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Who Is Dr Anu Of Med Contour, Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Married, Husband, Children, Family, Birthday, Net Worth, Hospital, Death Surgery Controversies, Arrest: All You Need To Know About Dr Anu aka Sisi Anu, Dr. Adepoju Anuoluwapo Biography, Arrest, Court Case, Dr Anu of Med Contour biography

Who Is Dr Anu?
Dr Anu Fella is a the owner of Med Contour, a popular Lagos plastic surgery hospital, who is specialized in Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery. Dr Anu is also known as Sisi Anu

Instagram Profile: Dr Anu Fella Med Contour Instagram Account Page Handle

sisi_anu Profile and Bio reads:

Dr Anu
Mum of 2 👨👩
Medical doctor💉
Beauty consultant
Lymphatic drainage
Medical laser
Medical grade skincare

Med Contour Instagram Page Account Handle med_contour Profile reads:
Body contour specialist
Aesthetic medicine
Anti aging
Chemical Peel
Weight Loss

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Dr Anu was born on June 15.
How old is Dr Anu Fella? Dr Anu Fella also called Sisi Anu, is medical doctor in her 30s

Dr Anu celebrates her birthday on Instagram by giving discounts.

Family, Husband, Marriage: Is Dr Anu Fella married? It's not clear if Dr Anu is married or not as she keeps her relationship off Twitter and Instagram but Dr is a mom of two kids.

Full Name: Dr. Adepoju Anuoluwapo aka Dr Anu Fella

Children: Dr Anu Fella has two children. She is a mother of two.

Parents, Father, Mother: Meet Adepoju Anuoluwapo 'Dr Anu Fella' mother and with her Dr Anu's kids

State Of Origin: Where is Dr Anu Fella from?

Net Worth: Dr Anu Fella makes much money in millions for cosmetic surgery. Dr Anu Fella's net Worth runs into several millions.

Tattoo: Dr Anu Fella likes tattoos. Dr Anu has her leg, hand tattooed and other body parts.

Nickname: Dr Anu Fella also known as Sisi Anu

Real, Full Name: Dr Anu Fella real name is Adepoju Anuoluwapo

Dr Anu Fella Qualifications, Education: There are reports that Dr Anu graduated from UNILAG/LUTH in 2016/2017 and didn’t even finish the compulsory one-year internship programme thereafter before she set up a private hospital where she "illegally" carry out cosmetic surgeries like liposuction, butt and breast enlargement surgeries. According to a source that knows her personally:

“I was in LUTH the same period with Dr Anu and this babe finished 2016/2017. “How she’s already a plastic surgeon is beyond me. In 3 years, she has done house job, undergone residency for surgery (3 years or so) and another residency for plastic surgery, How?? She didn’t even finish internship before she opened medcontour clinic”.

“Yes she is a doctor quite alright, but Anu’s qualifications as a plastic surgeon or any surgeon at all is a big lie. Anu is not a specialist, infact, she should go and complete her internship program in LUTH. Anu Fella’s case shows the corruption and rot in Nigeria’s medical system”.

Dr Anu Fella And Many Controversies:

A Death, Complications So Many

A family dragged Dr Anu last year for killing their sister . Dr Anu of medcontour is not qualified as a plastic surgeon and many cases of deaths reported in her clinic . She shut down last year and ran after allegedly killing a beauty queen. It was allover the news.

Dr Anu Fella And Nneka Miriam Onwuzuligbo, Beauty Queens Death - 2019

Nneka Miriam Onwuzuligbo Dies During Buttocks Enlargement Surgery By Dr. Anu  (2019 Report By Attention Magazine)

An American Surgeon based in Lagos Nigeria has taken to her heels after killing a Nigeria Beauty Queen in a failed fat transfer surgery for buttocks and hips enlargement. The Face of Democracy Transformation 2013 Winner Onwuzuligbo Nneka Miriam has died on February 3rd after a 31days coma from December 30th when the surgical operation was proceeded.

According to investigations by ATTENTION MAGAZINE, The American uncertified Surgeon, Dr. Anu proceeded on the fat transfer surgery at her Med Contour Cosmetic Surgery after having several cases and records of surgery failures and complications. Infact, recently two top Lagos Big Babes have been victims of her misplaced professional ethics and operations, which led to improper shift of their buttocks during the surgeries conducted by Dr. Anu.

The surgery went soar, when fats that where meant to be transferred to her hips got into her lungs and caused her to drift into coma, even after she was immediately rushed to Vedic Hospital in Lekki, where she was placed on life support, before she was transferred to Lagos University Teaching Hospital, which was where she died 32 days after while in coma.

The organiser of Face of Democracy Nigeria Pageant, Alexander Ajagbonno has expressed regrets and bitterness over the loss of Queen Miriam Onwuzuligbo, who was the 2nd runner-up in the 2013 edition of Face of Democracy Nigeria, an outcome which the deceased refused to accept claiming that she merited the 1st crown.

She dragged the organisers to court for legal interventions until last year when the case was finally dismissed. The death of Queen Miriam may be disheartening, but also a lesson to other young ladies, who would not carry out critical research in a particular clinic before engaging them in such sensitive services.

The American citizen, Dr. Anu has had several professional scandals, ranging from poorly conducted surgeries to complications as a medical practitioner.

However, since the last failed surgery on Queen Nneka, she halted all activities on social media including her 43k followers Instagram handle @med_contour, where she was use to posting frequently. Research shows that she may be in hiding.

Dr Anu allegedly freed after being arrested over botched surgery and death of former beauty queen; family cry out for justice (By Linda Ikeji)

Dr Anu, the self-acclaimed plastic surgeon whose practices has led to an outcry in the last few weeks has allegedly been freed after being arrested.

