege Alisigwe with Zack Orji 
Chiege Alisigwe with Genevieve Nnaji 

Chiege Alisigwe LATEST Movies: Beauty Of Karma, My Father's Wife, If Tomorrow Comes, Once Secret, Why Me?, Never Alone, Operation Last Dance, Mustapha, Crush, Almost Perfect. These were movies Chiege Alisigwe did in 2019, 2020. 2021 and more will be updated as time goes on.

Sports: Chiege Alisigwe likes sport. She was a very good athlete when she was young. She won so many medals in school even though the medals were not as big as Mary Onyali’s. She schooled in Enugu State and won a medal for the state. It wasn’t easy. She lost contact with her coach and had to stop.

Height: Chiege Alisigwe is tall and huge.

Wedding, First Husband, Tony Ebbe, Divorce, Crashed Marriage: Is Chiege Alisigwe married?
Chiege Alisigwe was married to a Police Officer, Tony Ebbe in 2002. But the marriage lasted for barely 3 months. The marriage crashed because they weren’t compatible. The cause of Chiege Alisigwe marriage crashed she revealed in an interview,  had something to do with life and death (domestic violence probably). But Chiege Alisigwe was already pregnant within the 3 months before her marriage ended in the same 2002 it was consummated.

"I was once married and I have a baby girl. The marriage crashed. The marriage did not work out. The marriage was consummated in 2002. For me, it is past tense and I won’t talk much about it. We were incompatible and it didn’t work."

"The marriage, lasted for only three months you won’t believe it. I had concieved the baby in my womb before we fell apart, three months later so I had the baby and have taken care of her all by myself since she was born. When I am working, she stays with my sister and as soon as I am back from location, I take her. She lives with me and I love her so much. In fact, she is my jewel."
Chiege Alisigwe said in 2007 interview.

Who Is Tony Ebbe?
Tony Ebbe is a police officer who is ex husband of Chiege Alisigwe, Nigerian actress.

Children, Daughters: Chiege Alisigwe has two daughters. She was a single mother before she later remarried. Her first daughter Munachimsoaga 'Muna' Alisigwe was born on 22 February 2003 while her second child, daughter was born in 2015 in USA. Chiege Alisigwe's first daughter, Munachi is a law student and a model.

Throwback photos of Chiege Alisigwe pregnant with her 2nd child - daughter in US. 

Net Worth: Chiege Alisigwe makes money from acting and business but her net Worth is unavailable.

Remarry, 2nd Wedding, 2nd Marriage, Chiege Alisigwe Remarries, Chiege Alisigwe 2nd Husband: Some years later after her divorce, Chiege Alisigwe remarried but she doesn't flaunt her 2nd husband and hasn't revealed the name of her new 2nd husband. Chiege Alisigwe has finally moved on from her ex husband.

Meet Chiege Alisigwe 2nd husband (photo)

Instagram: Chiege Alisigwe Instagram Page Account Profile Handle chiegealisigwe

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Chiege Alisigwe throwback photo with Ramsey Nouah in my love

Chiege Alisigwe Make up free (No makeup) face photos

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