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Who Is Sonia Ogiri?
Sonia Ogiri is a Nollywood actress and Nigerian musician and entrepreneur who is based in USA - America and who went viral after fighting Mercy Johnson and calling her out on Social media.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Sonia Ogiri was born on October 1.
How old is Sonia Ogiri?

Tattoo: Sonia Ogiri likes tattoos and has her backside - waist tattooed.

Child, Son: Does Sonia Ogiri have a child - son?
Yes, Sonia Ogiri has a 14-year-old son whom he gave birth to in 2006.
How old is Sonia Ogiri son? Sonia Ogiri's son is 14 years as at 2020.

Marriage, Baby Daddy, Husband: Is Sonia Ogiri married?
Sonia Ogiri is not married, she is a single mother.
Sonia Ogiri doesn't flaunt any man - husband, boyfriend or fiancé on her instagram page, she keeps her relationship off social media.

State Of Origin: Sonia Ogiri is Idoma by tribe. Sonia Ogiri is from Kogi state, Nigeria.

Movies: Sonia Ogiri has featured in Nollywood movies like ‘Okon’s Wedding,’ ‘Cry with me,’ among others.

Accident: Sonia Ogiri had a terrible accident some years back but survived it. Thanking God then, the actress wrote:

“People asked how I came out alive, people asked how I survived, people asked questions I couldn’t answer till today. If GOD can give me a second chance to life, GOD can also give you second chance to any everything in life. Am still greatful LORD. We shall not DIE young in JESUS name. Tag the people you want to see at the end of the year with great achievements & Testimonies.“

Parents, Father Mother: Sonia Ogiri shared photo of her mother on her instagram page and celebrated her mum. She also revealed that her father was not really good to her mum. Sonia Ogiri wrote:

"She's my Biological MOTHER, I took this picture about 3years ago in a local restaurant. LOVE letter to my mama. As a little girl growing up with you in the same house & calling you my mother is one amazing thing I will forever cherish in life. father wasn't the best but you never left for our sake, you did everything possible to give us a better life. Mama you worked harder than most men, you will give any amount whenever we talk about school, your strength & courage is what I can't understand till now, Your waking up to pray every 4 hours all through the night was very annoying then but I understand better today. you are the strongest woman I have ever seen, you are the best teacher any child could have, I can never forget the day I acted dead because of your too much beating (laughing). What haven't you seen mama? Life hasn't been Fair to you but you have refused to give up after the death of your husband (our father) & 3 other children, your still strong. When you lost your favorite child, I watched you cried helplessly & told people that your eye glasses has been stolen & broken & I told myself that I will try to take the place of Sunny in your heart which I have been trying to do mama, I love you very much & I miss you so much today crying more than words can explain. I can do anything to see her right now, see you soon. GOD please bless & keep her for me."

Relocation To America: Sonia Ogiri relocated to the United States of America some years back so that she could give her son the best in life. On why she relocated abroad, Sonia Ogiri "My son’s life and future come first and that is the reason I relocated in the first place.”

Net Worth: Sonia Ogiri made little money from acting because she did few movies before relocating abroad. But she bas made money as an entrepreneur who sells hair and works in US.
The actress said: "Now, I can shoot movies with any amount I desire." This shows that her net Worth could be a bit on the high side.

Entrepreneur: Sonia Ogiri is the CEO of Gabsoniaprojects LTD, Gabsotrendy Hair, sells hair bundles, wigs & customized wigs of any kind, Shipping world wide.

Mercy Johnson-Okojie And Sonia Ogiri: In September 2019, Mercy Johnson-Okojie was called out by US-based actress, Sonia Ogiri, over her attitude towards her years back.

Just like Angela Okorie, Sonia Ogiri shared an Instagram post titled ‘healing process’, recounting her bitter experience with Mercy Johnson. The post read in part, “Healing process. Hey sis, Mercy Johnson-Okojie, I think it is time to talk about all the pain you inflicted on me all these years in order for my healing process to take place.”

Nollywood actress Sonia Ogiri accused mercy Jonshon Okojie of treating her badly when she wanted a chance in Nollywood industry. She accused mercy Jonhson of hate and ill-treatment.

The actress said: “Mercy Johnson refused to ride in a car with me. She told people not to talk to me. She hated me for no reason and she was so mean to me that I cried many times. mercy and her friends would laugh at me. She also asked the producer not to work with me”.

“Mercy told producer not to put me into movies, and she acts like a God” sonia ogiri added.

“I think � is time to talk about all the pain you inflicted on me all these years in order for my healing process to take place. I hope MOTHERHOOD has changed you and you now understand when a mother wants to make her kid or kids proud of here tomorrow and just like you were overwhelmed by the love people showed you on your birthday, I hope you show/act true love towards people too.

I Needed to revisit this so as to get it off my chest cos holding it in all these years felt like I was imprisoned and it’s about the time set me free. 
Ps, Tell your fans not to come for me cause you and you alone know I’m not lying. Have a great day”. Sonia ogiri wrote.

In an encounter with Sunday Scoop, Sonia Ogiri stated why she called out Mercy on social media. “I called her out on social media because she would get the message straight. That was my best way to do it. I didn’t want to send her a direct message because I believe she will have thousands of messages, just like I have thousands of unread messages. I won’t leave my schedule and activities to go looking for someone to settle scores with. Sometimes, people hurt one but they don’t know the magnitude of what they may have done, and one would be dying in silence. As for me, I would rather speak out than die in silence. I don’t want to miss heaven because of the things I keep in my heart. My calling her out was justified by my conscience and every other thing,” she said.

Instagram: Sonia Ogiri Instagram Page Account Profile Handle soniaogiri 
Sonia Ogiri
CEO @gabsotrendyhair , Gabsoniaprojects LTD Fashion, class & style YouTube:

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