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Pictures: Facts About Alanigram, Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Family, Gay Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Parents, Net Worth, Mother, Father, Siblings, Age, Tattoo, Height, State Of Origin, BBNaija Rumoured Housemate 2020, Photos, Images, Pics, History 

Who is Alani Gram?
Alani Gram is a gay Nigerian born model, British fashion entrepreneur, who is alleged to be a gay. Alani Gram loves fashion and tattoos. 

Alani Gram's love of styling classic gentleman pieces sets him apart from the rest.

Alani Gram's style is influenced by the classic English gentleman, from corduroys, tweed, fedora’s to waistcoats. He also draws influence from his native Yoruba roots, from aso-oke, lace and the traditional Yoruba fila making appearances in his daily style.

Alani, who was recently featured on the New York Times in a groundbreaking article about Style in Lagos has made his name as a model and silence. The unique looking model is a regular on the Lagos fashion scene. From his intricate tattoos to his off-beat sense of style, Alani is a man destined to stand out from the crowd.

Real, Full Name: Alani Gram

Jameson Brand Ambassador: Alani Gram became Jameson Brand Ambassador in 2019.

Tattoos: Alani Gram loves tattoo and he is heavily tattooed. Alani Gram covered almost his whole body with over 20 tattoos. His palm, legs, body, chest, back, everywhere is tattooed.

Alani Gram is setting the bar high, a walking body of art with over 20 tattoos.

Place Of Birth: Alani Gram was born and raised in England.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Alani Gram was born on.. 
How old is Alani Gram?

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Alani Gram from?
Alani Gram is from South West Nigeria. Alani Gram is Yoruba by Tribe.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Alani Gram doesn't flaunt his family, parents, sister, brother on his Instagram page.

Marriage, Wedding, Girlfriend, Wife: Is Alani Gram married? Who is Alani Gram girlfriend?
Alani Gram is not yet married and doesn't flaunt any girlfriend.

Homosexual, Gay: Is Alani Gram gay? Alani Gram is rumored to be gay, homo. This is due to the type of gay posts he makes on his Instagram page.

Gay Boyfriend: Who is Alani Gram gay boyfriend? 
Alani Gram flaunts different guys on his social media but it's not clear who his boyfriend is. A man was seen kissing Alani Gram in one of the pictures he shared on his Instagram page.

Net Worth: Alani Gram makes money in Naira, Pounds and dollars but his net worth has not been estimated.

Education: Alani Gram is a graduate. He went for NYSC in November 2015 and was Imo state corper.

Religion: Alani Gram is a Moslem.

Big Brother Naija BBNaija: Alani Gram is rumoured to be one of the contestants in the 2020 Big Brother Naija (BBNaija). If it's true, then Alani Gram will be the first open gay to be on the BBNaija show. 

Instagram: Alani Gram Instagram Page Account Profile Handle alanigram

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