The doctor was taken in for questioning at Panti Police Station following a botched surgery she conducted which reportedly led to the death of former beauty Queen, Onwuzuligbo Nneka Miriam.

A friend of the deceased who has been running campaigns on social media to ensure that justice is served, disclosed that the doctor who has been on the run since her facility in Lekki area of Lagos state was shut down, conducted a plastic surgery on the late beauty queen same year she graduated from medical school and started her internship.

@justice_for_queen_nneka wrote;

Hello everyone! Most of you remember when this news broke out last year?  Well, this was when late Queen Nneka Onwuzuligbo died after an infection from a botched liposuction and fat transfer surgery at Med Contour.

One point of correction in this story: Late Nneka was never taken to Vedic hospital. She was taken straight from Med Contour to LUTH, in an ambulance. Dr Anu went on the run & eventually came out from hiding. Since then, she has committed more acts of malpractices as can be seen in recent news. Her facility was sealed again two weeks ago by the FCCPC but she went to NMA to play victim & complain of harassment.
Great Nigerians, we need to find out a lot of things: Is Anu a Board-Certified Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon? Which organization in Nigeria certified her to practice as a Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon? Is she registered with NAPRAS (National Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons) Nigeria? Does getting a Bachelors degree in medicine and surgery automatically give you the Licence to practice as a Plastic/ Cosmetic Surgery? NOTE: Dr Anu performed this procedure on late Nneka in 2018, the same year she graduated from medical school and started her internship.

Dr Anu has a lot of questions to answer, including why she forged a letter and presented to LUTH emergency unit on arrival, claiming that Nneka was referred to LUTH from General Hospital, Odan. If she were a qualified and certified plastic/cosmetic surgeon, why did she forge a letter claiming the deceased Nneka was coming from General Hospital and not Med Contour??? We have LUTH’s medical report to prove her lies.
Although these kinds of surgeries are elective, please let us fight to bring unqualified, unprofessional and unethical Practioners to book. We are not doing this for ourselves. Let us do this for our loved ones, for our children, for our future. You never know if someone you know/love may be secretly battling with insecurities about their bodies. And if we don’t stop unqualified and unprofessional people like Anu, she will keep preying on those insecurities. God bless you all!

Recent Controversies: Dr Anu 2020 Surgery Controversies

Dr Anu And Omotee aka Jesusbaby (A Twitter Slay Queen) - April 2020

Lady Calls Out Nigeria-Based Plastic Surgeon Over A Botched Surgery, Surgeon Responds

A Nigerian lady named Omohtee has called out Nigeria-based cosmetic surgeon, Med Contour over a botched surgery which has left her battling for her life.

The social media influencer shared on Twitter that she has been battling waist pain after undergoing a hips reduction surgery in the facility owned by one Dr Anu Fella.

In an Instagram live video that has gone viral, she preached body positivity and also urged women who insist on undergoing plastic surgery to avoid Med Contour. Omohtee who disclosed that she wanted a normal waist, accused the plastic surgeon of blocking her on social media platforms after the surgery went wrong.

Dr Anu Fella, however, defended herself by stating that her offense is that Omohtee’s waist is too tiny. She also disclosed that she is leaving ‘Omohtee’s action to God.’

Dr Anu Fella Arrested

FCCPC Seals Med Contour, Lagos plastic surgery clinic over ‘illegal activities’ (April 15 2020) FCCPC Twitter Source

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) on Wednesday sealed a popular Lagos plastic surgery hospital, Med Contour, on “suspicion of illegal activities”.

The FCCPC revealed this on its official Twitter handle. It said it has commenced an investigation into a failed plastic surgery performed by a doctor, Anu Fella, of Med Contour.

The agency said the arrest was in furtherance of “an open investigation, on reasonable suspicion of illegal activities in an abundance of caution and consumer safety pending further inquiry”.

The popular Lagos plastic surgeon was recently called out by a Twitter user, Omohtee, for allegedly performing a fake surgical procedure on her.

Omohtee, who disclosed that she wanted a ‘normal’ waist, accused the plastic surgeon of blocking her on social media platforms after the alleged botched surgery.

She urged Nigerians to be wary of Med Contour clinic.

“So apparently my offence is that her waist is too tiny,” Ms Fella said in defence on Instagram.

Lady Cries Out After Boobs Augmentation Surgery By Dr Anu (10 June 2020)

After running away from law enforcement agencies, she was finally arrested and taken to Panti Police Station for questioning but was later released under controversial curcumstances.

Just 1 month after her release, Dr Anu Fella re-opened Med Contour Clinic and performed a failed breast augmentation surgery on a client that got bad, got infected (draining foul smelling pus) and the patient now stand a risk of losing her two breasts. In a viral video on Twitter and Instagram, the patient cries out from her hospital bed at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). The lady claims she paid 1.65 million naira to Anu Fella for the failed breast enlargement and lift.

Watch the viral video:

Dr Anu Fella Court Trial: Federal Republic of Nigeria Vs Dr. Adepoju Anuoluwapo & MedContour

Following her arrest on Wednesday, the trial of cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anu of MedContour Services Ltd is about to kick off at the Federal High Court, Ikoyi.

The case: is 'Federal Republic of Nigeria v. Dr. Adepoju Anuoluwapo & MedContour'.
@fccpcnigeria is the prosecutor.

Will Dr. Adepoju Anuoluwapo aka Dr Anu Fella be Jailed by court? Dr Anu Fella may be on her way to jail o.  Let's watch and see.

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