Pearl Chioma Shim: 15 Facts About Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth, Parents, Movies, Mother, Father, Wikipedia

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Meet Pearl Chioma Shim Mugala, Bio, Wikipedia, Real Age, Instagram, Parents, Mother, Father, Movies, Family, Nationality, State Of Origin, Siblings, Sister

Things You Didn't Know About Pearl Chioma Shim, The Nollywood Actress

1 Who Is Pearl Chioma Shim?
Pearl Chioma Shim is a beautiful young Nigerian Nollywood actress, Model, gymnastic dancer who became famous with Soul Mate Studio movies.

2 Other names: Pearl Chioma Shim is also known as Pearl Shim or Pearl Shim Mugalla
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3 Nickname: Pearl Chioma Shim nickname is Little Daniella

4 Movies: Pearl Chioma Shim movies include, Danielle's Court, Lent, When heroes Fail and more.

5 Siblings: Pearl Chioma Shim kid/younger sister name is Princess.

6 Full Name: Her full name is Pearl Shim Oghenetejiri Chioma Mugala

7 Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Pearl Chioma Shim was born on June 27, 2008.
How Old Is Pearl Chioma Shim?
Pearl Chioma Shim is 12 years old as at 2020.

8 Manager/Management/Solomon Chidiebere: Pearl Chioma Shim is managed by Soul Mate Studio owner, Solomon Chidiebere who in fact made her a star by constantly featuring her in his movies.

9 Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Pearl Chioma Shim's mother, Franca Mugala, died in 2019 December. Nothing is known about Pearl Chioma Shim's Korean father as she has never met her dad before.

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10 Half Caste: Is Pearl Shim Chioma a half caste? Pearl Chioma Shim Mugala aka Little Daniella is a half caste - Half Nigerian, half Korean.

11 Soul Mate Movies: Pearl Chioma Shim Often features in Soul Mate Studio movies. hopefully very soon, other Nollywood movie producers will start inviting her.

12 Child Actor/Teenage Actress: Pearl Chioma Shim Mugala started off as a child actor in 2017.

13 Height: Pearl Chioma Shim is gradually growing tall as a teen star actress

14 Net Worth: Pearl Shim Chioma Mugala earns well as a child / teenage Nigerian actress.

15 School, Education: Pearl Chioma Shim is currently in secondary school in Lagos.

16 Nationality, State Of Origin: Pearl Chioma Shim is Urhobo tribe, from Warri , Delta State Nigeria. Her father is from South Korea.

Instagram: Pearl Chioma Shim Mugala Instagram Profile, Name, IG Handle little_daniella_reborn

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