Peju Johnson 20 Hot Instagram Photos: 15 Facts About Bio, Age, Husband, Movies, Net Worth, Wiki

Peju Johnson Biography, Birthday, Age,  Wikipedia, Instagram, Net Worth, Family, Movies, Husband, Married, Parents, State Of Origin, Nollywood Yoruba Actress, Pictures, Images

Who is Peju Johnson?
Peju Johnson is a beautiful Nollywood Yoruba actress who is known for flaunting her boobs, cleavage on her Instagram Page.

Peju started acting back in her secondary school days but didn’t pick it up professionally until she found herself in Egypt where she joined TAMPAN. But her career took flight last year when she returned to Nigeria and has since featured in many films.

Place Of Birth, State Of Origin: Peju Johnson is from Osun State. Peju Johnson was born in Ile-Ife, Osun State. 

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Peju Johnson was born on November 10.
How old is Peju Johnson?

Relocation To Egypt And Back To Nigeria: Peju Johnson was born in Ile-Ife, Osun State but started living in Shagamu, from where she relocated to Egypt in 2011 where she was living and doing a little business. She did a bit of acting on the side too.

Peju Johnson relocated from Egypt to Nigeria in 2016 to start her acting dream.

Childhood Memories: When Peju Johnson was in primary school, she was part of the school’s drama group. They did stage dramas, cultural dances and many more. While growing up, she wanted to be a prominent businesswoman. She also wanted to be a banker.

Parents - Father, Mother: Peju Johnson's father is late. Her mother wasn’t initially in support of her interest in acting but she now supports her with her prayers.

Education: Peju Johnson attended Community Primary School, Ile-Ife, Osun State, and later King’s Will College for secondary school in the same state. Peju Johnson attended ESTG University, Benin Republic.

First Movie: The first movie Peju Johnson acted in was ‘Lekki Guys’ produced by Bankole.

Movies: Peju Johnson has featured in the following movies, Ona Eburu, Olabanji, Widow, Lekki Guys, The Tenant, Vow, Farayola, Aremudada, Igbekele, Iya Karamo, Scar, Kogbagidi, Eto Mi, Ayetimowa, Single Mother, Abiyamo and among others.

Boobs: Peju Johnson has nice pair of boobs and likes to flaunt her cleavage on her Instagram page. "Most people comment about my boobs. It gets me lot of attention." The actress told Punch.

Wedding, Marriage, Husband: Is Peju Johnson married? Peju Johnson is not yet married and doesn't flaunt her boyfriend or relationship on her instagram page.

Speaking about being a baby mama marriage:

"To me, I want a home . I want a husband not a baby daddy. I love couples’ life. Marriage is fun when God gives you your own husband. Marriage is so sweet when you marry someone you love. I want to settle down with a man, not live my life as a single mother." Actress Peju Johnson told Vanguard.

Favourite Qualities In A Man: "The qualities I look out for in a man are much. However I will simplify them.  I look out for an individual who is caring, handsome, loves God, respectful, dark-skinned and someone who respects women." Peju Johnson revealed during an interview with Punch.

“I love a calm gentleman with a nice and good smell. I also love men that dress well in a good manner of approach and respect for women. I can’t stand a disrespectful man with a loose mouth that has no regards for women. It’s a major turnoff for me,” she told Vanguard.

Entrepreneur: Peju Johnson has a side hustle outside Nollywood. She sells women’s beauty accessories like clothes, shoes, bags and so on. 

Sexual Harassment: Peju Johnson recalls her sexual harassment experience:

"I have been sexually harassed a couple of times. I recall sometime ago a certain movie producer cum actor invited me to be part of his movie. It was a huge project so I had to stay for a few days.

I was there with my personal assistant. After the first day of the shoot, during the midnight at around 2am, the said actor came knocking on the door of my room repeatedly. My personal assistant opened the door for him. He told me there were no more rooms in the hotel, adding that he cannot return home that time of the day. It was late and risky for him to come back home. Out of sympathy, I allowed him into the room, though I wasn’t totally pleased with the idea. I also allowed him into the room because my P.A was there with me, so I was relieved.

Moments later you won’t believe what the man did. He started touching me, moved closer to me and made attempts to have sex with me after my PA went back to bed.

After warning him to stop, he didn’t listen to me. I got angry and locked myself inside the bathroom till day break."

Fashion, Cleavage, Hate For Tattoo: Peju Johnson speaks on fashion and tattoo,

"I think I won’t have tattoos on my body in the name of fashion. Those who know me know how much I like to wear dresses that show my cleavage."

Net Worth: Peju Johnson makes money from acting and business but her net Worth is unavailable.

Instagram: Peju Johnson Instagram Account Page Profile Handle peju_johnson

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