Maleek Miltons Has A Daughter, Abandoned His Baby Mama, Mishael After Impregnating Her - ThefamousNaija Reader Slams Actor

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Maleek Milton Allegedly Has A Love Child, A 5-Year-Old Daughter, Abandoned His Baby Mama After He Got Her Pregnant - Thefamousnaija Exclusive

An anonymous lady who is Thefamousnaija blog visitor and reader has narrated how handsome Nollywood fast rising actor, Maleek Milton allegedly impregnated her friend who used to be the actors girlfriend while she was an undergraduate and ran away leaving her with the responsibility of taking care of their daughter.

The anonymous blog visitor revealed that Maleek Milton has a 5-year-old daughter and accused Maleek Miltons of abandoning his daughter and his ex girlfriend now his baby mama.

The name of Maleek Miltons alleged baby mama is Mishael.

Thefamousnaija blog visitor who revealed that Maleek Emeka Milton Alumona has a love child, while reacting to two different posts Thefamousnaija made about the popular actor, wrote:

"He is a man who shy away from responsibilities, impregnated his long time girlfriend and abandoned both the baby and mother. His daughter will be 5yrs in no time and yet doesn't know her father, the mother of the baby being a calm and reserved lady has been solely responsible for her and maleek miltons daughter without fights or complains. I hope he sees this."

She went ahead to reveal more in another post about the actor on Thefamousnaija:

"A man who shy away from his responsibilities as a father is most than an infidel, he is so lucky that my girlfriend mishael who is makeek miltons baby mother is a calm and responsible lady who loves a peace of mind so much, despite all my advice she has completely refused to do anything that will ruin her peace and miltons name and calm took up her responsibility as a mom with all joy not minding her shameless ex boyfriend who impregnated her and ran away knowing fully well she was still an undergraduate then, mishael please forgive for this but miltons deserves to be told the truth, he is not a real man and can never be, such a beautiful intelligent daughter he has but he choose to be a fool. But miltons don't forget that karma will always remain a respecter of no man. That day will definitely come, the bible says do unto others like unto u. Maybe if your only sister had to face the same fate, you would have loved it too but in this life we all reap wat we sow, your so lucky"

We hope Maleek Milton will see this and react.

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