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Who is Ashley Okoli?
Ashley Okoli is a Nigerian born model who is an Instagram influencer, an enterprenur and the CEO of Sillet by Ash.

Ashley Okoli also has a YouTube channel where she showcases her style.

Ashley Okoli is getting many followers on Instagram due to her unique stylish and chic fashion sense.

Ashley Okoli's clothing line, Sillet, is a favorite among Lagos youth, she has styled several artists and is credited as a stylist and creative director for Santi's "Raw Dinner," Nonso Amadi's "Comfortable," and more recently, Lady Donli's "Corner" video among several others. '

'I like to work on projects that have stories behind them.'' Ashley tells me. ''Even if they don't look like they have stories, I like to give them stories. I like to give characters to my cast, I like to give characters to projects. I like to see life in things I work with, I like to like the things I work on. I like when they also connect with me.'' Ashley Okoli told OkayAfrica.

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Ashley Okoli from, tribe?
Ashley Okoli is Igbo by tribe, from South East Nigeria.

Date Of Birth, Birthday: When was Ashley Okoli born? Ashley Okoli was born on 26 May 1998.
Ashley Okoli celebrated her 22nd birthday in May 2020.

Age: How old is Ashley Okoli? Ashley Okoli is 22 years old as at 2020.

Tattoo: Ashley Okoli likes tattoos. Ashley Okoli has many tattoos on her body, she has her hand, waist, lap, others tattooed.

Lesbian?: Is Ashley Okoli a lesbian? This is because of her posture with some of her female friends that made some fans ask.

Height: Ashley Okoli is average.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Ashley Okoli doesn't flaunt her parents, brother, Family on her Instagram page.

Sister: Ashley Okoli sister is Amy Okoli, also an Instagram influencer with even more followers on Instagram.
Ashley Okoli pictured with her younger sister, Amy Okoli.

Net Worth: Ashley Okoli makes money from her clothing brand, styling, modelling, video vixen, brand influencer but her Ashley Okoli's net Worth is not estimated yet.

Marriage, Wedding, Husband: Is Ashley Okoli married? Ashley Okoli is not yet married and doesn't flaunt her relationship or fiance on her instagram page or Twitter.

Boyfriend: Who is Ashley Okoli boyfriend?
Ashley Okoli has a boyfriend but doesn't flaunt her boyfriend on her instagram page.

How Ashley Okoli Started Sillet by Ash: "I started with Sillet. I launched Sillet in December of 2017. Before then, I've just always enjoyed putting clothes together creatively, for myself at first, and occasionally for my friends. But then after I launched my own brand, I thought 'if I'm able make people look good in my own clothes, I might as well just make it a profession.' So, making people look sexy in my clothes and even other people's clothes, sometimes."

Ashley Okoli Mother Influenced Her Style: Well, growing up, my mum used to take us to bend-down-select, which is like a second hand market, to pick clothes. My mum was such a huge fashion person, she really enjoyed mixing and matching for us. To be honest, looking back at it, we were pretty much her mannequins. Literally, even if we looked crazy, it was still an expression of her style, what she wanted us to look like. So, growing up like that, I began to thoroughly enjoy putting clothes together, no matter how simple the exercise was."

"I've also always really enjoyed being in front of a camera. I think it's like a gene thing, because my mum is obsessed with taking pictures and just looking at herself. So I think all of that just really just influenced my love for being in front of a camera and my love for dressing up and just being creative with how I look and not being afraid of to look a certain way, even if it's a way that people don't exactly agree with. Yeah, I think my childhood experiences were great stepping stones to me falling into visual media and me being comfortable to just be myself whilst doing it." Ashley Okoli revealed in OkayAfrica interview.

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