Queeneth Hilbert Celebrates 28th Birthday With 8 Hot Instagram Pictures
Nollywood actress, Queeneth Hilbert, celebrates her 28th birthday today with beautiful photos on instagram.

Queeneth Hilbert who was born on 12th of June, 1992 shared sultry instagram pictures to celebrate her birthday and wrote:


Today marks another awesome year for me
and I can only be grateful and happy for the
grace heaven has granted me πŸ•Š

A new age has been added to
my life and I’ve been blessed with
blessings beyond my expectations.
Once Again...Happy birthday to me🎈"

"Happy Birthday To Me....
A Real QUEEN was Born Today😍
Today Marks A beautiful
Day in my Life πŸ’™

I Am Certainly Getting Better
With Age ❤️πŸŽπŸ‘„
So grateful for Life and for
his Unending Grace and Mercy!"

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