Victoria Zina Biography, Age, Instagram, Husband: Facts About Movies, Family, Net Worth
Pictures: Meet Victoria Okobaere Zina Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Instagram Account, Movies, Family, Married, Boyfriend, Tattoo, Net Worth, Birth Mark, Height, State Of Origin, Pictures

Who Is Victoria Zina?
Victoria Zina is a Nigerian actress, ex Beauty Queen, model who is also a Nollywood movie producer.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Victoria Zina was born on May 24.
How old is Victoria Zina?

Full Name: Victoria Zina's full name is Victoria Okobaere Zina

Home Town, State Of Origin: Victoria Zina is from Opokuma, Bayelsa State, Nigeria - Kolokuma/Opokuma Local Government Area.

Education: Victoria Zina is a Theatre Art graduate from the University of Port Harcourt.

Movies: Snap 

Net Worth: Victoria Zina makes money as an actress, model and movie producer but her net Worth is unavailable.

Tattoo: Victoria Zina likes tattoos and has her chest tattooed.

Birth Mark Face: Victoria Zina has birth mark, tribal Mark on her face.

Marriage, Husband: Is Victoria Zina married?
Victoria Zina is not yet married and doesn't flaunt her boyfriend or relationship on her instagram page.

Boyfriend: Victoria Zina doesn't flaunt her boyfriend on her instagram page but revealed that she gets attracted to top politicians, especially married men.

Height: Victoria Zina is tall.

Instagram: Victoria Zina instagram Page Account Profile Handle zinavictoria 

Facts About Zina Victoria, Wikipedia, Interview

Nollywood actress, Victoria Okobaere Zina has revealed how her ‘great’ body and good sexy body has given her an added advantage in Nollywood.

The B.A theatre art graduate from the University of Port Harcourt from Bayelsa state shared  her distinct from other actresses in an interview with Nolly TV Africa News. The screen diva also disclosed she can go semi nude in a movie if it is necessary.

According to the stunning actress who revealed that she gets attracted to top politicians especially married men.

She said, “I am a beautiful actress and a fantastic ex Beauty Queen and currently a movie producer. I always bring my A-game to every project. I strip myself of Victoria Zina and become the character I am playing and I do anything feasible to portray my character greatly. Being beautiful and having a great body is an added advantage to my success in the movie industry. The fact that I am so easy to work with, understanding and I don’t cause any sort of problem or be the reason a producer or director is having headache during production, has also opened doors for me.”
I am currently working on a very big project and my mind is just on it.

What attracts her to men, Zina said, “Men easily get attracted to me especially young and married men and i don't know why, i know i am soft, so beautiful, generous and romantic, am good on it so no man want to leave me, please don't ask me what am good at.

I like handsome guys especially if he smells good, kisses well and has all these qualities, he literally has my ‘soft’ button.”

On whether she can act nude in a movie, she said, “I can only go semi nude in a movie if it is very necessary. I can do it for a film or scene that is worth it”.

She also narrated an awkward moment she had with a fan in Bayelsa state, the actress said, “I went to get some stuffs at market square and one of my fan started shouting my name from a very beautiful jeap afar Victoria Zina, ran to me and hugged me tightly nearly kissed me and he is so handsome but thank God i prayed before going out that day but I did not give him my number sha. I didn’t know whether to disappear or remain there because the love was so real. It wasn’t embarrassing at all; it felt so good.

Her likes and dislikes are negativity and positivity 
Hobbies: traveling

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