Pastor Charles Osazuwa Biography, Age, Net Worth, Sons, Wife Deborah: Facts About Rock Of Ages Christian Assembly

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Who Is Charles Osazuwa?
Pastor Charles Osazuwa is the president and founder of Rock of Ages Christian Assembly Int’l Inc. who is the senior pastor and president of Osazuwa World Outreach (OWO)

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Pastor Charles Osazuwa was born on 11 May.

Home Town, State Of Origin: Where is Pastor Charles Osazuwa from? Pastor Charles Osazuwa is from  Delta State in Oza-Nogogo community.

Family, Wife, Children, Sons: Pastor Charles Osazuwa is happily married to Deborah Osazuwa and they are blessed with two lovely sons.

Deborah Osazuwa Biography, Age: Who Is Deborah Charles Osazuwa? Deborah Osazuwa is the beautiful wife of Pastor Charles Osazuwa of Rock of Ages Christian Assembly Int’l Inc.
Deborah Charles Osazuwa was born on 22nd of December. Deborah Charles Osazuwa has two children - sons.

Net Worth: Pastor Charles Osazuwa net Worth runs into hundreds of millions of naira.

Instagram: Deborah Charles Osazuwa instagram page account profile handle _charlesosazuwa

Full Biography Of Pastor Charles Osazuwa

Pastor Charles Osazuwa is a revolutionary voice in the African continent; the president and founder, Rock of Ages Christian Assembly Int’l Inc. Pastor Charles Osazuwa, as he is popularly called, hosts a mega worship concert yearly that attracts hundreds of thousands of people in the City of Benin – It’s tagged: A Night with the King. He is passionate about transforming the minds and lives of people.

He is a fatherly figure to high profile personalities across Africa. He believes the transformation of the industrial, political and educational spheres can best be achieved through human capital development and deployment. Charles Osazuwa believes his mission transcends the four walls of his church, community, state, nation and continent. He repeatedly declares that his assignment is a global one.
He is a life-coach and public speaker; he seats on the board of numerous companies and runs a consultancy firm.

PASTOR CHARLES OSAZUWA, the Senior Pastor of ROCK OF AGES CHRISTIAN ASSEMBLY INT’L INC., (RACAi): a church that is synonymous with, “…a refinery that refines destiny” is also the President of Charles Osazuwa World Outreach (COWO).

About Rock Of Ages Christian Assembly - RACAi

A Brief History Of The Church

Pastor Charles Osazuwa is the senior pastor and president of Osazuwa World Outreach (OWO). God's servant had an encounter with God in January 10th - 13th, 2000.. This encounter lasted for three days. During this three-day encounter, God told the man of God that he will be mightily used but the details were not clear. The bible schools attended by God's servant includes the Redeemed Christian Church of God and WOFBI, Winners Chapel. The man of God was praying in the Redeemed camp on November 11, 2001 when God spoke to him, September 1st Sunday (The day the ministry will formally begin) after which God told the man of God, ARISE THERE IS A VACUUM IN BENIN, GO AND FILL IT.

Vision Of The Church
Acts 1:8 - Taking the Gospel to the Uttermost part of the earth FOUR STAGES OF THE VISION

Their Mission
Everybody that comes to Rock of Ages Christian Assembly must make heaven

To have Rock of Ages Christian Assembly members in every family in the world
Raising Role Models in every field of human endeavor

Breaking the yoke of financial hardship through the instrument of Tithing.
Building unusual hunger and commitment for the things of God

Their Core Values
Love God with all our heart, all our strength and all our might
Have a consciousness of the reality of heaven
Hate sin passionately
Love people unconditionally irrespective of tribe, nationality or gender.
Lay down our lives, time and resources to pursue the vision in Acts 1:8
Never to be idle in the house of God
To uphold the covenant of tithing as the only way to covenant prosperity
To respect and submit to constituted authority in the church
Pursue excellence perpertually.

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